Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1078 of Tuesday, December 14, 2021 …

Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1078 of tuesday, december 14, 2021...

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While Lizzie and Camille reconcile, Chloe and Alex are looking for a nanny. Georges accepts to live with Vanessa.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday, December 14 in Tomorrow belongs to us …


After her suicide attempt, Lizzie was rushed to hospital. If she is now out of danger, the teenager refuses to speak. The psychologist then explains to Audrey that this kind of gesture is complex and that it will take her time to talk about it. She then asks to speak alone with her.

At the same time, Aurore warns prosecutor Perraud that Sonia has just left for preventive care. The latter then hopes that the Judge will show no mercy and that he will take an exemplary decision. But all is not finished so far since Aurore would like to stop the haters the most active of the two young women on social networks so that they could be convicted of harassment as well as of incitement to suicide. As it is technically difficult to go back to the source on the net, the prosecutor Perraud wishes him good luck.

Later, Jack, Jordan, Leo and Audrey wait patiently for Lizzie to finish her session with Anna. At worst, Audrey blames herself terribly for not having been able to detect her daughter’s distress. For Jordan, nothing is his fault and the most important is that Lizzie gets better with those close to her.

Camille is still in shock. Indeed, the teenager is afraid all the time and keeps thinking about her kidnapping. While retrieving her phone to send a message to Dorian, she discovers many notifications concerning Lizzie. Faced with his questions, Raphaëlle finally tells him that his comrade tried to end his life. Upset, Camille burst into tears.

In high school, Maud apologizes to Jack for all the things she may have said to him. Unfortunately, Roussel’s son resents her terribly and holds her partly responsible for what happened to Lizzie. The young woman may try to explain to him that his words exceeded his thought, Jack does not care.

Nearby, Roxane failed to identify the people hiding behind the most aggressive profiles despite all the hateful comments she reviewed. However, she has absolutely no intention of giving up.

At the hospital, Camille goes to Lizzie’s bedside and offers her her most sincere apologies for all the harm she has done her. When Lizzie asks her about her problem with fat people, Camille admits that she is afraid of putting on weight and seeing her life fall apart. As she is complex with her body, Camille was jealous of her friend’s beauty but also of the fact that she feels good about herself. After declaring that they should now stop fussing over each other, Lizzie hugs him warmly.

Meanwhile, Maël openly mocks the Roussel family with Nathan. According to him, Lizzie is a whale and Jack a “Yes Yes” which trails behind his sister like a kitten. Hearing them speak, Jack’s blood swirls and he attacks his comrade violently. While Maël continues to provoke him, Jack retorts by slapping him in front of everyone in the schoolyard.

Unfortunately, someone filmed the fight and is circulating it on social media. On it, we can read, “Jack Roussel fights like a PD, normal it is. “.


Looking for a nanny for Céleste, Chloé received around ten applications, among which two profiles stood out. Andrea’s and Penelope’s. Since she does not know how to decide between them, Alex offers to attend the job interviews.

Pénélope is the first candidate to run for the Delcourts and the current goes so well that Céleste seems to have adopted her. Alex would therefore like to hire Penelope right away, but Chloe prefers to meet Andréa before making a decision.


Convinced that Vanessa has mounted her son’s head to push him to move, Mona enlists Victoire’s help in showing Georges the true nature of the chef. While Victoire believes that it is already too late because Georges is under her control, Mona absolutely wants to find a way to free him. Soraya, who heard them, then advises her roommate to let Georges see for himself. Only, the Lazzari girl rather hears him speak for the good of all. Nevertheless, Soraya is far from being fooled and understands very well that her friend is a bit jealous that her ex replaced her so quickly.

Afterwards, Victoire goes to the Spoon for lunch. As there have been some problems with her dish, she asks to speak to the chef. When the tone rises between them, Louise is forced to intervene for the end of their exchange.

At the end of her shift, Vanessa joins Georges at the Christmas market and tells him that her ex has humiliated her in front of everyone. She does not hesitate in passing to add a layer by making him believe that she does not understand why she is bent on her. And to specify that she cannot continue to work knowing that Victoire can disembark at any time. After promising her to clear things up with Victoire, Georges announces to her that he accepts to live with her.

After they have made love, Vanessa already sees herself living with the man she loves. And if Mona lives there at the moment, she is secretly hoping that her new stepmom will move to her own apartment in the future.

At the end of the day, Georges arrives at Victoire and the sum to leave the woman who shares his life alone. She tries to open his eyes to the hold Vanessa has over him, but he refuses to hear her, then reminds her that they are no longer together. On learning that the chef is going to move in with him, Victoire accuses the blow.

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