Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1074 of Wednesday, December 8, 2021 …

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While the situation worsens for Camille, Bénédicte’s green habits do not please Aurore. Nordine investigates Commander Constant.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday December 8 in Tomorrow belongs to us …


Raphaëlle and Xavier want to file a complaint for assault and battery on a minor after Audrey slaps their daughter. While Chloe fears that this will only make matters worse, Raphaëlle judges that it is none of her business.

Meanwhile, Audrey deeply regrets her gesture. As she apprehends the reaction of Camille’s parents, the mother asks her children to keep a low profile in high school. Faced with questions from her daughter, Audrey explains that this story brought back everything she experienced at her age. Indeed, she was harassed all her school years because of her weight and could not bear the idea that her daughter could suffer in the same way. However, she promises Lizzie that things will work out eventually.

For her part, Camille finds Dorian in front of the school and asks him to give a written testimony for his complaint. Only, the teenager thinks that his girlfriend should rather calm things down instead of making the situation worse. A reaction that does not please Camille who takes it badly.

Not far from there, Audrey plans to apologize to Camille in order to calm the situation to the chagrin of Jordan who would like her to attack the first by filing a complaint against her comrade. However, Audrey refuses to add fuel to the fire, especially since grossophobic remarks are not a crime. Immediately after, their discussion is interrupted by the arrival of Raphaëlle. Audrey may try to sincerely apologize to him, the lawyer, who is very angry, fiercely defends her daughter and then says that they will meet again at the police station.

Jordan subsequently joins Jahia at her home. Contacted by many associations fighting against grossophobia since the broadcast of her video, Angie informs her that she should be able to find a good lawyer for her mother. The teenager then thanks her warmly. Back in high school, Jordan is spending time with his sister when she receives a notification that Camille has posted a new video on social media. In it, the girl Meffre openly accuses Audrey of having slapped her. But the young woman does not stop there and reiterates her grossophobic insults towards Lizzie and her mother.

Furious, Jordan approaches Camille in the schoolyard and demands that she remove her video immediately. Although she claims to have not posted anything, she checks her phone and finds the video in amazement. She tries to swear that her phone was hacked, but Jordan doesn’t believe her. By the time it comes to blows with Dorian, Gabriel intervenes to separate them.

Upon leaving high school, Maud, who noticed that the video was fake, guarantees her sister that they will eventually settle this matter. While they are discussing, a scooter rushes straight towards Camille and knocks her down. And the driver is none other than Jordan.


For Christmas, William would like to take his family to the mountains to ski. Unfortunately, Manon is working and Sofia has to move forward with her memory project. As Bénédicte really wants to make her very first Christmas on dry land with her family, he accepts.

Immediately, Bénédicte launched into the preparations. To stay in line with her principles, she decides to make an alternative eco-friendly tree with driftwood and paper flowers. A choice that is not at all to Aurore’s taste, who saw a fairy-tale Christmas much more traditional.

Without waiting, Aurore therefore hastens to go and buy a tree. Once decorated, she installs it right next to her sister-in-law’s. While they crumple, Bénédicte chooses to organize a silent vote to decide between them. And against all expectations, the majority designates the Benedict tree. Despite this, Aurore threatens to put the green tree in the fireplace if someone touches hers.


At the police station, Nordine apologizes to Commander Constant for his behavior the day before. After reminding him of the importance of respecting his hierarchy, Martin gives him a warning to clear his mind. Then add that in the next incident, he will have a blame.

At the same time, Sara and Roxane meet Bart and Judith. Indeed, the two young women would like them to be the witnesses of their marriage. Very touched, they give their agreement with joy.

Later, Nordine explains to Sara that he just wants to be a policeman like the others. He says he worked like crazy to get there and then specifies that if he must be judged, it is on his skills and not on his background.

Afterwards, Martin reports to Sara that he investigated Nordine. For the policeman, it is strange that he was assigned to Sète when he was very well classified in the police competition. He therefore imagines that he is nothing but a rich kid who wants to have fun with guns without taking any risks.

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