Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1108 of Wednesday January 26, 2022…

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Flore files a report for abuse, Martin and Virginie separate. Nathan confides in Mona.

Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1108 of wednesday january 26, 2022...

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday January 26 in Tomorrow belongs to us…


Following the fall of Céleste, Chloé and Alex are in the hospital at the bedside of their daughter. More fear than harm and the little girl escapes with a simple superficial gash in the head. On the other hand, Doctor Delcourt noted on the X-rays that the child had a slight crack in his right arm. According to her, it would be the mark of a fracture which dates back several weeks and which resolved itself. In shock, Chloé comes to think that Andréa could have been hiding something from them, but Marianne believes that the incident happened long before she arrived. To reassure the couple, the doctor decides to have Céleste undergo additional examinations as well as a blood test.

Meanwhile, Andréa meets Soraya at the Perraud office. After hearing from her client, the young woman makes an appointment with Chloé at the hospital to inform her that her former childminder is filing a complaint against her for unfair dismissal. The mother, who is stunned, affirms that it is because of him that her daughter is in the hospital and then specifies that Celeste was doing very well before he came into their lives. And to add that Andrea mistreated her daughter.

For her part, Andréa is at Celeste’s bedside. When Chloé arrives in her daughter’s room, she orders him to leave immediately. However, Andréa waits for him in the hall of the hospital in order to understand why she told her lawyer that he mistreated Céleste. Angry, Chloe then brings up the child’s broken arm and openly accuses him of hurting her. While the tone rises, Andréa assures that he adores Céleste then swears that he would be incapable of attacking her. However, Chloé refuses to hear it and indicates that she is going to file a complaint.

Flore, who overheard their conversation, summons Noor to her office. Although she is not allowed to reveal medical information about her patients, the young woman tells the director that Céleste was admitted two days in a row for unexplained falls.

Not far from there, Chloé, Alex and Céleste are returning home when Maxime calls them to tell them that he is coming to spend a few days in Sète before leaving for San Francisco. An announcement that delights the whole family. At this moment, the couple is far from suspecting that Flore is about to plant a knife in their back. Indeed, the latter contacts the social assistance for children to make a report for abuse concerning the youngest of the Delcourts.


In the morning, Jules goes to the police station to have a little chat with Nordine because he fears that his arrival in Martin’s life will prevent him from settling in Lyon. Encountering all the difficulties to find a place in the life of his father, Nordine certifies that he will not hesitate to leave if he really wants to. Despite everything, Jules advises her to let him go and leave his family alone.

Later, Virginie, Jules and Martin spend a moment of complicity at the Spoon. Seated at the counter, Nordine looks at them enviously.

Subsequently, Martin joins Nordine at the beach for lunch, who questions him about his relationship with Jules. Martin therefore explains that they have learned to tame each other and that he really loves her. Even if he would very much like to continue to be part of his life, the policeman is however not sure he wants to leave Sète now that his son has entered his life. Words that warm Nordine’s heart.

Shortly after, Martin joins Virginie at the Spoon. Despite his feelings for her, he decided to stay in Sète to make up for the time he lost with Nordine. While he begs her forgiveness, Virginie declares not without emotion that she loved their story. Faced with these words sounding like goodbyes, Martin immediately retorts that their relationship is not over and that he will find solutions to see her as often as possible. Unfortunately, Virginie knows that it would be particularly complicated and does not want a long-distance relationship. It is therefore very moved that they put an end to their story.

Back at the police station, Commander Constant brings his teams together then announces that Nordine is his son, which particularly affects the young man.


Given Nathan’s low morale, Angie invites him to spend the afternoon at her place alone. Uncomfortable, he declines on the pretext that he already has something planned.

Subsequently, Irene meets Nathan in the corridors and talks to him about his approaching trial. He then tells her that his lawyer is trying to save him from prison by using extenuating circumstances through testimonies. The CPE enjoins him for his part to activate, judging that it would be a pity if his studies were compromised by a stay in prison now that his grades have progressed.

At the same time, Angie returns home and is disappointed to find that Jahia is still there because she was hoping to spend time alone with her boyfriend. If Angie is ready to make love, however, she fears that this is not the case for Nathan. Jahia therefore advises him to talk about it directly with him before taking to their heels.

Later, Nathan heads to Angie’s. The young man, who is embarrassed, uses all possible pretexts to avoid getting closer to her. When she offers to give him a massage, Nathan makes her believe that he forgot an appointment with Dorian then quickly leaves the place.

At the end of the day, Nathan confides in Mona that he wonders about his relationship with Angie. In reality, the teenager has never made love and is afraid of going about it the wrong way. Mona then gives him some advice.

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