Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1147 of Tuesday, March 22, 2022…

Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1147 of tuesday, march 22, 2022...

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Nathan is assaulted, Cédric shows up for his children. At the same time, Samuel and Victoire exchange a kiss.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday March 22 in Tomorrow belongs to us…


Léa Courcelles claims to be jogging in the street where Bart and Louise live. After retrieving the mail from their mailbox, she enters their garden. Only, Louise sees her doing it and tries to understand what she is doing there. Léa then pretends to have moved a little higher and makes him believe that she received their mail by mistake. Seeing him, Bart immediately sends a message to Charlie, Noor, Gabriel and Garance to let them know they have a problem and then arranges to meet them at the Spoon later that day.

For her part, Léa goes to Agnès Varda and questions François and Olivier about the fire that occurred in the school in 2019. However, the two teachers cannot tell them anything since they were not teaching there at that time. When he sees them, Gabriel explains to the journalist that she has no right to be here without the principal’s authorization and asks her to leave the establishment.

Later, Bart, Noor, Charlie, Gabriel and Garance discuss Léa at the Spoon. Fearing that the journalist suspects something, Bart would like them to stick together. Only, Charlie underlines that at the base all this was his idea and that if things were to go wrong, it is up to him to assume. While Bart specifies that it was an accident, Noor agrees with him then recalls that they had all agreed to be silent. If this story were to come out, they will all be in trouble. That’s why Gabriel encourages his friends to stick together. Noor, Garance, Bart, Charlie and Gabriel therefore decide to respect their initial pact and to say nothing.

At nightfall, Nathan, Mathilde, Dorian and Camille organize a clandestine party at school to change Angie’s ideas. While the teenagers are having a party in the foyer, Nathan goes to the bathroom and comes face to face with Léa armee. When he begs her not to shoot, Léa takes advantage that he turns his head away to give him a blow with his butt and knock him out.


Cedric got a parlor with Irene. As Angie, Jahia and Lilian cannot accompany him, the nurse promises to request a visit from the lawyer so that they can see their mother. Faced with the pain of his children, Cédric ensures that they will never be alone and that he will always be there for them. He then undertakes to take care of them but also to do his best for his wife.

At the same time, Chloé arrives at the Lopez-Diallo to support Cédric. And indicates that she has arranged with the rectorate so that he can keep the apartment until the end of the school year. A relief for the father of the family.

Later, Nathan joins Angie in high school and brings her hot chocolate in an attempt to cheer her up but is unsuccessful. At worst, the teenager recognizes that she is not really good company but Nathan does not care. Although he understands that what she is going through is difficult, he makes her understand that it is not right for her to isolate herself. He then reminds her that she is not alone and that he is there for her.

Not far from there, Irene confides to her husband that she needs to see her children even though she is ashamed of what she has done. When Cédric apologizes to her for all the harm he has done her, Irene replies that she is the one who has completely lost her footing. Very moved, she says that she could not bear the idea that he could abandon her. And to add that she had an excess of hatred towards Noor that she could not control. Today, she regrets so much having wasted her life and that of their children. As she blames herself for having almost killed a twenty-year-old girl, Cédric points out to her that the worst has been avoided. Certain that Noor will eventually recover, he urges him to hold on for their children.

At the hospital, Cédric meets Noor who was waiting for him to have a discussion with him. Although she knows the situation is difficult, Noor needs to know where they stand. When he asks her forgiveness for not having called her over the weekend, Lilian comes out of a rehabilitation session and sees them. Angry, he immediately blames his father for continuing to see Noor while his wife is in jail. While Cédric assures that they were only talking, Lilian openly attacks her and accuses her of having broken up her family. In order to avoid a scandal, Noor decides to leave. After having presented his apologies to her, Cédric arranges to meet her at the Spoon in the evening to finish their discussion.

Back home, Cédric gives news of Irène to his children. Insofar as Jahia fears that she will remain behind bars for thirty years, Cédric is certain that the judgment will necessarily be lenient. He then tries to cheer up his daughters but Lilian says he can leave to join Noor. However, he prefers to cancel to stay with them.


In order to channel his sexual urges, Samuel has taken up jogging to the great displeasure of William who is struggling to keep up.

At the hospital, Samuel meets Victoire in the corridors. As she is about to put a lock of hair behind his ear, Samuel stops her with a cringe. Indeed, nothing excites him and he therefore prefers to get away from temptation as much as possible. Since they still have thirty days of sobriety left, Samuel begs her to help him a little. From now on, he wants to avoid her. But it will be complicated since Marianne has just called them.

During the meeting, Samuel has no choice but to sit next to Victoire. The latter does not hesitate to kick him under the table, to undo his shirt or even to caress his thigh to play with his nerves. Inevitably, Samuel has understood his little game, but Victoire maintains that she loves abstinence.

At the end of the day, Samuel takes Victoire home by scooter. Before going home, she gives in and kisses him.

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