Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1094 of Wednesday January 5, 2022 …

Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1094 of wednesday january 5, 2022...

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While Pierre is discovered unconscious, Angie and Nathan get closer. At the same time, Noor regains his motivation

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday January 5 in Tomorrow belongs to us …


Even though the DNA results have confirmed that the woman who lives with her daughter is Zoe, Pierre finds it hard to believe it and tries to convince Aurore to postpone her appointment with the lawyer to prevent this stranger from stealing her inheritance. Even if Sofia is also starting to have suspicions, Aurore is sure that they are on the wrong track. But Pierre warns her that he doesn’t intend to stop there.

Meanwhile, Karim and Martin are waiting for Rémy Rousseau downstairs from his home. Although he is in a wheelchair, they question him about his involvement in the theft of paintings. While he replies that it was nothing to do with it, Karim receives a call from Sara who informs them that AL has been spotted robbing a villa at Mont Saint-Clair. On the spot, the police then saw the thief fleeing. Armed, the latter shoots the tires of their vehicle before fleeing with his accomplice.

For his part, Pierre asks Raphaëlle for help. Despite the disastrous consequences that this kind of procedure could have on his family, he wants to challenge his parentage. If the judge accepts his request, Zoe will be obliged to undergo a new DNA test under the supervision of a bailiff.

Shortly after, the lawyer summons Aurore to tell her about the procedure launched by her father. Pierre can swear that he is doing this only to protect his family, Aurore is convinced that he wants revenge. Still in denial, she would also like him to return to Paris to leave them alone once and for all.

Not far from there, Sofia overhears a conversation from her aunt who explains to her interlocutor that she is currently on a big deal that could bring her a lot of money. Without waiting, she tells her mother in the confidence and indicates that Zoe has probably returned for the inheritance. In vain. Aurore takes the defense of her sister again to the great displeasure of Sofia who considers that she completely veils her face.

At nightfall, Pierre waits for Zoe in the street and declares that he will not let her destroy his family. The young woman then continues to maintain that she is his daughter and then specifies that she intends to take her share of the inheritance. Shortly after, Bart returns from his shopping when he discovers Pierre unconscious in the middle of the street.


On New Years Eve, Angie had a real crush for his teacher and sent him a heart. He therefore waits until the end of his course to clarify things. While the teenager admits to having had a real crush on him, François retorts that she has clearly crossed a limit and then encourages him to take an interest in boys and girls of her age. He then promises not to tell his mother anything unless it happens again.

Jack later confides in Angie about his budding affair with Simon, whom he still hasn’t met. In turn, she tells him that she was turned away by François.

At Spoon, Nathan is on the phone with his father and tells him he’s been sleeping with a friend since he kicked him out. Angie, who overheard their conversation, quickly realizes that her comrade’s father is an alcoholic. For his part, Nathan does not hide it and then confides in his family problems. Touched by her story, Angie is understanding then they change the subject by being particularly complicit. When Jack arrives, Nathan invites him to join them, but Angie quietly nods her head no.


Despite his reluctance, Noor begins a new day of internship. When she changes Monsieur Dumoret’s infusion line, he lets out a little cry of pain. Faced with her incessant spikes, the young woman struggles to hide her annoyance but Cédric immediately takes her back. After leaving the old man’s room, he reminds her that she must remain calm at all times. Since she complains of the unpleasant nature of the patient, the nurse explains that he reacts in this way out of fear. By passing Samuel in the corridors, Noor learns that he is going to do humanitarian work in Madagascar.

Later, Marianne asks how her internship is going and Noor replies that she didn’t think it would be so difficult. If all goes well at school, she does not manage to master the technical gestures and is no longer sure of being made for the profession of nurse. Marianne therefore advises him to follow his mother’s example and not to let go.

During the day, Mona arrives at the hospital to be tested for HIV and STI for the new lover she has in her life. As she has a phobia of needles, Noor manages to divert her attention by asking her questions about the one that makes her heart beat. Result, Mona did not feel anything and Cédric congratulates his student by specifying that without her, he would never have managed to sting her. A compliment that remotivates Noor to the point of declining a moment of intimacy with Gabriel to revise.

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