Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1064 of Wednesday, November 24, 2021 …

Tomorrow belongs to us what awaits you in episode 1064

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While the police are on a new track, things work out between Jordan and Jahia. The Moreno are ready to tell the truth.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday November 24 in Tomorrow belongs to us …


Sébastien is counting on the police to find out the identity of the person who made an attempt on Xavier’s life as quickly as possible. As the commander Constant lacks elements to launch the research, the prosecutor Perraud urges him to take an interest in the old cases of his son-in-law without neglecting those in progress. Martin then points out to him that when it comes to reprisals, the attackers tend to take responsibility for their actions, which is not the case in this case. But Sébastien does not budge. If Xavier almost lost his life in his office, it has to be linked to an ongoing or past affair. Without waiting, Commander Constant sends Damien to take DNA samples in the prosecutor’s office and then asks Aurore to question Xavier’s colleagues.

For her part, Rebecca spies on Chloe and Alex who are at Xavier’s bedside. On this occasion, the singer noticed that the oyster farmer kept stroking his ex-wife’s shoulder. Entering the bedroom, Rebecca is particularly cold towards the Delcourt girl and does not hesitate to tell her that Raphaëlle will always have a very important place in Xavier’s heart. Far from being taken down, Chloe retorts that Xavier turned the page for a long time before making her understand that she is not the best person to talk about these things.

Not far from there, Sébastien searches his son-in-law’s office when Damien arrives to take samples. The prosecutor then claims to have come to verify some details in person. Before leaving, he says that he knows the head of the science center well, who is a close friend. Words that sound like a threat.

Meanwhile, Martin warns Chloe that the police will open an attempted murder investigation. While he seeks to know if she would have noticed nothing of particular in his companion lately, the Delcourt girl admits that he was distressed since the arrival of Rebecca Flores. She also specifies that her husband had started an unofficial investigation into the death of her father when he learned that he had had an affair with her. For Commander Constant, this cannot be a coincidence.

Back at the post, he reports to Sébastien the discussion he had with Chloe. Although the latter considers it a waste of time to investigate a thirty-year-old affair, Martin still wants to consult the file concerning the death of Daniel Meffre and question Rebecca. Tense, Sébastien accepts.

Several kilometers away, Rebecca and Raphaëlle are strolling along the canal when the lawyer is the victim of another absence and almost gets hit by a car. After this fright, Raphaëlle decides to go see a shrink.

Subsequently, Rebecca goes to the police station and confirms to Commander Constant that she had an extramarital affair with Daniel Meffre. She begs him, however, not to say anything to her daughter or her ex-husband.

At the end of the day, Damien learns from his colleagues that he saw Sébastien rummaging in the prosecutor’s office. Martin then wonders if Sébastien would not have discovered his wife’s infidelity and if he would not have disguised Daniel’s murder as suicide in order to take revenge. Certain that Xavier has found out the truth, he thinks Sebastian tried to kill him to prevent him from speaking.


Lizzie rehearses in the music room accompanied by her two brothers on guitar. Jahia joins them shortly after and tries to have a discussion with Jordan who unfortunately sends her out for a walk. Indeed, he will not agree to speak to her until she assumes that they have kissed.

Later, Lizzie, who has noticed that her brother was spoiling his affair with Jahia out of pride, decides to take matters into her own hands. So she finds her friend and explains to him that Jordan is someone who does not know how to deal with girls. If she wants something to happen between them, Lizzie advises her to get smarter.

Seeing them discuss, Angie questions her sister on what she could have said to Lizzie. When Jahia tells her that the latter is a great singer, Angie replies that she has a hard time believing that the Roussel family can have any other talent than that of annoying others. Words that annoy Jahia who is fed up that she always criticizes everything.

At the end of her lesson, François picks up a text that Jahia dropped while putting her things away and the teenager reveals to him that she writes songs without having ever shown anything to anyone. Jahia then meets Jordan at the beach and shows him the song she wrote while thinking of him. Determined to take responsibility for her feelings, she kisses him.


Christelle bought herself the work of art she coveted. Unfortunately, the painting is not at all to the liking of Sylvain and Charlie who manage to convince her to bring it back to the gallery owner to be reimbursed.

Christelle therefore returns to the gallery with her painting and indicates that it does not suit her interior. To guide him in his research, the latter asks him for photos. As he shows her his entire catalog, Christelle, who no longer knows what to do to get rid of him, buys a minimalist monochrome painting. Let a whiteboard on a white frame that she paid a fortune. Not knowing where to place it, the Morenos decide to hang it on the bathroom wall.

At the end of the day, Christelle receives several calls to attend art exhibitions in the region and comes to wonder if the gallery owner would not have given her number to her colleagues because she is rich. Their secret is now difficult to keep, the Moreno have no other choice but to announce to everyone that they have won the jackpot at the casino. For the occasion, they decided to organize a big party in their villa.