Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1079 of Wednesday, December 15, 2021 …

In the next episode of “Tomorrow is ours”… As Jack comes out, the Moreno’s uncover the truth about the Dumazes. At the same time, Chloé and Alex hire Andréa.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday December 15 in Tomorrow belongs to us …


Following the video posted on social networks, Jack takes courage in both hands to tell his family that he loves boys. A revelation that Jordan seems to have a hard time taking. Faced with the reaction of his brother, Jack locked himself in his room as much as he was not ready to talk about it and even less in this way. As he is also worried that his mother resents him for not being like the others, Audrey reassures him and affirms that the most important for her is that he is happy. Then to add, that everyone loves him very much as he is.

However, Jack continues to fear that his mother is disappointed that he is not straight. She guarantees that this is not the case but regrets on the other hand that he did not confide in her earlier so that he feels less alone. After telling him that Lizzie had guessed for some time, Jack tells Audrey that he always knew he was gay. With a smile on his face, he confesses to her that he has already fallen in love.

Meanwhile, Chloé brings the students together in the courtyard to explain to them how harassment can hurt or even kill the people who are victims of it. The principal therefore begs them to stop relaying these horrors on the Internet.

Shortly after, Chloe goes to the police station and shows Aurore and Roxane the video currently circulating. Captain Jacob then understands that the raven has managed to get hold of the confidential file allowing access to the personal details of the entire school. A file accessible only from the PCE computer.

For her part, Lizzie confides in Anna on her suicide attempt and admits having taken medication to put an end to the harassment of which she was the victim. Before this story, Lizzie had never been ashamed of her body and was beautiful like her mother she admires. While the teenager regrets not looking like her, Anna clarifies that Audrey has also been harassed in the past but that she has managed to be good about herself despite everything. Lizzie therefore understands that she must now take her mother’s example.

Not far from there, Jordan confides in Jahia on the coming out of his brother. Although he didn’t care about his brother’s sexual orientation, he wasn’t ready for this announcement. Knowing full well that he can be blamed for his homosexuality, the teenager now fears that his little brother will be harmed, whom he has no desire to see suffer.

In the hospital, Jack is at his sister’s bedside when Jordan joins them. Insofar as he is aware of having hurt her a lot, the latter apologizes to her. As Jack states that he believed he was ashamed of him, Jordan clarifies that he is not before telling him that he loves her. Very moved, the Roussels embrace each other warmly.

But this happiness quickly collapses when Jordan and Jack discover on the door of their building, the tag “Jack the PD, die”.


As Christmas approaches, Sylvain is saddened by the idea of ​​spending the end of year holidays without his children. For her part, Christelle is delighted to have her first Christmas as a rich man, but Sylvain does not see the point of having all this money if he cannot share it with the people he loves. To boost her husband’s morale, Christelle decides to invite Marianne and Renaud for the holidays.

Upon receiving the Moreno’s invitation, Marianne asks her husband to politely decline. Only, Renaud sees there the opportunity to give a boost to their project and manages to convince his wife to have lunch with the couple on December 25.

Later, Renaud and Sylvain are having coffee at the hospital when Samuel interrupts them and without realizing it the Dumazes’ true intentions. Indeed, Marianne and Renaud have approached the Moreno in the hope of renovating the pediatric department of the hospital thanks to their fortune. Annoyed at having been thus manipulated, Sylvain asks Renaud to forget their invitation for Christmas.

After warning his wife, Sylvain arrives at the hospital with Christelle to sort things out with the Dumazes. Without taking any gloves, the social worker then accuses them of having played with their feelings. They try to explain themselves, but the Moreno, who refuse to hear more, leave the place.

At the end of the day, Renaud and Marianne go to see Christelle and Sylvain then admit that they used them for a good cause. Once they have apologized to them, the Dumazes say they will do anything to be forgiven. What to give ideas to Sylvain.


At the Delcourts, Chloe and Alex meet Andréa, the second candidate for the position of nanny. If they expected to see a woman land, Celeste’s parents struggle to hide their surprise when they discover that it is in fact a man.

Immediately, he reads to Celeste. When Chloe specifies that her daughter has trouble taking a nap, Andréa advises her to give her a bottle of milk to help her fall asleep.

According to Chloe, Andréa is very professional but Alex believes that Pénélope is perfect for the position, especially as she has more experience. Unfortunately, Pénélope has already agreed to work for another family. Chloe therefore contacts Andréa to inform her that he is their daughter’s new nanny.

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