Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1092 of Monday, January 3, 2022 …

Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1092 of monday, january 3, 2022...

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While Zoe may not be who she claims, Noor takes her first steps as a nurse. At the same time, Timothée registers on a dating site.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday January 3 in Tomorrow belongs to us …


After a reunion filled with emotion with Aurore, Zoe recounts in broad outline the last twenty years of her life. Shortly after she ran away, she explains that Fred, the man she was madly in love with, has passed away. The young woman then resented the whole earth but especially her family who had not accepted the man she loved. Zoe then traveled a lot before moving to London a year ago. To make up for lost time, Aurore then invites her sister to move in with her.

Two days later, Aurore and Zoe find their father at the Spoon, but the reunion is far from moving since Pierre accuses his daughter of being responsible for the death of her mother as well as for the breakdown of her marriage. Bitter, he declares that he has no desire to make any effort before leaving the premises.

Meanwhile, the investigation continues into the theft of paintings. Despite having his motorcycle stolen on Sara and Roxane’s wedding night, Commander Constant asks his teams to drop this trail in order to focus their efforts on how the burglar finds his targets. However, the police feel that it is a shame not to dig this track further and nevertheless transmit its description to the surrounding police stations.

For his part, Pierre joins William at the hospital. Convinced that Zoe returned to Sète only to touch his ex-wife’s inheritance, he would like William to help him open Aurore’s eyes, but Aurore refuses to follow him on this ground. Only, Pierre considers it strange that his daughter returned after 23 years of absence and he fears that this woman is not really his daughter.

Not far from there, Aurore and Zoe are making up for lost time. Happy to have found her sister, the policewoman asks her daughter to take a picture of them. She then decides to post it on social networks to the chagrin of Zoe who keeps repeating that it is a bad idea.

At the police station, the police tracked down Commander Constant’s motorcycle. The thief having been flashed on the highway while making a middle finger, Karim and Sara assume that their colleague is personally targeted.

In the evening, Pierre dines with his daughter. When Aurore mentions Mary’s will, Peter tries to prove to her that the woman in front of them is not Zoe. According to him, it would be a usurper.


After spending the holidays in Guadeloupe, Gabriel is back at the roommate. While Noor is stressed at the idea of ​​starting her internship at the hospital, the young man manages to find the words to reassure her. And even if they are not in a relationship, they kiss each other tenderly.

At the hospital, Noor is greeted by Marianne who declares that her mother would be proud of her. She then introduces him to Cédric, her supervisor throughout the internship. Later, Noor takes care of his first patient but he refuses a trainee to train on him. Faced with his unpleasant remarks, she ended up leaving the room.

After joining Noor, Cédric seeks to know if she is really ready to face difficult situations on a daily basis. The young woman then promises to pull herself together and then goes back to work. Unfortunately, she made a mistake that could have been fatal for a patient. Cedric therefore reminds her that she must stay focused because in their job they are not allowed to make mistakes and then he requires her to learn to manage her stress.

Back home, Noor tells Gabriel about her disastrous day in the hospital. Suffering from impostor syndrome, she is not sure to return the next day. Indeed, she cannot help comparing herself to her mother and thinks that she does not have the necessary qualities to practice the profession of nurse.


In search of Victor, Mona takes advantage of meeting Timothée in the school grounds to find out if her father has started working in the establishment. If Timothy has never heard of this job, he understands however that his friend hopes to start a sentimental relationship with him. Without beating around the bush, he specifies that his father prefers younger and more elegant women. Only, Mona is convinced that love can lift mountains.

Timothée then goes to class to return to school at Agnès Varda. At Olivier’s request, Brunet’s son introduces himself to his new comrades. When his gaze meets that of a teenage girl sitting in the front row, Timothy is confused. While he recalls the excellent grades he had throughout his schooling, another of his comrades calls him pretentious. Encouraged by his teacher, he finally informs the class that he has autism to spray.

At the end of class, Timothée is with his father at the Spoon and confides in his crush. Even if his autism complicates his life a little, Victor reminds him that this should not prevent him from having a girlfriend and he encourages her to take the plunge. Back at the roommate, Timothy tells Gabriel that he wants to meet someone. On his advice, the Brunet son registers on a dating site frequented by neuro-atypical people.

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