Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1087 of Monday, December 27, 2021 …

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While Aurore has to face the return of a person who has been missing for years, Martin makes an announcement to Virginie. At the same time, Charlie’s request divides the Moreno clan.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday, December 27 in Tomorrow belongs to us …

Aurore learns that her mother is going to die

William announces to Aurore that his mother, Marie Jacob was transported to the hospital after having fainting in the taxi which took her from Sète to Montpellier. Aurore does not understand what her mother is doing in the region, but William explains to her that she obviously lives in Montpellier. Captain Jacob couldn’t believe it. She had not heard from her mother for 20 years but was convinced that she had remained to live in Paris after her divorce.

Marie has been weak all weekend and complained of chest pain, but doctors do not yet know what she is suffering from. Sofia and Manon arrive at the hospital to hear from this grandmother they don’t know. They try to find out why Aurore cut ties with her, but their mother replies that she has her reasons and that it is none of their business.

Later, Marie finally wakes up. She is very agitated and asks to speak to Aurore. William goes to the police station to warn Aurore, but his wife does not want to see his mother and asks her to respect her decision.

Back at the hospital, William finds Sofia who tries to find out more about Marie by questioning her. Doctor Daunier tells his daughter that Aurore was already at odds with her parents when he met her. He saw Pierre and Marie Jacob only once. And he never knew Zoe, Aurore’s sister. All he knows is that she left home at 15, slamming the door. Aurore has never heard from her since and holds her parents responsible.

Once Sofia left, William was joined by Marianne who spoke with her colleagues in Montpellier. The news is not good: Marie Jacob has non-Hodgkin’s malignant lymphoma. His condition is getting worse, his heart is very tired. According to Marianne, Marie will not have much longer.

On returning home, William finds Aurora by the pool. He tells her that her mother has terminal cancer and that she only has a few days left to live.

Virginie and Martin have some news to share

Martin has not spoken to Nordine since the latter informed him of their family relationship. When the young cop ends up confronting his father, Martin criticizes him for not coming to speak to him directly instead of doing a DNA test behind his back. He even questions the veracity of the test. Nordine then calls him a poor guy who doesn’t take responsibility, which prompts Martin to ask him to change your tone. Before adding that he is at best his father, not his father, and that he will ask for his transfer.

Later, Nordine announces to Sara and Roxane that he is thinking of returning to live in the North with his family. Sara advises him not to give up his post because of Martin, while Roxane convinces him not to give up attending their wedding.

At the Spoon, Martin finds Virginie, who has just spent the holidays with Jules. The lawyer announces to her companion that she is worried about Jules, who spends his time with his girlfriend and spends her money anyhow. She thinks that Jules needs to be framed and plans to move to Lyon to get closer to him. She even already has a lead for work. Martin wonders what their relationship will become, but Virginie swears that she loves him and that they will find solutions to see each other.

Martin takes advantage of this discussion to reveal to Virginie that he also has a son. He tells his partner that he had a one-night stand with a married woman when he was in the Legion. She got pregnant and they agreed to have her abort. But obviously, she finally changed her mind and kept the child. Martin then admits that he would have preferred never to know anything. Because he feels nothing for Nordine. For Virginie, this is normal: Martin is still in shock and he must take the time to get to know Nordine.

Charlie’s demand divides the Moreno’s

Christelle, who is very attached to Charlie, confesses to Sylvain that she is in favor of his application for adoption. But her husband has reservations. He thinks the young woman is after their bank account. And Betty is obviously of the same opinion and tries, at the same time, to convince Dylan and Jessica of Charlie’s Machiavellian character.

Later, Christelle and Betty go to the art gallery. Christelle sets her sights on a canvas by an American artist, which also happens to be the most expensive in the gallery. As she demands to be delivered the same evening, a young man wearing a cap and sunglasses walks around the gallery and takes pictures of the various works, which does not fail to intrigue the manager. .

When she comes home, Christelle is entitled to a family council. Dylan tells him that the whole family thinks Charlie’s approach is not completely disinterested. Sylvain and the children are afraid that Christelle will be fooled. But Christelle tells them that she is disappointed to see that they are so suspicious.

In the evening, during dinner, the atmosphere is tense. Betty and Dylan have fun once again making Charlie look like a manipulator who is after their parents’ money. Exasperated, Charlie leaves the table to let the Moreno family eat. She allows herself to point out to Betty, Dylan, and Jessica that they all left the house at the earliest opportunity and have no lessons to teach her. Before letting Christelle and Sylvain know that they can forget about his adoption request.

During the night, a hooded individual breaks into the art gallery, deactivates the video surveillance system, and steals several canvases before fleeing.

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