Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1085 of Thursday, December 23, 2021 …

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While the raven attacks a new target, a detail calls out to Roxane. In parallel, Karim is entitled to a surprise for Christmas, and Charlie finally meets the children of Moreno.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday, December 23 in Tomorrow belongs to us …

Roxane unmasks Maël and Lina

A photo of Lina wearing a simple towel was posted on social media, along with the teenager’s cell phone number. Lina, who is at the origin of the snapshot with Maël, pretends to be a victim and assures Jack, Angie, and Lizzie that she doesn’t know how the raven got her hands on the photo since her phone is in facial recognition mode. The three teenagers urge her not to isolate herself, to walk with her head held high, and to go and file a complaint.

Once at the police station, Lina pulls out all the stops and bursts into tears, claiming that she is afraid that she will be attacked. Aurore is trying to find out if she sent the photo circulating on the networks to anyone, but Lina assures that no one has had access to it and speculates that her phone has been hacked. Which does not fail to discreetly make Roxane react, who does not seem to believe in this version.

Leaving the police station, Lina thinks she has gone too far, but Maël promises her on the contrary that she bluffed him by crying on command. It is certain that the police will not suspect them. Happy with the way their plan is going, he suggests that his friend go and celebrate.

At the Christmas market, Angie crosses paths with François Lehaut and apologizes for the behavior of her mother, who reacted very badly the day before after discovering the photo-montage of them. François does not hold it against Irene, he would certainly have had the same reaction if it was his daughter. However, he explains to Angie that they should avoid seeing each other alone. Some people might take great pleasure in adding more. Although she is disappointed, Angie admits that her teacher is right and admits to hoping to find him in high school when the school year begins, once this whole thing is over.

At the police station, Roxane, who spent the day analyzing Lina’s photo, shares her discovery with Aurore: we see Maël’s face in the reflection of the mirror behind the teenager. So it was he who took the photo. And Roxane is convinced that Lina has not had her cell phone hacked.

While Lina and Maël have a drink at the Christmas market and laugh at Lizzie who offered them their drinks to support Lina in what she is going through, Aurore and Sara arrive and ask the two teenagers to follow them to the police station. Pretending not to understand what is happening, Lina reminds them that she is the victim in this story. But Sara suggests that he stop his cinema straight away. So Lina and Maël get up and follow the two cops.

The meeting between Charlie and the Moreno children does not go well

The Moreno children are back in Sète to spend the holidays with their family. Jessica and Dylan meet Charlie and discover their parents’ new home in awe. The reunion between Betty and Charlie is, for its part, more electric.

After the tour of the house is over, Betty points out to Charlie that she is leading the good life here thanks to her parents, being fed and housed for free. But Christelle stands up for Charlie and explains that the young woman has helped them a lot, in particular by preventing them from being ripped off and by being of very good advice.

Later, Sylvain asks his children what gift they would like for Christmas, before adding that money is obviously not a problem. Dylan replies that he would like a new car, Jessica that she would like to go to the Seychelles in a palace, and Betty that she dreams of an electric guitar. And when Jessica is surprised to see that Charlie doesn’t ask for anything, Betty retorts that the young woman is already costing their parents enough.

In the evening, during dinner, Sylvain and Christelle tell their children that they have planned to go to the street the next day to distribute gifts to the homeless. A Christmas program that does not enchant handles Dylan, Jessica, and Betty who fall from above. Only Charlie, who admits it’s important to be generous to those in need, seems to think it’s a good idea. Betty is surprised to see her think of something other than herself, but Charlie assures us that she has changed. What Christelle confirms.

Karim and Anna get back together

Karim is annoyed. He has not heard from Anna since he brought the bouquet of roses to his attention at the reception desk of the hospital. He blames himself for not having been more romantic and thinks that now things are clear: everything is over between him and Anna. He therefore announces to Georges that he has advanced his departure to Marseilles, where he must go for the holidays, and that he is taking the train this evening to surprise Nina.

At the hospital, Christelle finds by chance the note left by Karim for Anna’s attention and rushes into the shrink’s office to give it to her. She interrupts Anna in the middle of a telephone conversation, make her read the note, and pushes her to go join the man she loves without delay.

Anna goes to the police station, but Georges lets her know that she is too late. Karim has already left for the station. Fortunately, his train is at 7:30 p.m. So Anna still has a chance to catch up with him. In a hurry, Anna, who tries to call a taxi, drops her phone and then her bag in the middle of the street. It was then that Karim arrived. He forgot his cell phone at the police station. Anna confesses to him that she agrees that they give themselves another chance. They then confess their love to each other and kiss.

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