Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1089 of Wednesday, December 29, 2021 …

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While Aurore reveals to her daughters a heavy childhood secret, Jahia wonders about Jordan’s feelings. At the same time, Mona kisses Victor.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday, December 29 in Tomorrow belongs to us …


Devastated by the death of her mother, Aurore feels that it is her fault that Marie breathed her last. Although her husband reminds her that she had terminal cancer, the policewoman can’t help but regret telling her everything she had on her heart. William, who is certain that his mother-in-law knew how to put things right, specifies that all that matters is that she was with her until the end. On the other hand, in cold blood with her father, Captain Jacob refuses to warn him.

Meanwhile, the police are continuing their investigation into the theft of the paintings. Indeed, at least three other burglaries of the same type were identified by the gendarmerie of Clermont l’Hérault. Each time, the thief left his signature. As everything suggests that it is one and the same person, Karim and Georges understand that they are dealing with a professional who risks attacking all the paintings in the region.

For their part, Manon and Sofia are affected by the death of their grandmother whom they have never known. Extremely touched by their mother’s family situation, the two young women promise to be always there for each other no matter what.

Later, Aurore comes out of a grueling meeting with the lawyer. Indeed, Marie had planned her funeral in great detail and the policewoman was particularly touched to learn that she wished to be buried in Sète to stay with her.

On returning home, Aurore unpacks her mother’s personal belongings which she collected from the hospital. When she comes across a photo of her and Zoe, she decides to tell her daughters what happened in their family.

At the age of fifteen, Zoe met a man in his thirties who had served in prison. Seeing this relationship with a very negative eye, Pierre, their father, demanded that Zoe leave him but she was madly in love. Father and daughter then argued for weeks until one day Peter slapped Zoe with all his might. The latter then locked herself in her room for three days before running away. As she was a minor, there was an investigation but the police never found her. Since then, Aurore has never seen her sister again.

For three years, Aurore waited for the phone to ring. In vain. And then one day, Marie received a call from Zoe, who had come of age, indicating that she would not be coming back. Aurore therefore dropped her studies in psychology to join the police in the hope of finding her little sister. And although she now has twenty years of work behind her, she has never succeeded. In the afternoon, Pierre arrives at his daughter’s house, but the latter slams the door in his face.

At nightfall, Christelle wakes up and comes face to face with the thief. Panicked, she calls Sylvain for help.


Stressed at the idea of ​​introducing her to her boyfriend, Jahia warns her brother that Jordan can be a bit special at first, but Lilian is reassuring. If the teenager survived Angie, their meeting can only go well. Arriving there, Roussel’s son quickly breaks the ice by talking about football.

Subsequently, Lilian declares that they are a beautiful couple even if he did not imagine his sister with this kind of man. However, seeing the stars in her eyes, he understands that she is in love.

But Jahia doubts Jordan’s feelings, especially since he hasn’t told her yet that he loves her. She then confides in Angie who thinks that he is too shy to share his feelings with her or that he is not as in love as he claims.

On the advice of her sister, Jahia calls Jordan and lets him understand that she would like a special gift for the New Year. Indeed, she would like him to tell her something that he never said to her before the stroke of midnight. Unfortunately, Jordan did not understand anything about his request.


Knowing full well that Mona did not find herself at the foot of her building by chance, Victor took the opportunity to stop by the police station to have a little chat with Georges. While he suspects him of having transmitted his personal details to his mother, Georges denies any involvement.

When leaving the police station, Victor runs into Mona who has a professional offer for him. She therefore invites him for a drink in the evening to discuss it more quietly. When Timothy’s father replies that he’s not sure he’s free, Mona prevents him from speaking by putting a finger to his mouth and arranges to meet him at the Spoon at the end of the day.

Subsequently, she goes to Chloe’s and proposes the candidacy of Victor to replace the handyman of the high school who has retired. After Chloe agrees to meet him, Mona, who is sure that the Delcourt girl can fall under his spell, signals to him that it was she who saw him first.

It is therefore ready that Mona joins Victor at the Spoon. The latter then agrees to contact Agnès Varda’s principal and then thanks her for her help. Since Mona feels it deserves a little kiss, Victor complies. The perfect opportunity for Mona to steal a kiss on the mouth.

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