Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1077 of Monday, December 13, 2021 …

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While Lizzie makes a suicide attempt, Aurore cheats for Christmas presents. Anna, for her part, follows Flore’s advice to win back Karim.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday, December 13 in Tomorrow belongs to us …


In the morning, Maud criticizes Jack and Lizzie for daring to come to high school after what they did to her sister. Lizzie may well assure that they have nothing to do with her disappearance, Maud is unfortunately convinced that Jordan is no stranger to all of this. Although he admits that his brother crossed the line in trying to scare Camille, Jack nevertheless claims that he is innocent. Only, Maud is terribly angry with Lizzie because according to her, they would not be there today if she had not leaked the video. Angry, Lizzie then makes him understand that it doesn’t make her happy to be called a “big sow” every day. But nothing helps, Maud, who is fed up with seeing her comrade playing the victims, sends the Roussels for a walk.

During this time, Camille is no longer in the room where Sonia locked her. Indeed, the latter cleans the room from top to bottom to leave no trace. After lighting a candle, Sonia looks with a certain emotion at the photo of a little round girl. With tears in her eyes, she embraces the cliché.

At the police station, the police have still not been able to locate Camille. Since his granddaughter has been missing for three days, Sébastien reminds Commander Constant that with each passing hour, the chances of finding Camille are dwindling. Being fully aware of this fact, the police officer affirms that his teams are working day and night. Moreover, they were able to establish a list of about twenty people among the most active on the young woman’s social networks. The attacker being probably among them, the prosecutor Perraud the summons to get to work on the spot before recommending that he not come back empty-handed.

In French class, Lizzie reads the many hate messages she receives on her Instagram account. Knowing what is happening, François waits until the end of his class to have a discussion with her. Since harassment can have serious psychological repercussions, he makes his student understand that she must not isolate herself. The young woman then specifies that she is well surrounded by her family. Morale flat, the teenager then decides to skip class to go home.

Under pressure, Martin gathered his men to take stock of the investigation. For Georges, Sonia is a serious suspect. Particularly virulent on social networks, she has also actively campaigned against grossophobia since her daughter Louison committed suicide because of the harassment of which she was the victim. A trauma that could easily tip a person into revenge. The police therefore summon Sonia to the police station.

Affirming that she has nothing to be ashamed of, Sonia launches that Camille probably ran away because she was ashamed. Convinced that he can make her speak, Sébastien takes charge of the interrogation. Insofar as he is desperate to save his granddaughter, he strikes a chord when he mentions Louison’s death. Almost in tears, Sonia ends up giving them the address where Camille is being held prisoner.

Shortly after, the police release Camille to the delight of Sébastien and Raphaëlle. Very moved, the prosecutor declares that they are what he has most precious in the world.

In the evening, Leo warns his mother that Lizzie is no longer moving. Panicked, Audrey rushes to her room and discovers her inanimate in her bed. Lizzie has made a suicide attempt.


Sofia is delighted to celebrate Christmas with the Curtis. However, the young woman does not have the budget to make three more gifts. Her sister-in-law being anti-consumer society, Aurore certifies that she does not expect an overpriced gift. As no one is excited to align themselves with their delusion of degrowth, Sofia offers to cunning. On New Years Eve they will give simple things to everyone and then just all four celebrate Christmas with real gifts the next day.

Later, William and Aurore are at the Christmas market to shop. Aurore then chooses to offer honey to Étienne, chocolate to Dorian and a Peruvian hat to Bénédicte. For his part, William would have preferred to give a little more ambitious gifts.

Back home, the Dauniers receive a visit from Bénédicte who has come to drop off her sister-in-law’s Christmas present at the foot of the tree. Even if she has promised not to open it before New Year’s Eve, the policewoman lets herself be tempted and discovers a beautiful branded bag.

Touched, Aurore therefore sets out in search of another gift for Bénédicte. And despite the exorbitant price, she buys a cashmere coat to avoid looking stingy.


Since her plan to win back Karim didn’t work, Anna must face the facts and move on. Convinced that he is still in love with her, Flore encourages him instead to make him believe that she has decided to leave Sète because it is too painful to live in the same city as him.

To make their plan work, Flore and Anna then seek Bart’s help. Indeed, they would like it to be him who announces to Karim the departure of Anna.

After accepting, Bart goes to the police station and makes Karim believe that his mother wants to leave Sète permanently to rebuild herself. The next moment, Karim rushes to the hospital to find Anna. While she was hoping to see her plan work, she quickly becomes disillusioned when Karim explains that he would have done the same for her. Once he’s wished her the best, he places a kiss on her cheek before bidding her farewell.

Back at the post, Karim, who is affected by Anna’s departure, confides in Georges. Although he is still madly in love with her, he failed to share his feelings with her earlier today. Refusing to let a misunderstanding destroy their story, George urges his friend to fight before it is too late.

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