Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1084 of Wednesday, December 22, 2021 …

Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1084 of wednesday, december 22, 2021...

In the next episode of “Tomorrow is ours” … As the crow causes another scandal, Chloe informs Alex of her new situation. At the same time, Bénédicte reacts strangely to Aurore’s proposal for Christmas Eve.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday December 22 in Tomorrow belongs to us …

Nathan receives invaluable help

Still in police custody, Nathan receives a visit from Sophie Novak, his court-appointed lawyer. She promises him that she will do everything to get him out of there. Nathan admits that he’s not sure if he wants to go out to get wrecked by his father. Indeed, the latter is alcoholic and strikes him regularly. Sophie then announces to him that she has two good news for him: a difficult childhood can be overcome, and they will use it to ensure his defense and avoid him a heavy penalty.

Later, at the Spoon, Nathan, who has been released, finds Charlie, who is forced to admit that his lawyer has insured. She advises Nathan to stop his petty trafficking and to keep it straight from now on. Charlie, on the other hand, is annoyed at being suspected by the police. Maël approaches them to show them the photo of Angie and Lehaut, and Nathan comes to the conclusion that the crow should calm down. The police know it is a high school student. Maël does not lead off.

Maël and Lina involved in the raven affair?

Cédric discovers the photo of Angie and François Lehaut, which circulates on social networks and which tries to make believe that the teenager is sleeping with her French teacher. He falls from the clouds and asks his daughter for an explanation. Angie, in shock, swears it’s a photo montage.

After many complaints from parents of students, Chloe is forced to temporarily suspend François, the time to shed light on this story. François, who promises that nothing has ever happened between Angie and him, is disappointed. He thought Chloe was going to support him. Upon learning that he is being laid off, Angie protests against this injustice. Both are convinced that it is a new stroke of the raven which seeks to pit them against each other.

At the Spoon, a discussion around the famous photo quickly escalates. Lina thinks Angie only got what she deserved, after posting Camille’s video and rocking the lives of her comrades on social media. Which obviously displeases Jahia who immediately takes the defense of her sister. Audrey, forced to intervene, asks them to lower their tone and points out to Lina that she should not be happy to see that one of her comrades is the victim of harassment.

At the police station, Roxane explains to Sara that she found on the high school server the file where the raven recovered the photos of Angie and Lehaut. So, in an attempt to trick him, she put a bit of a hidden folder on the high school server, hoping he’ll come across it and click if he connects again. Because if it works, it will install a plug-in on his computer and it will send a signal with his IP address to Roxane.

At the same time, Maël takes some sexy photos of Lina. According to him, one of the photos is perfect for their shot. Lina therefore invites him to post it without delay. Maël is delighted. Thanks to this, they will never be suspected. Because the two teenagers are accomplices and seem to be the crows so sought after by the police.

Chloe announces to Alex the end of her affair with Xavier

Coming home from high school, Chloe finds Xavier packing his boxes. He explains to her that he is going to live in the hotel while he finds a new base. He needs to be alone.

Later, Chloe announces to Alex that she is separating from Xavier. Alex then tells himself that they will finally be able to get back together, but Chloe reminds her ex that he is still with Flore. And that the holidays are definitely not the best time to leave her. Especially since it will be a shock for her. Since there is no rush, Chloe therefore advises Alex to take his time. But for him, one thing is certain: it is the last Christmas that they will live apart.

Raphaëlle is not surprised to learn of the separation of Xavier and Chloe. She is convinced that Chloe will get back together with Alex. She offers Xavier to host her for a while, but Xavier prefers to go to the hotel. Raphaëlle does not however leave him the choice concerning the holidays: they will spend Christmas together, with the girls, in family. And Raphaëlle also wants to be reassuring about Xavier’s professional future: she knows that her father will find her a new job in a snap.

On returning home, Chloe, upset by her separation, cracks in front of Andrea. She tells him what she is going through, and Andrea, touched, leaves to prepare her a tea.

Bénédicte reacts strangely to Aurore’s proposal for Christmas

At the Dauniers, Manon offers to prepare the Yule log. Aurore then reminds her that they have to adapt to Bénédicte’s vegan diet. Which does not fail to annoy William.

Aurore then had the idea of ​​imagining two different menus for the Christmas meal: a traditional menu and a vegan menu. She tells Bénédicte who looks annoyed and tries to dissuade Aurore from launching into two different menus, claiming that it would be a lot of work for her. And when Aurore announces to her sister-in-law that she has even ordered an organic wine especially for her and her family because the champagne bought by William is clarified with egg white, Bénédicte struggles to hide her disappointment.

Upon hearing the news, Etienne and Dorian confess to Bénédicte that they do not understand why she did not tell Aurore the truth: that they are vegan all year round except at Christmas. Bénédicte ends up admitting that she especially does not want to lose face in front of William, who would not understand or would be too happy to be able to judge her. But Etienne does not leave the choice to his wife: she must go back to speak to Aurore.

Bénédicte therefore claims to her sister-in-law that her husband, her son, and she is uncomfortable at the idea of ​​seeing her prepare a menu just for them. She adds that if the turkey is organic and the foie gras ethical, they can put in the effort once a year. But Aurore doesn’t want to hear anything. She’s read that it’s dangerous to suddenly change her diet, and she’s already done the shopping anyway so it’s too late.

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