Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1111 of Monday, January 31, 2022…

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Alex is the victim of a parcel bomb, Tristan makes a decision. Noor and Cédric are getting closer.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday January 31 in Tomorrow belongs to us…


Chloe hasn’t slept a wink all night. Upset by Celeste’s departure, the mother of the family feels the need to get some fresh air but while strolling in the garden, she discovers the word “slut” tagged on the windows of the veranda. If Chloé is certain that it is Andrea, Alex believes on the contrary that it is Flore. Tired of his ex-girlfriend’s little games, the oyster farmer wants to clear things up with her, but Chloe stops him because she doesn’t want this story to turn against them.

After taking pictures, Maxime goes to the Spoon and shows them to Bart. When Flore arrives, the Delcourt son accuses her of being the source of the tag. While she claims to have done nothing, Bart defends his mother and confirms that she has not moved from his home all night. Angry, Maxime encourages Flore to go back to the ASE but the latter explains to him that it is impossible to stop a procedure in progress. When she claims to have done what was necessary for the well-being of the child, Maxime retorts that she disgusts him before leaving the premises.

For her part, Chloe has managed to get the address of the home where Celeste lives. While remaining at a distance, the mother of the family observes her daughter playing when Jérôme sees her and asks her to leave, indicating that she has no right to be here. However, the social worker tells him that a commission should soon define a schedule that will allow him to have visitation rights. Chloé begs him to let her kiss her daughter but Jérôme refuses in order to protect the child.

Not far from there, Karim is waiting for Andréa at the bottom of his house. Warned that someone had tagged the windows of the Delcourt family, the policeman questions him about his schedule. The young man then indicates that he has not moved from his home but no one can confirm it. He then declares that he is attacking Chloé at the Prud’hommes and that he has no interest in putting pressure on her. Despite everything, Karim asks him to follow him to the police station to ask him a few questions.

Later, Master Beddiar goes to the police station and demands the immediate release of his client. Even if Karim has not finished questioning her, Soraya reminds him that until proven otherwise, it is Chloé who is worried by the police and not Andréa. As they don’t have the slightest proof against her client, Soraya summons the policeman to release him immediately.

Once free, Andréa disembarks at Agnès Varda. After telling Chloe he was here as a friend, he swears he is not the author of the tag. When Chloé begs him to leave, Andréa begs her to believe him and imagines that the person who is so angry with her must have been someone close to her. While he insists on telling her that he is on her side, Chloe orders him to leave. But nothing helps, the young man continues to tell him that he would never hurt him because he considers the Delcourts as his own family. Shortly after, Maxime arrives in his mother’s office.

Furious, the latter is particularly virulent towards Andrea. Grabbing him by the collar, Maxime orders him to clear off. Only, Andréa persists again and again, declaring that he is here to support his family. When Maxime openly makes fun of him, Andréa, who is deeply disappointed by this behavior, says that he doesn’t know how he managed to get attached to their family, then lets go that they are nothing but monsters after all. The straw for Maxime who pushes him violently and makes him fall. Alerted by the noises, Irene bursts into the office and helps Andrea to get up. Before leaving, the latter looks at Chloé and Maxime and specifies that they disgust him.

At nightfall, Andréa joins Pénélope at the Spoon. Indeed, they both work for the same agency. Faced with the situation, the young man fears that the company will let him down now that a dismissal for serious misconduct is on his file. Penelope then tries to reassure him by telling him that everyone knows he is a great helper before hugging him.

At the same time, Judith warns her father that they have received a package. Opening it, Alex discovers a bottle of perfume accompanied by a card. In reality, the packet is trapped since the sprayer triggers itself and sprays it with a mysterious product. He barely has time to call his daughter when he collapses.


Tristan is in the middle of preparing the welcome cocktail for the Moreno charitable foundation which will take place the same evening. In addition to having to change the layout of the tables for the reception, he also has to replace the pillowcases. Fortunately, Tristan smiles again when Christelle tells him that she bought him a suit for the service.

Later, Vanessa arrives at the Moreno’s with the petit fours that Christelle ordered from her. Surprising Tristan trying to taste one, the chef can’t help but ask him what it feels like to eat refined dishes. As he replies that they’re bland and characterless, Vanessa retorts that it’s still better than what he offered at the Spoon.

At the end of the day, Tristan puts on his costume for the evening. After noticing a crease on her jacket, Christelle decides to use a steamer but burns her friend’s neck in the process. At the end of his tether, the former owner of the Spoon makes a radical decision. Having realized that it was not a good idea to work for friends, he will not serve the cocktail.


Although he rejoices at the idea of ​​making his return to Agnès Varda, Lilian feels guilty because his parents are still cold because of him. If she hopes that the situation will calm down quickly, Angie however points out to her that all this is not her fault.

Later, Lilian goes to her physio session. Impressed by his progress, Bénédicte is certain that he could resume training sooner than expected if he keeps up the momentum. Happy to hear it, the young man takes a picture of himself and sends it to Noor.

Meanwhile, Cédric is exhausted. His patients tire him, and he is also going through real hell with his wife. Lost, the nurse confides in Noor who is understanding and supports him. Little by little, Noor and Cédric get closer. Ready to kiss, Cédric turns his head away explaining that it’s not a good idea before leaving.

In the evening, Noor sends a message to Cédric telling him that she thinks a lot about what happened between them earlier in the day. This one is on the point of answering him “me too” but changes his mind at the last moment.

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