Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1118 of Wednesday February 9, 2022…

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Flore commits the irreparable, Sylvain sinks a little deeper into the lie. Noor and Cédric give in to temptation.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday February 9 in Tomorrow belongs to us…


Bart finally receives a call from his mother who still claims to be in Malaga. During the discussion, Bart tells him that Maxime and Judith had a car accident with the farmhouse delivery truck. Reassured to hear that they have nothing, Flore instead wants to know if Alex was in the vehicle at the time of the accident. When Bart indicates that the Delcourt children have exceptionally taken care of the deliveries to give their father a hand, Flore panics and hastens to end the conversation. A strange behavior that does not escape Bart.

Meanwhile, Martin goes to the Delcourts to question Judith and Maxime. Certain that the car was sabotaged, Alex regrets having left it to his children. As he is the one who usually takes care of the Monday deliveries, Commander Constant concludes that he was the target. He advises her to be careful.

At the police station, Karim managed to find the receiver who sold the weapon used to shoot Andrea. According to him, it was not Pénélope Berger who bought it for him but an older woman. Roxane then takes over by offering to draw a composite portrait. The result is without appeal, it is Flore Vallorta.

Convinced that the former director of the hospital planned everything from the start, Martin and Sara immediately go to Bart’s house in the hope of stopping him. Unfortunately, the latter specifies that his mother has been in Spain for a few days. When Roxane warns them that Flore’s phone went off near the pond a few minutes ago, Martin asks his teams to check the perimeter as quickly as possible. Bart not understanding what is happening, Sara reveals that her mother is accused of Andrea’s murder and attempted homicide on the Delcourts.

At nightfall, Flore arrives at the farmhouse to have a chat with Alex. After reminding him of all she had sacrificed out of love for him, she adds that she feels betrayed. If the feelings are never engraved in marble, the oyster farmer affirms on the other hand that he loved her for real and sincerely. But things have changed. Aware that the situation is difficult for her, Alex pushes her to consult someone who could help her get better, but Flore thinks she doesn’t need it. She only wants one thing, that he understands how she feels. Annoyed, Alex gets angry and accuses him of having dumped him on social services. However, it was not enough for Flore who wanted to see the whole Delcourt family suffer as much as her. That’s why she poisoned their coffee, booby-trapped the package and the anxiolytics. In shock, Alex says that she no longer exists in his eyes. Right after, Flore takes a gun out of her coat pocket and then declares that he should have let her hang on this rope.

At the same time, Karim arrives at the Delcourts to inform them that it is Flore who has been attacking them from the start. And since bad news never comes alone, he adds that she also killed Andréa. While they blame the blow, Karim wants to know where Alex is and learns that he is alone at the farmhouse. Judith then tries to call her father but he does not answer. Fearing that Flore will attack him, Maxime and Karim immediately go looking for him.

Not far from there, Flore is still holding Alex at gunpoint. When she asks him if he was happy with her, he retorts that he would like her to lower her gun. Angry, Flore orders him to answer. Insofar as he recognizes that they lived a magnificent story, Flore imagines that their story ended because Chloé manipulated him. To save time, Alex goes into his game and pretends that his wife needed him to take care of Celeste. With tears in her eyes, Flore explains that all this is now over and that he is now free to do what he wants. Very much in love with him, she therefore begs him to come and live in Spain with her. When Chloé’s name appears on Alex’s mobile phone, Flore completely loses her footing and shoots her in the head. As he collapses, a pool of blood forms under his face. With emotion, Flore says “goodbye my love” before fleeing.


Sylvain is looking for his old clothes but Christelle has unfortunately given everything to associations. However, the social worker specifies that she kept a bag which remained in the laundry room. Once he has put on some old jeans and an old pair of trainers, Sylvain joins Julien for a fishing trip on the high seas.

Back on dry land, Sylvain and Julien stop at Spoon for a few drinks. When Vanessa talks about the foundation cocktail, Sylvain keeps lying to his friend and claims to have done the service for a couple who were launching their charitable foundation a few days ago.

On returning home, Sylvain is completely drunk. Understanding that he came out dressed in his old clothes, Christelle fears that someone has seen him and that it destroys all the efforts they have made to be accepted. But for Sylvain, they will never be because they are new rich. He then tells Christelle that he has taken a job as a fisherman.


Noor didn’t drop his phone from the weekend and didn’t stop chatting with Cédric by text message, which did not escape Gabriel who understood that there was another man. Without beating around the bush, Noor apologizes to her. While she recognizes that she should never have slept with him the previous week, the young woman also regrets having let him believe that a story was possible between them. Their arrangement now over, the Beddiar daughter hopes they can remain friends. Although saddened, Gabriel says he is happy for her. Noor then confides that the story she is currently living has nothing to do with her love affair with Jules since it is about true love.

For his part, Doctor Dumaze has 20% fewer nursing staff. As it is necessary to mobilize the personnel present, Noor and Cédric hasten to volunteer to do additional guards. Thereafter, the lovers find themselves in the laundry room of the hospital. After they have exchanged a few kisses, the nurse wonders how he can please her being twice his age. Even if she does not want to rush things with him, the young woman retorts that she is sincere by telling him that she really likes him. They kiss again passionately before rushing to the hotel to share an intimate moment.

Huddled in each other’s arms, Noor and Cédric do not hide their happiness. Noor wishing to stay by his side all night, the nurse then has the idea of ​​making his wife believe that he will be on call the next evening. An idea that Noor really likes. After having kissed her, Cédric slips off in the shower before going back to Irene and her children.

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