Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1091 of Friday, December 31, 2021 …

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While Zoe is back, Jack tries to discover the identity of his admirer. At the same time, Sara and Roxane say yes to each other.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Friday December 31 in Tomorrow belongs to us …


In the morning, Aurore and William look at family photos. Even if she did not see the face of the stranger from the cemetery, the policewoman remains convinced that it was her sister Zoe. Although he understands that she is currently having a difficult time, William reminds her however that it has been 20 years since she saw her and that it is very likely that the person she saw was not not his sister. Nothing helps, Aurore remains convinced of the contrary.

Meanwhile, burglaries are linked in the region and the police continue their investigation. The robot portrait may not be precise enough to identify the thief, Gorges has nevertheless sent it to the police stations of the department.

Later, Pierre arrives at the Daunier-Jacobs to say goodbye to his family. As Sofia regrets seeing him leave without having had time to get to know him, Pierre is ready to stay in Sète for a few more days. Much to Aurore’s chagrin.

Once alone with her father, Aurore informs her that Zoe is in Sète then accuses her of having destroyed their family and of being responsible for her sister’s escape. When Pierre replies that he did everything to find her for years, Aurore replies that she would never have given up the search if one of her daughters had disappeared.

At nightfall, Aurore goes home. After wishing his family a Happy New Year, William indicates that they have visitors. Indeed, Zoe is back.


Jack continues to exchange with a certain Simon, his secret admirer, and confesses to his sister that he would like it to be Lilian, the brother of Jahia and Angie, who is hiding under this pseudonym. He then invites Simon to the party he is organizing at his home for New Years Eve.

At the same time, Angie, Jahia and Jordan arranged to meet François at the Christmas market. Indeed, the teenagers want to invite him to the New Year’s Eve party they are organizing at the Roussel’s. If he fears at first that this will relaunch the rumors, he ends up being convinced.

In the evening, the Roussels welcome their guests to celebrate the New Year. In order to know the identity of his admirer among the boys present at the party, Jack decides to send a message to Simon. At the same time, François takes his phone out of his pocket and then announces that he has to leave to go to his other party. After his departure, Jack receives a message from Simon. The latter having made a spelling mistake, the teenager deduced that it could not be his French teacher. So back to square one for Jack.

For her part, Angie sends a heart to François and Jordan declares his love for Jahia before the stroke of midnight.


It’s the big day for Sara and Roxane. Indeed, they will unite for life in front of their friends and families. Dressed in a white dress, Roxane awaits his future wife in front of the Town Hall. Seeing her stressed-out future daughter-in-law, Beatrice assures her that everything will be fine. And to specify that she is very happy that she is now part of the family.

Accompanied by Martin, Georges and Karim, Sara arrives in her turn. Very moved to discover themselves dressed for the occasion, they kiss each other tenderly. Once they have said yes, the brides leave the Town Hall to the applause of their relatives.

During the reception, Bart takes the floor and makes a nice declaration of friendship to Sara. Even if he does not know Roxane well yet, he declares that he sees well that she makes his friend happy then adds that he considers her as a member of his family as well. The young man then asks them to never let anyone doubt their choices because their friends know how obvious they are.

In turn, Sara takes the microphone and launches with emotion that when she saw Roxane for the first time, she immediately knew that she was what was missing in her life. And in the face of the trials they went through, love has always been stronger than anything.

During the meal, Sara made sure that Martin and Nordine were seated next to each other. If the atmosphere is initially tense, father and son end up discussing and even laughing together. Now it’s time to party and Sara, Roxane and their guests swing their hips on the dance floor. Despite the terrible ordeal she is going through, Aurore arrives at the party to the delight of Sara who thanks her warmly.

While the party is in full swing, Martin and Gorges are outside having a drink when they see an individual stealing Commander Constant’s motorcycle. At the scene of the theft, they discover a painting signed “AL”.

At the stroke of midnight, the newlyweds wish each other a happy new year before Roxane makes his wife understand that 2022 would be an excellent year for a baby. Excited by this idea, Sara kisses him.

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