Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1047 of Monday, November 1, 2021 …

Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1047 of monday, november 1, 2021...

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While Anna is arrested by the police, Christelle discovers Sylvain’s secret. Benjamin and Samuel get to know each other.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday 1er November in Tomorrow belongs to us …


Someone somewhere writes the name Marjorie Collet in a notebook before crossing it out in red. Meanwhile, Commander Constant arrives at Anna’s home to search her home after discovering his hair in the victim’s trunk and undertakes to do everything possible to prove his innocence. Unfortunately, Damien discovers a knife with hastily wiped traces of blood in the kitchen, forcing Martin to take Anna into custody.

On hearing the news, Karim is in shock. Knowing full well that Anna could never have hurt anyone, the policeman is determined to find Marjorie’s body in order to unveil the whole story.

Not far from there, Marianne and Chloe are in the dark. The elements against Anna being serious, Xavier can unfortunately do nothing to help his sister-in-law to get out of this impasse. Insofar as it is his duty to ensure that the rules and the general interest are respected, the prosecutor cannot let his family tie interfere. However, as soon as the police have removed the suspicions that weigh on her, Xavier promises to do what it takes so that she is no longer worried. Otherwise, he will have to send it to the judge.

For her part, Raphaëlle defends Anna. When the police indicate that the blood found on the knife belongs to Marjorie, Anna once again proclaims her innocence and then comes to believe that Jim could have killed her by making her wear the hat. Only, Aurore can hardly believe her and insists that she confess. Behind the tinted window, Karim gets annoyed at his colleague’s accusations and arrives in the interrogation room to come to the aid of the woman he loves. Martin then takes him out on the spot and reminds him that if he wants to exonerate him, he will have to investigate while respecting the procedures. Since it is possible that the psychologist was tricked by Jim, Martin guarantees to summon him during the day. In the meantime, he relieves Karim of the case.

Later, Martin and Aurore question Jim. As he is no longer suspected in this affair, the journalist evokes his relationship with Anna. He then recounts that their story was strong but that Anna started behaving weird by constantly blowing hot and cold. As Martin tries to find out how she reacted to learning of her suspension, Jim explains that she was furious and that she explicitly asked him to calm Marjorie down. And to add that it is possible that his mistress could have attacked his wife.

Martin, Raphaëlle and Xavier then discuss the case. Even if the police officer and the lawyer both agree that it is a staging aimed at setting up Anna, the prosecutor nevertheless orders that her sister-in-law be brought on the spot. Anna therefore spends her first night in prison.


At the Moreno’s, Sylvain once again claims to have a long working day to go golfing on the sly. After dressing in the proper attire, he is about to leave the house when his wife comes home for lunch. Far from being fooled, Christelle quickly understands that her husband is going golfing and that he is hiding something from her.

With his back to the wall, Sylvain admits that he no longer wants to work. Since he is rich, he refuses to continue killing himself at work for fools. Having given enough, he now believes he has the right to the good life. While he urges his wife to do the same, Christelle retorts that she wishes to continue helping those in greatest difficulty.

At the end of the day, Sylvain would like to buy a villa to settle in with all his family. As his wife reminds him that they must keep their fortune a secret, Sylvain indicates that they will only have to pretend to be the guardians in the absence of the owners. Judging the idea rather intelligent, Christelle agrees to think about it. Sylvain no longer working, she then asks him to repair their dishwasher. What he hastens to do.


At the hospital, Benjamin takes advantage of his coffee break to have a discussion with Victoire. Unfortunately, the young woman is particularly cold and returns to work. Later, Benjamin attracts the sympathy of his new colleagues by bringing a cake for his job. If William finds this gesture sympathetic, Samuel seems rather jealous that he will be appreciated by all.

Soon after, Benjamin introduces himself to Samuel. While the latter tries to learn more about him, Benjamin says that he lost his wife. When he died, the doctor did humanitarian work for a few years to get away from where they had lived. But every time he returned to Paris, Benjamin saw all their memories resurface in their heads. As it had become psychologically complicated, he preferred to leave to start a new life in Sète.

By passing Victoire in the corridors, Benjamin then takes the opportunity to make a small update. Although he understands that the situation is embarrassing and that he would have preferred to meet her in other circumstances, he nevertheless considers that his attitude is completely immature. Annoyed, Victoire clearly tells her that nothing will ever happen between them again. Words with which Dr. Ventura agrees, especially since he believes that his colleague and Samuel are in a relationship. Victoire then assures him of the contrary.

After joining Samuel, Victoire confides in her night of love with a stranger without telling him that it was Benjamin. When Doctor Chardeau declares that she is still so desirable while taking her hand, Benjamin leaves the hospital and surprises this gesture of affection.

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