Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1101 of Friday January 14, 2022…

Tomorrow belongs to us what awaits you in episode 1101

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Roxane is on a new track, Flore leaves for Venice. At the same time, Timothée falls for Anna.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Friday January 14 in Tomorrow belongs to us…


Shot, Zoé is unconscious. After calling the emergency services, Aurore makes her colleagues believe that the woman lying on the ground tried to disarm AL before being hit. Aurore then claims that the burglar forced the lock and fled. When asked if she had time to see the face of the fugitive, Aurore indicates that she was brunette with a square.

Hearing help arrive, Aurore takes advantage that her colleagues have chased the burglar to retrieve her sister’s belongings and throw them in the dumpster of a maintenance vehicle. Shortly after, she calls Commander Constant to make him believe that AL has fled through the roofs.

The next day, William examines Zoé who is getting out of it with a few stitches and tries to make his sister-in-law understand that his wife is risking a lot by trying to help her. He therefore asks her to leave far from here and leave her family alone.

Subsequently, the police arrive to question Zoé. Thanks to her son who was able to get her false papers, Aurore’s sister pretends to be Amélie Vincent. Faced with questions from the investigators, Zoé pretends that she doesn’t remember anything. Once alone with her, Aurore says goodbye to her sister.

Zoé then finds Jonathan in the hospital parking lot. Relieved to be together again, they hug. As she prepares to get into the car, Zoé hears her father calling her from a distance. But she refuses to listen to him and then summons her son to start.

At the police station, Roxane managed to locate AL’s hideout. Worried, Aurore would like to accompany her colleagues on site but Martin prefers that she go home to rest. Commander Constant and his team then rush to the spot but the fugitives had time to flee without leaving a trace.

Not far from there, Zoé and Jonathan are on the road when they see a police roadblock. Having false papers, Zoé explains to her son that they have no reason to worry. Despite everything, Jonathan thinks that the police are looking for his mother and pulls his gun out of the glove box. As she excludes that he ends up like her father, Zoé indicates that they will have to surrender if the police were to recognize them. Jonathan, who wishes to avenge the death of his father, prefers to rush into the heap rather than surrender. This is why the young man restarts the car and leaves at high speed without intending to comply.

At the same time, Roxane has recovered Angie’s mobile phone which she lost during the hostage taking. Since she was filming the scene before she lost him, her phone continued to record everything that happened in the hallway where Aurore was held. With a little time, Roxane therefore hopes to discover the face of AL.


At the hospital, Flore confides in Anna about her breakup with Alex. Faced with her shifty gaze, the director of the establishment quickly realizes that the psychologist was aware of Chloe and Alex’s affair. Although her friend feels betrayed, Anna invites her to move in with her while she gets better. Flore declines and then decides to go to Venice on a whim.

Later, Alex meets Flore with her suitcase. As he tries to find out if she has found a new apartment, Flore reproaches him for pretending and then reminds him that she no longer has anything to report to him. Angry, she then blames him for betraying her and then summons him to leave her alone.

Plagued by guilt, Alex joins Chloé at the Spoon and gives himself up to her. The Delcourt daughter claims that he handled the situation as best he could and assures that everything will work out in the end. Very in love, Alex makes a beautiful statement to her before telling her that he no longer wants to leave her. For her part, Chloe only wants one thing, that they are happy as before.

At the same time, Flore arrives at the Spoon and announces to her son that she is leaving for Venice. When she sees Chloé and Alex seated not far from there, she prefers to leave.


During a new session with Anna, Timothée says that he does not master social conventions and more particularly conversations with people he does not know. For him to disinhibit himself, the psychologist gives him a practical exercise to do before their next appointment. Timothée must therefore make conversation with a girl who interests him but with whom he is not in love.

Subsequently, he takes Gabriel into his confidence. On the advice of his friend, Timothée then approaches Elsa, a student in his class, and invites her to a review session after class. When they meet to work, Elsa unfortunately judges that he is too talkative and prefers to revise at the library.

Annoyed, Timothée arrives in Anna’s office to tell her about this new failure. By talking with her, he understood that his friend wanted to work instead of talking. Anna therefore asks him what he would do if she were a young girl of his age. Although disturbed, Timothée lends himself to the game.

Back at the roommate, Timothée explains to Gabriel that he has found the girl he needs: beautiful, mature and intelligent. Gabriel asks to see a photo of this mysterious woman but Timothée refuses. Once alone, he looks at a photo of Anna on his phone with a smile on his face.