Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1073 of Tuesday, December 7, 2021 …

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While Camille is harassed in high school after the broadcast of Angie’s video, Marianne takes Christelle on a shopping spree, and Sara and Yasmine struggle to find a place for their wedding.

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Be careful, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Tuesday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday December 7 in Tomorrow belongs to us …

Camille Lizzie and Angie are summoned by Chloe

After the bad buzz triggered by Camille’s video calling Lizzie fat, the influencer high school student was harassed online all weekend. While she undergoes the remonstrances of her mother and her sister, who incite her to apologize to Lizzie, the latter in turn tries to calm her brother who wants to hold Camille to account. She makes him promise not to tell their mother anything, having suffered a lot from grossophbie herself when she was young.

In high school, Camille explains with Dorian, justifying her reaction by the fact that Lizzie was trying to seduce him. Dorian explains that she had just confessed something personal to him and that the fact that he hugged her was just to comfort her. He admits to Camille that his words hurt him, because he too was an overweight child when he was little.

In the schoolyard, Camille goes to apologize to Lizzie. But Jordan, present at her side, judges that she can not get away with two sentences. Angie nods, to which Camille retorts that she did not have to film them because it prompted the students to harass her.

As they come to blows, Chloe interrupts them and summons the three girls with their parents. When she learns it, Irene accuses Chloe of favoritism by summoning her daughter in the same way as Camille, the daughter of her companion. For her, Angie did what was right by fighting against discrimination.

At home, Audrey overhears a conversation between her sons, who have discovered videos mocking Lizzie using a montage mocking her physique. They then forced to tell him everything about the incident on Friday. She then goes to find Camille at the end of high school and accuses her of being at the origin of the videos, Camille denies being the author and accuses Lizzie of being a “big tease”. Furious, Audrey slaps her …

Christelle and Marianne go shopping

Christelle is delighted that Marianne has agreed to take her shopping with her, so that she can give her advice on good taste and elegance. But Betty wanted to give him a gift to thank her: a brooch and eye-catching earrings, which she struggles to assume under the eyes of an amused Charlie.

For his part, Sylvain went to play a round of golf with Marianne’s husband. Later, back at the hospital, the Delcourt couple tell each other about their afternoon with the Morenos, laughing. Samuel overhears their conversation and makes fun of their new friends from the working class, whom he describes as “beaufs”. Marianne then sharply puts him in his place and accuses him of a narrow-minded petty bourgeois who lacked modesty.

The Moreno, meanwhile, are not at the end of their troubles when Laurent, an old friend of Sylvain’s, knocking on their door for a drink. While in town, he explains to them that he wanted to reconnect after several years of absence. Christelle quickly understands his intentions when he explains to them that she plans to buy a small business in the neighborhood, and asks Sylvain to be her partner.

She sends him out of their house bluntly. Sylvain accuses him of the blow, but Christelle advises him to forget their old friends because everyone will try to take advantage of their jackpot. From now on, they must favor Marianne and Renaud.

Sara and Yasmine reveal Nordine’s secret

At the police station, Sara and Yasmine despair of finding a place to organize their wedding on New Year’s Day. They did it at the last minute, and all reservations are already booked. Surprising their conversation, Nordine suggests that she ask her uncle, a gardener in a villa near Sète, if her boss would agree to lend them on this occasion.

Sara, delighted, accepts; but Yasmine finds this proposition strange. Why would the owner of the villa do his gardener such a favor? She then decides to delve into Nordine’s life, and discovers that her uncle, who bears the same name as him, Baecker, is actually the famous owner of the place, and one of the greatest fortunes in the city!

Surprising their gossip, Martin and Aurore make them spit it out. Very quickly, the whole police station is aware that Nordine comes from a noble family. May while Martin teases him, Nordine takes the fly and leaves the office annoyed.

Feeling guilty, Yasmine apologizes to him for having circulated the information. But Nordine assures her that she has nothing to do with it, and that it gives him pleasure to serve her and Sara who were able to welcome him when he took up his duties at the post. But once Yasmine is gone, his gaze hardens immediately: he opens his bag to take out a photo of Martin Constant and stares at it determinedly …

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