Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1093 of Tuesday, January 4, 2022 …

Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1093 of tuesday, january 4, 2022...

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While Peter is not the only one to be wary of Zoe, Alma leaves Samuel. Victor becomes Agnès Varda’s maintenance agent.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday January 4 in Tomorrow belongs to us …


Pierre is convinced that the woman who came back in their life is not Zoe and that she is usurping her identity only in order to touch the inheritance of his ex-wife. Aurore, who absolutely does not believe in this theory, thinks that her father clings to this idea not to accept what he did to her 23 years earlier. For once, the policewoman would like Pierre to admit his wrongs and tell his daughter that he loves her. When Zoe arrives, Pierre seeks an explanation. However, she ignores him and begs her sister to let it go, stating that their father has not changed. Since the latter plans to speak about this story to the police, Aurore asks her sister to do a DNA test to put an end to the debate but she does not take very well.

For her part, Sara finished going through the old files of Commander Constant and found that her superior had arrested a certain Rémy Rousseau a little over two years ago for theft and concealment. As his exit corresponds to the first flights of AL, Martin asks him to find his address to speak to him.

Not far from there, Sofia found a photo of her mother and Zoe from their college years. When she asks him a few questions, Zoe makes him believe that she no longer remembers. However, Sofia is far from being fooled and shares her suspicions with her father. Indeed, the young woman comes to believe that Zoe is not the woman she claims.

Subsequently, Zoe finally agrees to do a DNA test to please her sister and then succeeds in convincing Damien to analyze the sample.

Meanwhile, a homeless woman looks at the photo Aurore posted of her and her sister on social media. For his part, Pierre joins William and Sofia at the hospital to show them a family album. If they immediately recognize Aurore, they have a hard time establishing any similarities between Zoe and the one who currently lives with them. Refusing that his daughter and granddaughters are cheated, Pierre fully intends to do everything possible to unravel this mystery. William encourages him to wait for the DNA results first before doing anything. Being perfectly aware that he was not a good father, Pierre declares that if Zoe had returned, he would not have hesitated to ask her forgiveness for all the harm he did her.

In the evening, Aurore lets her father open the DNA results. And if everything indicates that the woman sitting in front of him is Zoe, Pierre intends to prove that it is not his daughter.


Alma and Samuel are back from a week skiing but their vacation did not go as planned as they did not share anything. While he reproaches her for not knowing how to live without routine, Alma for her part clearly noticed her behavior towards Victoire. Doctor Chardeau then puts an end to this argument by declaring that he will sleep in Hadrian’s room because whatever he is doing at the moment, she cannot stand it anymore. Indeed, the English teacher can no longer take it upon herself at the moment and even ends up taking a radical decision.

She therefore joins Samuel at the hospital and announces to him that she is putting an end to their story. For him, his reaction is a bit exaggerated but Alma reminds him that their story has deteriorated for some time. And to add that she prefers that they separate now before they hate each other. Like Leila, she believes that Samuel is not made for the life of a couple and that things will not change at his age.

Later, Samuel tells his father the bad news. Convinced that Alma is testing him so that he can go straight, Samuel is certain that she will come back eventually, especially since he has planned to invite her to the restaurant on Saturday.

At the same time, Alma expresses a certain emotion to Audrey about her break with Samuel. Convinced that he fell in love with Victoire, she regrets having veiled her face for so long. Since she has nowhere to go, Audrey invites her to move in with her while she finds something. At the Roussels, Jordan indicates that he would have liked his mother to seek his advice before leaving his room to his teacher. Uncomfortable, Alma would prefer to go to a hotel but Audrey retorts that it is important for her to welcome him after all she has done for them in the past.

At nightfall, Samuel returns and discovers a note from Alma in which she explains that she will give the double keys to Aurore when she has collected the rest of her belongings. Realizing that Alma’s decision is final, he regrets to see that she wipes him out of her life with the snap of her fingers. For his part, William reminds her that their couple has been on the wane for a few months now, then says that if Benjamin had not been with Victoire, he would have left her without scruples. To clear his head, Samuel intends to do useful things like Benjamin. Insofar as William is certain that he will never let go of his little comfort for a good cause, Samuel calls Benjamin to obtain information on his humanitarian mission in Madagascar because it could interest him.


Upon learning that Victor has still not contacted Chloe for the post of maintenance agent at Agnès Varda high school, Mona is waiting for him at the foot of her building. When she tries to find out why he hasn’t called her, Victor says that with his bracelet, it’s way too complicated. Nevertheless, Mona knows full well that the establishment is located within the authorized perimeter. When Victor affirms that the principal will never accept his candidacy because she does not like him, Georges’ mother informs him that she managed to get him to meet her at the end of the day. And as she believes she has the right to thank you for his little help, she asks Victor for a private evening to get to know him.

Shortly after, he went to the job interview. Unfortunately, Chloe excludes hiring him due to his history with the police. When leaving high school, Chloe crosses paths with Timothée photographing a book because her father cannot afford it. Realizing the precarious situation in which Brunet is, Chloe changes her mind and offers him the job. A decision that thrills Mona who says she is ready to answer her questions about high school day and night.

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