Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1053 of Tuesday, November 9, 2021 …

Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1053 of tuesday, november 9, 2021...

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While Marjorie attacks Anna, Raphaëlle has a discussion with Rebecca. At the same time, Noor and Gabriel get closer.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday, November 9 in Tomorrow belongs to us …


The Beaulieu trial opening the next day in Noumea, Xavier had to fly to New Caledonia. Despite everything, he will continue to monitor his files remotely. DOn their side, Marianne and Chloe fear that Anna will have paranoia attacks. Hearing them speak, the latter assures them that Marjorie Collet is very much alive.

Meanwhile, Karim is with Martin in the visiting room and begs him to put Anna under police protection. Although he finds it hard to believe that Marjorie is still alive, Commander Constant nevertheless promises to mobilize a team to dig this trail. Relieved, the policeman thanks him.

Later, Raphaëlle tells Anna that she is now placed under surveillance thanks to Karim. This mission is not official, the lawyer therefore asks him to remain discreet. Not far from there, Martin and Nordine keep an eye on Anna’s home. Since his colleague understands that this is an unofficial mission, Commander Constant evokes the importance of helping each other among colleagues.

At the same time, the Delcourt sisters go to Anna’s place to collect some things. Fearing that Marjorie will set foot in her house again, Anna has decided to have the locks in the house changed. As she has to pick up Celeste from the nursery, Chloe is absent until the locksmith arrives.

Outside, Martin and Nordine saw a car pass for the third time with the same woman at the wheel. Certain that it is Marjorie, the commander takes the vehicle in spinning without knowing that it has fallen into a trap. Indeed, the driver was paid to drive in front of the home of the Delcourt daughter. Knowing that Anna is in danger, Martin tries to reach Nordine but without success.

As for Marjorie, she managed to get into Anna’s place and furiously grabs her by the hair while threatening to cut her throat with a knife.


Following her meeting with her mother, Raphaëlle spent the night drinking and fell asleep on the sofa in her office. By waking her up, Virginie understands that her colleague’s condition has something to do with her last meeting the day before. Raphaëlle then reveals to him that the woman who came to their office is none other than her mother who abandoned her when she was only nine years old. Having succeeded in erasing it from her memory over the past thirty years, Raphaëlle fully intends to continue in this way.

However, Rebecca has another idea in mind and has a bouquet of flowers delivered to her daughter with a note in which she will meet her at Môle Saint-Louis. On the spot, Raphaëlle hastens to clarify things and says that in his eyes she no longer exists. Pained, Rebecca tells him the reasons for his departure. Thirty years earlier, she left France because she was not doing well and because her relationship with Sébastien was complicated. Insofar as Raphaëlle reproaches her for not having given her signs of life since, Rebecca claims that she has written him several letters since his departure. However, Raphaëlle, who has never received them, does not believe her and is terribly angry with her for never having taken the plane to come and see her.

With emotion, Rebecca certifies that there has not been a single day in her life when she has not thought of her. Despite everything, Raphaëlle retorts that she was able to forget the first nine years of her life and that she intends to do the same today. While her mother declares that she loves him and that she has never stopped loving him, the young woman refuses to hear more and leaves the place.

Devastated, Rebecca goes to the Spoon where she confides in Bart about the strained relationship she has with her daughter. Nevertheless, she quickly finds a smile when he tells her that he knows her granddaughters. She then discovers that Camille is a star of social networks and that Maud is a musician. Very proud, Rebecca now wishes to meet them. And that’s good because Bart informs him that Maud is rehearsing with her band just behind her establishment.

Rebecca therefore immediately goes there. Maud being playing the trumpet, she decides to accompany her by pushing the song. At the end of the song, she leaves with a smile on her lips without having introduced herself to her granddaughter.

At home, Maud tells her mother about her meeting with a Spanish singer. Understanding that she is talking about Rebecca, Raphaëlle orders her daughter not to approach her without giving her more explanations.


Noor and Gabriel wake up in each other’s arms uneasy. Joining Charlie for a game of ping-pong, Gabriel ends up admitting that he feels a certain attraction for his roommate, but makes it clear that he doesn’t want to create problems. But for Charlie, he should take advantage of the fact that they share the same bed to seduce her.

Later, Noor, who is also not insensitive to her charm, asks Gabriel to help him take off his necklace. While they are about to kiss Sylvain rings the bell to tell them that he has fixed the water leak at their neighbor.

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