Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1120 of Friday February 11, 2022…

Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1120 of friday february 11, 2022...

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Maxime tries to escape Flore, Damien is amused by Audrey’s jealousy. Noor and Cédric continue their story.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Friday February 11 in Tomorrow belongs to us…


Flore took Maxime hostage to leave France. After driving for long hours to avoid police checkpoints, Flore and Maxime stopped to get some sleep. The next morning, she points her gun at him and forces him back on the road. The young man would like to call the hospital to hear from his father but Flore refuses then orders him to drive off.

Meanwhile, Chloé arrives at the police station to report Maxime’s disappearance to Martin. Quickly, they are interrupted by Damien who shows them CCTV footage on which we see Flore kidnapping the Delcourt son. Without waiting, Commander Constant summons Karim to send the description of the fugitive’s vehicle to all the roadblocks.

Several kilometers away, Maxime tries to make Flore understand that she will never be able to see Bart again while on the run, but she is certain that he will understand. She then starts talking about her love affair with Alex and tells how happy he was with her. However, by evoking Chloé, she immediately changes her tone. No longer supporting the Delcourts, Flore rejoices in all the misfortunes that befall them.

At the same time, Chloé is at Alex’s bedside, who is still in an artificial coma. Convinced that he will pull through, she waits for him to wake up to see him smile again. Alex being her soul mate, Chloe refuses that their story ends this way. Shortly after, Renaud interrupts him and sends him the first encouraging results. If his condition remains stable, the doctor plans to wake him up the next day.

For her part, Roxane went back to the owner of Flore’s rental car. Since she is equipped with a GPS tracker, the young woman hopes to be able to locate her as soon as possible.

Later, Maxime takes advantage of a break on the side of the road to reason with Flore. Once he reminds her of who they are to each other, he urges her to release him, promising not to tell the police. But Flore, who knows he is lying, has no confidence in him. When she notices a police car patrolling, she points her gun at Maxime and demands to leave.

Roxane managed to locate Flore’s vehicle. As she takes the small roads to reach Spain, Martin warns the surrounding patrols to stop her as quickly as possible.

In the evening, Chloé receives good news since she will be able to recover Céleste the next day. An announcement that delights Anna and Judith who take Chloe in their arms.

A stone’s throw away, Maxime pretends to have leg cramps to stop. Outside, Maxime, who is exhausted, does not want to go back on the road. Flore may hold him at gunpoint, the Delcourt son says that if she kills him, Bart will never forgive him. Exhausted, she agrees to set him free as soon as they cross the border. In a moment of weakness, Flore then asks for his help and lowers her revolver. Maxime then takes the opportunity to throw himself on her and disarm her. In their struggle, a shot rang out…


Vanessa organized everything for Damien and Élodie’s first date. While Audrey thinks dating never works, Vanessa is sure they’ll love each other. When Elodie arrives at the Spoon, Audrey struggles to hide her displeasure. And since she’s the one in charge of the service, she unfortunately has no choice but to attend their interview indirectly.

However, Audrey has decided to play the difficult waitress and does not hesitate to send spades to her rival on several occasions. An attitude that does not escape Damien who takes pleasure in making her jealous.

At the end of the meal, Audrey brings a coffee and claims to have forgotten Damien’s. As Élodie gives hers, Audrey makes her believe that she has something between her teeth. Uncomfortable, the young woman rushes to the toilet which does not please Vanessa who apologizes to Damien for this misunderstanding.

In the evening, Damien finds Audrey a few steps from her home. Without beating around the bush, he says he agreed to see Élodie only to satisfy Vanessa. The policeman then points out that she had given him her authorization. For Audrey, they are not in a relationship and therefore she cannot prevent him from seeing other girls. Damien throws when he only wants her. Now reconciled, they take refuge in the entrance of a building to kiss.


Noor didn’t come home all night much to the dismay of Gabriel who has a lot of trouble digesting the fact that she has another man in her life. For his part, Cédric returns home with croissants for the whole family, which annoys Irène who doesn’t like him being on duty all night. Angry, she wishes he would put them before work. Judging her mother far too severe, Lilian defends her father and specifies that he saves lives. But nothing helps, Irene sticks to her guns.

Later, Noor meets Lilian at the hospital. The latter invites her for a drink but Noor retorts that she has a lot of work at the moment. At his insistence, she finally agrees to see him on Monday after work.

At the same time, Cédric has not responded to Noor’s many messages since their night of love. Back at the hospital, the father of the family joins her in the reserves but the Beddiar daughter is angry with him. Although he is lost in the face of the situation, Cédric knows that he had a real crush on his intern despite their age difference. While Noor worries that he doesn’t want to continue, Cedric states that he can’t stop thinking about her before kissing her.

At the end of their service, Noor and Cédric had planned to spend time together. Unfortunately, Irene arrives to surprise her husband. In order to make up for having been rude to him in the morning, she reserved a table at a Japanese restaurant. Annoyed, Noor watches them leave hand in hand.

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