Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1080 of Thursday, December 16, 2021 …

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While Jack is the victim of an assault, Nordine confesses the truth to Sara. At the same time, Mona moved to Victoire.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday, December 16 in Tomorrow belongs to us …


At the foot of the Roussel building, the police take samples from the homophobic tag targeting Jack. For his part, Jordan is back up and thinks that the police do not care. Captain Jacob then assures us that she takes this matter very seriously and that they will do everything possible to stop her brother’s stalkers.

Jack is still in shock. Terrorized, the teenager no longer wants to leave his room for fear that he will be physically attacked. While Lizzie tries to convince him that this is not the solution, he receives a message of support from an anonymous number.

On the advice of his sister, he decides to record a video in which he comes out. In a touching speech, the young man declares, “ My name is Jack and it’s true, I’m gay. Like others are straight, bi, trans, black, white, tall, short, red, brown. I am gay. No one is reduced to their sexual orientation. We all have identities that are made of lots of different things and we all have the right to respect. […] I take responsibility for who I am and I am happy to be who I am. “. Shortly thereafter, Lizzie posted the video on social media under the name “I Am As I Am”. Upon arriving at high school, Jack is greeted with applause from his classmates.

At the police station, Roxane managed to identify the address of the computer that sent the homophobic video. Thanks to this, she discovered that the device had been stolen a few weeks earlier from a supermarket shed along with other items. By getting their hands on the burglars, Aurore and Roxane therefore hope to find the author of the video. After some research, Roxane and Sara tracked down the pc that was sold on a personal classifieds site. The two young women then have the idea of ​​posing as potential buyers to the seller.

Jack later informs his sister that his secret admirer has made a date with him at the Christmas market. In a hurry to meet him, he goes there but unfortunately has a rabbit put down. On leaving the premises, the Roussel son meets two homophobes who attack him.


As their wedding approaches, Sara and Roxane can’t get used to the idea that they are going to celebrate their wedding in Nordine’s uncle’s villa. Indeed, as Nordine investigates Martin, they have the impression of betraying him.

In search of answers, Sara meets Nordine and demands explanations. After making her promise to keep it a secret, he takes her into his confidence. 25 years ago, Nordine’s mother had an affair with a man from whom she became pregnant. Even though they were unrelated, her husband always considered Nordine as his son. Although he never felt the need to meet his biological father, things have changed for the cop. When Sara asks him if he is Martin’s son, he replies that he has no proof at the moment other than the name his mother gave him. This is why he investigates to find out if Martin is really his father and what kind of man he is.

Subsequently, Sara feels guilty for having pushed Nordine to tell her the whole truth. Touched by his story, Roxane and Sara decide to help him and later give him Martin’s hair so that he can carry out a DNA test.

At the end of the day, Nordine was reprimanded by Martin because he had not made his rounds. A behavior that Commander Constant considers unacceptable. Nordine may apologize to him, Martin refuses to listen to him and continues to overwhelm him with reproaches. Wounded, the young man ends up throwing the hair that Roxane gave him.


In the morning, Mona is revising her philosophy lessons when Georges announces to her that Vanessa will soon be living with them. Faced with a fait accompli, she doesn’t really have time to come to terms with this idea. If she looks good in front of her son, Mona awaits his departure to tell Vanessa her four truths.

Indeed, she understood her little game of modeling Georges to her liking. While Vanessa thinks she can’t stand to see her son slipping away from her, Mona retorts that she would be delighted if he moved in with a woman but not with a witch. And to specify that she will not let her interfere between them.

Mona then goes to the police station and warns Georges that he has brought the devil into their house. According to her, Vanessa wants her skin but the policeman begs her to stop saying anything. When George declares that they will talk about it again this evening, Mona says that they have nothing else to say to each other then declares that she is leaving him. Once she gives them the keys to their apartment, Mona leaves furious.

With her suitcase, Mona then arrives at Victoire and Soraya’s. Not supporting her betrayal, she intends to bring Georges back by crawling. Until then, she has decided to move in with his neighbors until he opens his eyes to his partner. And to boost morale, Mona makes mojitos for everyone.

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