Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1057 of Monday, November 15, 2021 …

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While Rebecca falls into a trap, Noa and Judith enter into competition. At the same time, Benjamin and Victoire try to hide their relationship.

Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1057 of monday, november 15, 2021...
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Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday, November 15 in Tomorrow belongs to us …


Sébastien goes to his daughter’s house to give her some explanations and specifies that when Rebecca left for a career in South America, he preferred to hide the existence of her letters from her in order to protect her. Despite everything, Raphaëlle reproaches her for having made her believe for thirty years that her mother had abandoned her, then says that she will never forgive him. Pained, Sébastien affirms that she only sent him letters for three months and then points out to him that if she had really wanted to see her daughter again, she would have returned to France.

For her part, Rebecca spends time with her granddaughters. When Maud and Camille question her about her song “Amor Perdido”, Rebecca confirms that it is a song about Raphaëlle. Not far from there, Xavier is back in France and comes to see his wife to check on her. Although Rebecca wants to re-bond with her, the lawyer fears that she will end up leaving overnight.

At the Spoon, Rebecca receives a bouquet of yellow flowers with a card on which is written, “Thirty years later, I remember everything. Meet at the lighthouse at 5 pm ». Certain that it is Sébastien, Rebecca arrives in her furious office. Even though he wishes to see her go, he swears he never sent her those flowers. As they begin to wonder who could have sent that note, Rebecca thinks of a thirty year old story and indicates that someone else knows what happened. Frightened, the singer wants to go immediately to the police but Sébastien manages to convince her to go to the meeting by promising to follow her.

Despite a scheduled date with her granddaughters, Rebecca goes to the lighthouse. Sébastien not having come as he had promised, she then tries to reach him but in vain. Seeing a figure at the top of the lighthouse, Rebecca imagines that it is her ex-husband and decides to join him. But when she arrives at the top of the monument, she comes face to face with a hooded man who threatens to kill her with a knife.


Since the death of her grandmother, Noa has taken over the family business. Overwhelmed, he no longer knows what to do to get out of it and all the more so as many customers and historical producers are now failing him. While he is no longer sure it was a good idea to take over the business, Judith retorts that he is made for it and encourages him to fight to find new clients.

Subsequently, the young man goes to the Spoon to give Vanessa a taste of his products. Learning that the establishment is still provided by Mas Bellanger, Noa indicates that he does not intend to steal a customer from them, but Vanessa believes that she has the right to decide what is best for her restaurant. When he is convinced by her words, Judith and Alex disembark to make their delivery of oysters.

Noa immediately declares that this is a misunderstanding but Vanessa reports that it is she who chooses the products with which she wishes to work. When Judith says that Jeanne’s oysters are the best on the market, Noa takes it badly. In order to decide between them, Vanessa asks Bart to do a tasting. While both products are of excellent quality, the Vallorta son prefers to continue working with Mas Bellanger.

Later, Noa goes to the farmhouse to apologize to Judith and tell her that he does not intend to let a contract cause discord in their relationship. In turn, the Delcourt girl regrets having been harsh in her words. Not wanting to make the same mistakes as their families, they embrace each other to seal their reconciliation.

Soon after, they walk hand in hand to the Spoon. When Bart explains that he is about to launch a tender to find a buyer for the Little Spoon, Judith and Noa show an interest in turning it into an oyster bar. Unfortunately, he makes them understand that only the best of them will have the place.


Benjamin and Victoire spent the night together but decide to keep their relationship a secret to prevent their colleagues from talking about them. During their discussion, Victoire questions Benjamin about his wife’s death. As he indicates that he has no desire to block the mood, she confides having also lost the man she loved and then adds that she can hear everything.

Benjamin then recounts that his wife got pregnant and that the doctors announced to them a few weeks later that she had a devastating metastatic breast cancer. Six months later, she lost her life. If Benjamin spends his life saving children’s lives, he unfortunately never got to know his.

At the hospital, Samuel notices that Victoire and Benjamin have arrived together. Noticing that they are touching each other’s hands discreetly, he can’t help but ask them about their evening. Victoire and Benjamin somehow manage to remove suspicion, but Samuel understands that something was happening between them. He therefore hastens to talk about it to William who advises him to drop the matter.

At the end of the day, Benjamin and Victoire go to see the young woman. While they kiss at the bottom of the residence, Georges looks at them sadly through the window.

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