Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1114 of Thursday February 3, 2022…

Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1114 of thursday february 3, 2022...

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While the fate continues to plague the Delcourts, Noor tries to forget Cédric. For their part, Audrey and Damien reconcile.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday February 3 in Tomorrow belongs to us…


At breakfast, Chloe spills her coffee when Judith takes her cup because she hasn’t slept all night. As he gets up, Maxime in turn takes a coffee then receives a message from Bart telling him that Flore has left Sète to settle in Spain. While Chloé wonders how her nephew is doing, Maxime replies that he doesn’t know because he argued with him the day before. Chloé then hopes that things will quickly work out between them.

Meanwhile, the police continue their investigation of Andrea. Only, Roxane fears that they are on the wrong track since she hasn’t found anything suspicious on her computer. For her part, Nordine informs Commander Constant that a neighbor of Andréa heard him arguing with someone just before the search of his home. Martin therefore summons Roxane to continue to trace Andrea’s cell phone.

Later, Judith and Alex are working at the farmhouse when the young woman has severe stomach cramps. The oyster farmer is worried about his daughter but Judith assures us that everything is fine.

Not far from there, Damien has news about the vial that poisoned Alex. Indeed, he managed to map one of the fragrances. Having contacts in high perfumery, Damien hopes to find out which perfume it corresponds to and thus go back to his buyer.

At the same time, Maxime finds his mother asleep on the sofa in the living room. However, upon noticing a broken coffee cup on the floor, he quickly realizes that she is actually unconscious. Without waiting, he calls for help. Shortly after, Chloé is rushed to the hospital where Marianne takes care of her.

Following a few tests, she informs her family that Chloe has ingested toxic substances. As there is a good chance that the coffee has been poisoned, Marianne chooses to have her grandchildren take tests. Certain that Andréa is the cause of his mother’s state of health, Maxime regrets not having hurt her face and leaves his mother’s room in anger.

At nightfall, Andrea’s body lies on the beach.


In the morning, Gabriel asks Noor about his new crush but she refuses to tell him about it. While he insists, Noor turns his back and goes to work. At the hospital, Cédric is particularly distant with his intern. When she talks about the messages she sent him, the nurse replies that it is completely irresponsible to have wanted to kiss his internship tutor. Only, Noor believes that she would never have tried to do it if she had not felt that he too wanted to. Once he says the opposite, Cédric encourages her to forget this story and then asks her to get back to work.

No longer able to bear being with him, Noor leaves work a little early and goes to the Little Spoon to confide in Judith. She therefore tells him that she has the impression of having made films and that she blames herself for having skipped her internship for a man who does not want her. For Judith, it’s better this way and she guarantees that she will recover quickly. While they are talking, Noor receives a message from Cédric who tells her that it is irresponsible to abandon her position in this way.

Back at the roommate, Noor is determined to forget about her internship tutor and kisses Gabriel with whom she has an intimate moment. For his part, Cédric rereads Noor’s messages when Irene asks him for forgiveness for not having been easy to live with these last few days. When she kisses him with the intention of going further, he pushes her away pretending to be tired. As she thinks he is angry, Cédric assures that this is not the case then goes to bed.


At the Roussels’, Jordan tells his brother and sister that he saw a man doing a striptease in front of their mother. The latter, who hears them talking, certifies that it was just a dancer friend who was rehearsing a show for the Avignon festival. Seeing that Jordan struggles to believe her, Audrey indicates that there was no ambiguity since her friend is gay.

For his part, Damien tells Aurore about his misadventure and as much to say that he is very angry with Audrey for having lied about her children. If Aurore thinks she didn’t say anything because a lot of men run away from a single mother, Damien affirms that he doesn’t belong to this category. Despite everything, he has not replied to the many messages she has left him since. Aurore therefore encourages her to do so, otherwise Audrey would have been right to lie to her.

At the same time, Audrey tells Alma about her disastrous meeting with Damien. Fearing that her affair with the policeman will be over before it has even really started, the English teacher advises her to fight tooth and nail by surprising him.

Audrey then puts on her 31 and waits for Damien at the exit of the police station. After having explained to him the reasons which pushed her to hide her four children from him, she kisses him. Both looking for a moment of pleasure, they take refuge in a quiet corner of the police station. Under the spell of the mother, Damien would like to see her again. Surprised, Audrey thought he wanted to sleep with a curvy woman just for fun. Once he assures her otherwise, he tells her how gorgeous she is. And to add that he hopes she has a babysitter because he intends to see her again.

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