Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1071 of Friday, December 3, 2021 …

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While Rebecca flees, Anna tries to win back Karim. In parallel, the Moreno learn the codes of the bourgeoisie.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Friday December 3 in Tomorrow belongs to us …


Following her arrest, Raphaëlle is heard by the police and makes believe that she was working late in her office on the evening of Xavier’s defenestration. When Commander Constant informs her that her phone has been blocked near the Palais de Justice that evening, Raphaëlle replies that she has undoubtedly gone there to retrieve documents. Although she says she did not push Xavier, Martin decides to take her into custody for attempted murder.

For her part, Rebecca promises her little daughters that her plan will work and that their mother will quickly be released from prison. With enthusiasm, she asks Maud and Camille to prepare themselves by specifying that they have a big day ahead of them.

Prepared and a suitcase in hand, Rebecca goes to the hospital to discuss with Xavier. As Cedric reminds her that visits are not yet authorized, Rebecca claims she has to fly away for her next tour this afternoon and begs him to let her say goodbye to her ex-son-in-law.

Once at his bedside, Rebecca asks him to tell the police that it was she who pushed him out the window. As he tries to understand why she is making this sacrifice, Rebecca simply indicates that she is doing this out of love and because she does not want unhappiness to continue in their family. She then whispers a few words in his ear and then he agrees to lie for her. Relieved, Rebecca thanks him then places a kiss on his cheek before leaving.

Without waiting, Xavier therefore makes an appointment with Captain Jacob and then asserts that it was Rebecca who attacked him during an altercation which degenerated. When Aurore brings up the elements that prove that his ex-wife was present, Xavier guarantees that she would never hurt him. Angry, Xavier asks her not to question her testimony and then the sum to question Rebecca before she leaves France for Argentina.

Immediately, Martin and Aurore set off for the airport and think they have managed to intercept it. Only, it is not Rebecca who is inside the vehicle but Camille who wears the same outfit and the same wig as her grandmother. Faced with their questions, the teenager replies that she is going to the airport to pick up one of her friends with whom she has planned to do an Instagram photoshoot. Hence the outfit she wears.

At the same time, Sébastien drops off Rebecca at the port of Sète. Despite everything that has happened, Rebecca apologizes to her ex-husband and then makes him promise to protect but above all to love their daughter twice as much. After the former couple have kissed, Raphaëlle joins them and accompanies her mother to the boat that will take her to Spain. Rebecca then advises him to give free rein to her emotions and says she is very happy to make this sacrifice for her to be free as she had done thirty years ago. Very moved, mother and daughter embrace before leaving each other with heartbreak. Once they have promised to meet again as soon as possible, Rebecca gets on the boat and walks away from Sète, singing “Piensa En Mi” one last time to her daughter.


While having coffee with her mother and sister, Anna confides that she still thinks of Karim. Indeed, she still has not managed to mourn their story. If she still loves him, she is also certain that he feels the same way. As Marianne pushes her daughter to move forward rather than crawl at her feet, Chloe encourages her to fight to get him back. Later, Karim receives an anonymous letter to Spoon in which it is written ” Where the little sparrow rides the horses of the steppe, near the king of beasts and under the elephant’s trunk “. The policeman then quickly understands that Anna is throwing him on a treasure hunt.

Taking on the game, he discovers the second clue in a children’s merry-go-round. In it, we can read ” Where the magic of Christmas operates “. After going to the Christmas market, he finds Anna who explains to him that with this game, she wanted to take him to the places that mattered to them. However, the latter retorts that he does not need this to remember the good times they had together. Moved, Anna tells him that her feelings for him have not changed and that she misses him. When she asks him once again for forgiveness for all the harm she’s done him, Karim points out that they’ve done too much harm to fix things. After he thanks her for this walk down memory lane, he tells her that their story is over.

Although disappointed that her plan did not work out, Anna has no intention of giving up and hopes to find another way to win her heart back.


At the Moreno’s, Christelle regrets that their neighbors have not responded to their invitation. For Charlie, they may be rich but they don’t have the codes of the bourgeoisie. Determined to make an effort to let go of her poor habits, the social worker decides to hire a teacher to learn good manners.

Christelle therefore asks Marianne for help. If Doctor Delcourt agrees to give her some advice, she nevertheless instructs Renaud to take care of Sylvain. While Marianne teaches Christelle to be a perfect socialite, Renaud guides Sylvain’s clothing choices.

At the end of the day, Christelle and Sylvain move on to practical work. Their progress is visible but they unfortunately crack up eating a burger with their hands.

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