Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1086 of Friday, December 24, 2021 …

Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1086 of friday, december 24, 2021...

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While Sébastien confronts Maël and Lina, Aurore learns a piece of news that leaves her speechless. At the same time, Christmas has many surprises in store for the different characters.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Friday, December 24 in Tomorrow belongs to us …

Maël and Lina confess

Maël and Lina are auditioned by Aurore. Lina admits that her friend took the photo of her naked, but continues to lie and claim that she too is a victim of the raven. But his little game no longer takes hold. Aurore announces to the two teenagers that the prosecutor has ordered a search of their home and that the crow’s computer has been found at Maël’s home.

Forced to confess, Lina and Maël recognize their responsibility but minimize the facts. When Aurore points out to them that a teenager almost died because of them, Maël replies that it is not their fault that Lizzie is fragile. Lina, meanwhile, adds that it was Camille who was targeted, not Lizzie, and that all they wanted was to have a little fun. Outraged by their behavior, Aurore tells them that they will laugh less once they have taken two years in prison for cyberstalking.

Later, facing the prosecutor Sébastien Perraud, Maël explains that he and his friend really started to hate their comrades after the slap that Jack gave him. To them, Lizzie, Camille, Jack, and the others are just hypocrites who criticize each other. So they were looking to teach them a lesson and have a little fun.

Exasperated, Sébastien points out to Lina and Maël that their attempt at a lesson in frankness has mainly resulted in putting many lives in danger. He adds that it will be up to the juvenile judge to decide whether or not they will go to jail. But for him, given the gravity of the facts, that’s all they deserve.

A Christmas Eve full of surprises

On returning home, Chloe discovers that Andrea took advantage of Celeste’s nap to set the Christmas Eve table. Embarrassed but touched, she thanks him and the young man then offers to help her prepare the meal. Later, once dinner is ready, Chloe asks Andrea what he has planned for Christmas Eve and André claims that he is having a family meal. He obviously can’t tell Chloe he’s alone for the holidays. This is confirmed a little later in the evening, when we find him alone at the Christmas market, looking at a photo of Chloe, Judith, and Celeste on his phone.

At the Moreno’s, during the New Year’s Eve meal, Christelle asks each member of the family to make a wish. Jessica launches out and confesses that she hopes to find true love. Dylan announces that he would like to become a dad. Betty, unsurprisingly, wishes to become a great singer. Then comes Charlie’s turn, who confides that all he lacks is a real family. So she would like the Moreno’s to adopt her.

At the same time, Lilian, the eldest son of Lopez-Diallo, comes to celebrate Christmas with his family and announces to Irene and Cédric that his training center has agreed to lend him to FC Sète for six months from January to complete his training. Nathan, put on the street, cannot reach Charlie but finds support from his lawyer, Sophie Novak, who promises to find him a place in a foster home for tonight.

Jack receives a message from his secret admirer who wishes him a Merry Christmas and promises to make up for it. At the roommate, where she came to spend New Years Eve with Soraya, Noor, and Timothée, Mona fell in love with Victor Brunet. Finally, at the police station, Nordine finally reveals to Martin that he is her son and then leaves his superior’s office without saying a word. Martin is in shock.

Aurore discovers Bénédicte’s secret and learns a news that upsets her

At the Daunier’s, while she is preparing dinner, Aurore surprises Bénédicte eating a piece of foie gras and discovers that her sister-in-law has lied to her. Bénédicte justifies herself by explaining that being vegan does not prevent you from making small variations from time to time. Amused, Aurore agrees not to say anything to William.

In the evening, when the gifts are exchanged, Aurore claims to be surprised by unpacking the bag that Bénédicte bought for her. She then hastens to give her present to her sister-in-law and Bénédicte is embarrassed to discover that Aurore has given her a magnificent cashmere coat because she admits to having found the bag in thrift store. Aurore, who spent a lot to compete with the bag she thought was very expensive, had a good time.

After the meal, once they are alone, Aurore and William come to the conclusion, after everything they’ve been through this year, that family is really what is most important. Their conversation is interrupted when Aurore receives a call from a hidden number. Captain Jacob picks up the phone and learns, in shock, news that leaves her speechless.

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