Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1042 of Monday, October 25, 2021 …

Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1042 of monday, october 25, 2021...

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While Karim puts an end to his affair with Anna, Judith and Noa meet again. At the same time, Christelle ultimately no longer wants to change her life.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday, October 25 in Tomorrow belongs to us …


Since he saw Anna kissing another man, Karim has been distant with his partner. Things get worse when the young woman receives a call and she claims that it is Bart who asks her his opinion for a new playlist for the Spoon. As he is about to go to work, Anna points out to him that he does not kiss her. Karim then responds coldly that he is not sure that she really wants to before leaving the place.

Later, Anna meets Jim who came to give her back the ID card she forgot on Friday night. As he also seeks to know why she did not respond to his many messages, the psychologist reminds him that she is in a relationship and that the situation is complicated. Even though he knows it, Jim can’t stop thinking about her. When he declares that there is something strong between them, Anna says that they cannot see each other again.

Meanwhile, Karim takes the opportunity to drink coffee at the Spoon to question Bart about the bar’s new playlist. On learning that the young man did not try to reach his mother in the morning, Karim leaves the premises furious. For her part, Anna confides in Flore. If she kissed Jim last Friday, she specifies that she did not go further with him. Indeed, Anna preferred to put an end to this story because she has no intention of cheating on Karim.

Thereafter, Anna receives Marjorie Collier for a first consultation. Her marriage is on the verge of exploding, Marjorie is at the end of the line and fears that her love affair will end. To help him, Anna urges him to come to her next consultation with her husband to discuss all of this. Marjorie therefore agrees to see what she can do.

Shortly after, Anna receives several messages from Jim who insists on seeing her again but she refuses before asking him to stop writing to her. Not far from there, Jim spies on Anna and Karim’s home then returns home where he finds his wife Marjorie.

For his part, Karim prepares his suitcase. As Anna tries to figure out what he’s doing, the policeman shows her the picture he took of her and Jim last Friday. With her back to the wall, she recognizes that they kissed but swears however that they did not go further. But nothing helps, Karim puts an end to their story and then leaves.


Noa goes to the hospital to visit Judith. Happy to see each other again, the couple kiss each other tenderly. When he asks her about her state of health, the Delcourt girl indicates that she is much better but that she hopes to be able to quickly forget all this story. As for Roxane, it’s a little more complicated since she has many nightmares and screams during her sleep.

Very affected, Noa, who admired her grandfather, has a hard time realizing the monster he was. After apologizing to Judith, he declares that he wants to leave Sète and drop the farmhouse. Later, Chloe and Alex came to pick up Judith who had the permission of the doctors to go home. With tears in her eyes, she tells them that Noa intends to leave and adds that she doesn’t want to lose him.

At home, Chloe thanks Alex for bringing them home and they take the opportunity to talk about what happened between them on Friday. Although she loved this moment, however, Chloe believes that they should never have been tempted. Despite everything, the former spouses do not stop looking at each other with mischief.

Subsequently, Alex will check on Noa. Understanding his desire to leave Sète behind him, the oyster farmer gives him his support and specifies that he can also count on him to help him with the farmhouse. Noa thanked him warmly, especially given the differences between their two families. Since all of this is a thing of the past, Alex and Noa decide to turn the page together.

At the end of the day, Judith in turn goes to the farmhouse where Noa informs her that he no longer intends to go. Indeed, he realized that he cared a lot for her and that it would be difficult for him not to be by her side anymore. Touched, Judith confides that it is thanks to him that she held out during her confinement and that she never stopped thinking of him. Once they say their love for the first time, they kiss each other tenderly.


At the hospital, Christelle is leafing through a magazine when Marianne brings her a file to be treated. Overwhelmed by what she reads, the social worker promises to take care of it when she is finished. Marianne, who is annoyed, reminds him that she is not at the hairdresser and the sum to immediately get back to work.

Back home for lunch, Christelle complains to her family about the way Marianne treated her. Charlie therefore encourages him not to let it go, especially since they no longer need to work. If Christelle agrees, Sylvain is afraid of ending up on the straw and prefers to be careful.

Later, Sylvain goes to the Spoon to fix a clogged sink. While he explains that it may take a little time, the chef Vanessa summons him to do it as soon as possible. In front of Vanessa’s incessant bites, Sylvain finally sends her over the roses and says that she can find another plumber.

At home, Sylvain would like to tell his wife about his mishap but Christelle cuts him off, indicating that she no longer wants to tell everyone that they have become rich. Wishing to keep their feet on the ground and instill the value of work in their children, the mother of a family does not want to change their habits, much to the chagrin of Sylvain who is careful not to tell her that he has undoubtedly just lost his biggest customer.

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