Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1070 of Thursday, December 2, 2021 …

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While Raphaëlle is arrested, Lizzie declares her love for Dorian. At the same time, the Moreno are coming out rich.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday, December 2 in Tomorrow belongs to us …


In search of answers, Raphaëlle makes an appointment with her parents in her office to obtain the truth. Thirty years ago, Rebecca was not very happy. At that time, Rebecca and Raphaëlle lived in Paris while Sébastien was a prosecutor in Bordeaux. The mother was not working and tried to relaunch her career, but without success. Daniel Meffre was a powerful business lawyer who wanted to invest in music. Rebecca and Daniel then became lovers when the latter offered to produce his new album. When she realized that he only wanted sex, Rebecca preferred to stop everything because she loved her husband and wanted them to remain a family.

Only, Daniel could not stand his mistress leaving him and showed up to the Perrauds very angry. The moment he tried to rape Rebecca, Raphaëlle saved her mother’s life by accidentally killing him. Understanding what had happened, Rebecca accompanied her daughter to her room and waited for her to fall asleep to warn Sébastien. He then moved Daniel’s body to his home to make it seem like a suicide. Unfortunately, a witness threatened to reveal everything and Rebecca had no choice but to leave France to avoid prison. To silence him, Sébastien gave him money every month until his death two months ago. The perfect opportunity for Rebecca to return to France to be closer to her daughter.

Meanwhile, Chloe goes to Xavier’s bedside and indicates that her exam results are very encouraging. Exhausted, the prosecutor confides in his companion that he is not certain of being able to succeed in living as before. While she is reassuring, Xavier asks her for news of Alex. Uncomfortable, she admits that she has seen her ex-husband a lot so that he takes care of Celeste so that she can spend time with him in the hospital. Very moved, Xavier declares that Alex is a good man and that he is happy that they were able to keep such good relations.

Later, Raphaëlle meets Anna for a new session and confirms that it was she who killed Daniel Meffre. Held by professional secrecy, the psychologist reminds her that she is not there to judge her. As the lawyer does not understand why she forgot something so serious, Anna clarifies that she suffered from dissociative amnesia. As she wonders why she went after Xavier, Anna responds that by investigating Daniel’s death, Xavier has become a danger to Rebecca. Raphaëlle would therefore have acted unconsciously to protect her as she had done thirty years earlier.

On leaving her session, Raphaëlle joins her mother. If Rebecca is relieved to put this story behind them once and for all, Rappelle explains that the prescription begins the day the break-in is detected. To the extent that there is any revealed evidence that it was a homicide, legal action could be taken. Also, Raphaëlle would like to report herself to the police but Rebecca prevents her from doing so.

Not far from there, Aurore and Martin question the taxi driver who was near the Palais de Justice on the evening of Xavier’s assassination attempt. The latter confirms that it is Raphaëlle who was in his vehicle that evening. The lawyer is now their main suspect, Commander Constant summons Roxane to check the boundaries of his phone.

At the end of the day, Rebecca refuses to see her daughter go to prison and prepares the suitcases to take her far from France. However, Raphaëlle does not intend to leave leaving her daughters. When the police arrive at her home, she therefore agrees to follow them to the police station to the chagrin of Rebecca who breaks down in tears.

Upon learning of their mother’s arrest, Maud and Camille see their world collapsing but Rebecca says she knows how to get her released.


Lizzie pulls out all the stops to seduce Dorian. While she is putting on make-up, Jack and Jordan report that he is in a relationship and that she is in danger of falling into a rake. Certain that his brothers allude to his weight, the teenager retorts that he is a sensitive young man who does not stop at the physical. Dorian having been overweight before, Lizzie is convinced that she has every chance.

Later, Dorian helps Lizzie with a math exercise. Seeing them, Maël and Lina do not hesitate to openly laugh at them before attacking Lizzie’s physique. Immediately, Dorian comes to his defense. For her part, Lizzie does not give in and reframes more particularly Lina to whom she says that she is not the best placed to judge her with her size 44. Following their departure, Dorian declares to Lizzie that she is fine the way she is.

Soon after, Lizzie recounts what happened to Jack. With stars in her eyes, the teenager is happy that he finds her beautiful. Afterward, Dorian is with Lizzie at the Little Spoon and invites her for a walk to the Christmas market. Once she thanked him for standing up for him, Lizzie says she loves being with him. As he raved about her music, she ended up telling him that he liked him very much and that he made her completely crack. But Dorian does not have time to answer because at the same time he receives a call from Camille who wants to see him. He then takes the scampering powder.


The Moreno have decided to come out as multimillionaires. For the occasion, Charlie, Christelle and Sylvain saw the big picture. In addition to their friends, they decided to invite their neighbors. However, it is far from being won since their neighborhood does not seem particularly excited.

For their evening, Sylvain and Christelle put the package together with caterer, champagne, fire eater, llama or even DJ. If Alex, Marianne, Renaud, Judith, Noa and Gabriel are among the guests, none of their neighbors have responded to their invitation. Afterwards, Christelle and Sylvain take the floor and announce to the assembly that they have won the jackpot at the casino.

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