Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1075 of Thursday, December 9, 2021 …

Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1075 of thursday, december 9, 2021...

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While Jordan goes to immediate appearance, Vanessa seeks to establish her hold on Georges. Anne, for her part, gives Karim an ultimatum.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday, December 9 in Tomorrow belongs to us …


In the morning, Jordan tells his brother and sister that he ran into Camille on a scooter to put pressure on her when she left high school. Camille having tripped to avoid it, the teenager regrets that there was no one to film the scene. Although she understands that he did this to avenge her, Lizzie signals to her that what he did was serious. Persuaded that nobody saw him, Jordan however assures that he will not have any problems.

Meanwhile, Sébastien arrives at Raphaëlle’s to inquire about his granddaughter. If she has nothing physically, the latter is however still in shock and Sébastien promises to do everything to get hold of the person in charge.

The prosecutor then goes to the police station where Roxane confirms that Camille’s last video was indeed a deepfake. He then orders him to discover the identity of the culprit as soon as possible. After joining them, Damien specifies that the DNA prints found on the scooter that jostled Camille belong to Jordan Roussel. Wishing that he appear in court the same evening, Sébastien summons Captain Jacob to summon the teenager immediately.

Jordan is therefore heard by Aurore in the presence of Master Corkas. With his back to the wall, he ends up admitting that he wanted to scare Camille but denies being the author of the video.

As he arrives for class, Jack finds a drawing of a whale taped to his sister’s chair. He tries to hide it, but Lizzie sees him anyway. Deeply hurt, she leaves the class followed by Jack. As his sister begins to lose confidence in her and feel bad about herself, he encourages her to be proud of who she is but to no avail. Jack then swears to find the author of this drawing.

Not far from there, Roxane learned that the video was sent from Irene’s computer. Aurore therefore wonders if Jahia would not have made this deepfake in solidarity with the Roussel family.

Jordan went to court immediately and was sentenced to 40 hours of community service. Relieved, Audrey is nevertheless angry with her son. Even if she showed him the bad example by slapping Camille, the mother of the family points out to him that this is not a reason to do anything and begs him to stop wanting to settle things by violence.

Back at her office, Virginie draws the wrath of Raphaëlle who is terribly angry with her for having freed Jordan. While Virginie tries to defend herself, Raphaëlle, who has gathered all her things, says that she no longer wants her in her offices.

In the evening, Raphaëlle worries that Camille has not come home, especially since she is not with Dorian and does not answer her phone. At the same time, Camille’s cell phone rings in a void in a city street.


After a night on call, Georges returns home and discovers his mother cooking a lasagna recipe from the Auguste Armand Institute. Vexed by Vanessa’s remarks at their last dinner party, Mona made it her mission to make a meal that the chef would like. The policeman points out to her that it is useless to take the fly for so little but Mona refuses to flatten in front of her new stepdaughter. Besides, she does not smell Vanessa at all and is sure that she will make her son drool.

Later, Vanessa and Georges go for a walk in the Christmas market. Since Georges evokes the remarks she made to his mother, Vanessa apologizes to her, specifying that she can sometimes be too frank. Knowing that his mother is sometimes painful, Georges urges her not to take the lead. When Vanessa encourages him to take up sport during the discussion, Georges replies that it is not his thing.

Afterwards, Georges is at the Spoon with Damien because they have planned a bowling evening. Vanessa, who managed to take her evening, then decides to accompany them to the chagrin of Damien who does not seem to appreciate it. At the end of the evening, Vanessa looks good in front of Damien whom she considers a bit heavy. Once alone with Georges, she advises him to see his colleague only for work. According to her, he should indeed spend his free time with more rewarding people.


In order to win back Karim’s heart, Anna has decided to play her last card. So she wrote him a letter in which she shared her feelings with him and asked him to give them a chance. If he doesn’t answer him before 4 p.m., Anna adds that she will have his answer and that she will agree to turn the page on their story.

In the afternoon, a courier drops off Anna’s mail at the police station. When Karim collects it, it is unfortunately already too late. Even if he seems hesitant to call him, the policeman changes his mind and places the letter on his desk.

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