Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1072 of Monday, December 6, 2021 …

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While Raphaëlle must lie to Xavier, Anna does not relax her efforts to save her couple. For her part, Camille suspects Lizzie of wanting to seduce Dorian.

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Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday December 6 in Tomorrow belongs to us …

Raphaëlle lies to Xavier about her father’s death

At the station, Martin and Aurore discovered Rebecca’s deception to escape the police: her granddaughter, Camille, put on one of her outfits to pretend to be her while she fled on board. ‘a boat to Spain.

After Rebecca has denounced herself for Xavier’s assault, and her confession has been confirmed by Xavier, they have no tangible element to incriminate Raphaëlle, whom they suspect of lying. Constant, he is convinced that Xavier is covering Raphaëlle in order to protect their two daughters.

For her part, Raphaëlle has the feeling of having lost her mother once again. Her father tries to dissuade her from contacting her again so as not to arouse the suspicions of the police. He encourages her to go talk to Xavier and explain to him that she was not in her normal state when she tried to suffocate her.

But Raphaëlle feels guilty for lying to him again, after having hidden from him that it was she who had caused the death of her father Daniel thirty years earlier. Sébastien then suggests to him to make him believe that it is Rebecca who killed him following a violent argument, so that the sacrifice of his mother was useful.

At the hospital, Raphaëlle goes to Xavier’s bedside. Following her father’s advice, Raphaëlle explains to her that she was not in full possession of her means when she tried to suffocate her because she was reliving a buried memory: that of having witnessed the murder of her father. by her mother when she was little.

She reveals to him that Rebecca and Daniel were having an affair, and that he became very violent when his mother wanted to leave him. He attempted to strangle her, and she defended herself by hitting him with a poker. Raphaëlle confesses to her that her mother’s return to Sète brought back all her traumatic memory. She promises him to undergo therapy and asks his forgiveness for his gesture.

While Xavier, now out of the woods, will be able to return home the same day, Chloe confides her concern to Alex. She fears that Xavier has any suspicions that they slept together. Alex tries to reassure her, and confides to her that for him, this brief affair was not only fleeting: he had the impression of finding her, as if they had never left each other. But for Chloe, it was only a brief parenthesis: Xavier needs her now.

At the police station, Karim receives a package in his name: a basket filled with gifts and small attentions. If Georges and Sara are impressed by this attention, Karim is indifferent. Later, while on his way to the Spoon for lunch, Bart hands him a package that Anna left for him, containing a souvenir photo album of their couple. While Barte is delighted with Anna’s approach to win him back, Karim asks him to let him manage their breakup.

He then sends Rose the album, asking her to return it to Anna. Inside, she discovers a note from him, asking him to stop trying to put the pieces back together. Distraught, Anna is convinced that their relationship still has a future, but no longer knows how to prove his love to Karim. Rose advises her to accept her decision: the more she persists in clinging to their relationship, the more she is likely to suffer.

At the hospital, Marianne tries to change her mind by mentioning the name of Alban, a brilliant surgeon who would be a very good match for her. While they meet Samuel in the hallways, she asks him his opinion on his colleague. This one laughs, and reveals to them that Alban is a runner who connects relationships without a future. While Marianne is stung, Anna, ironically, asks him to stop meddling in her private life.

Camille creates a bad buzz

Since confessing her feelings to him two days earlier, Lizzie hasn’t heard from Dorian. For her brother, it would seem that she was made ghoster. But Lizzie refuses to hear him and decides to send him a message to suggest that they see each other after school.

In high school, while Dorian and Camille are kissing, Lizzie interrupts them and asks Dorian if he got his message so they can see each other later. He nods and promises to find her at the end of the day. When Camille asks him the reason for their meeting, Dorian pretends that he has to give Lizzie advice for her work at Little Spoon.

Later, Camille catches Lizzie putting on make-up in the bathroom. She covers her with compliments on her look, and offers to lend her her lip liner when she discovers that her gloss tube is empty. Trying to set a trap for her, Camille tells her that she is perfect for her date, but Lizzie claims that is not the case.

She leaves to join Dorian in the duty room, and asks him to be sincere with her about what he feels for her, because he has not said anything to her following her statement. Embarrassed but touched, Dorian reveals to her that he finds her extremely kind and attentive to others, but that he considers her only as a friend. At the same moment when he takes her in his arms to console her, Camille surprises them.

Furious, she insults Lizzie, and accuses her of wanting to steal her boyfriend when she has no chance given his physique. She then calls her a monster and obese, under the dismayed gaze of several high school students. One of them then takes her to task, telling her that it is not acceptable to attack people’s physique. Camille sends her for a walk, but the young girl threatens her with reprisals.

In the evening, while Lizzie, dejected, tells her brother what happened, she assures him that Camille’s remarks will not reach her. But he then shows her that the scene of their altercation was filmed and posted on social networks. Camille then begins to receive a shower of hateful messages …

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