Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1033 of Tuesday, October 12, 2021 …

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While the police take a suspect into custody, Anna is back in Sète. At the same time, spirits are heating up in high school.

Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1033 of tuesday, october 12, 2021...
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Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday, October 12 in Tomorrow belongs to us …


Held prisoner, Roxane begs her captor to untie her. In vain.

Meanwhile, Lizzie, who witnessed the kidnapping, gives her deposition. Without waiting, Commander Constant instructed his teams to go through all the CCTV images of the city. Worried, Sara tells her colleagues that only Dimitri Maniglier could have attacked his girlfriend. She also explains to Georges and Martin that the heart transplanted to Victoire belonged to Émilie Chaptal, Dimitri’s ex who had been missing for two years. Then to add that the Lazzari girl thinks he was kidnapping Émilie and that it was by wanting to run away that she would have died.

Dimitri is then summoned to the post and affirms to Commander Constant that he has nothing to do with Roxane’s disappearance before swearing that he does not know where she is. Despite everything, Sara and Georges go to his house and discover Emilie’s backpack and wallet in his cellar. If Dimitri indicates that his ex-girlfriend left overnight leaving her things, the police cannot help but notice a disturbing resemblance between the deceased and Roxane. An additional element which pushes Georges to place Dimitri in police custody.

At nightfall, Sara takes Victoire to Dimitri’s cellar. Sadly, this is not the piece she sees in her visions. Several kilometers away, Roxane begs her captor to let her go, but the latter has only come to bring her a blanket with something to eat. Looking around the room attentively, Roxane sees a portrait of Emilie hanging on the wall.


The first evening after work having been a real success, Louise would like to offer striptease parties every week to double the turnover. If Bart is convinced that Damien will never accept, Louise is sure to succeed in convincing him.

She therefore meets Dimitri at the Spoon and tells him about her idea. As he refuses, the mother flatters him on his physique but nothing helps. An attitude that does not please Bart who is a bit jealous. Louise apologizes to him and assures him that the cop is not her style at all before telling him how much she loves him.

Later, Louise receives a message from Damien who has changed his mind and agrees to do a new striptease the same evening to clear his mind. In the evening, Damien does his show in a policeman’s outfit when Martin and Karim arrive at the Spoon. As the commander reminds him that it’s illegal, Damien apologizes. For his part, Karim swears to take his picture and post them throughout the police station.

A few moments later, Karim tenderly watches a couple kissing at the bar and can’t help but think of Anna, who he misses a lot. Returning earlier from her report in Africa, the journalist then arrives at the Spoon to surprise her. Very happy to meet again, the couple kiss each other tenderly.


After taking the time to reflect on Angie’s claims, François offers all students who wish to do a presentation on the author of their choice. As the teenager does not like this, the teacher points out that he unfortunately does not have the freedom to change the program. However, Angie refuses to do an exercise on an author marginalized by a hypocritical and racist society just to give him a clear conscience. According to her, it is not by making a simple presentation that we will solve the problem of black authors made invisible by national education.

The teenager then offers to read a text by Joachim Bellay and then climbs on the table to read a text by an African-American poet. While François orders him to come down immediately, some students follow in their classmate’s footsteps and applaud him.

Subsequently, Angie is summoned to the principal’s office and receives 10 hours of glue for having taken her class hostage. A punishment that is not to the taste of the young woman who wonders if it is because she is not enough “local color” or if it is because she denounces the program that she is also. severe with her. To answer her, Chloe points out that no one has ever insulted her and that if that had been the case, she would have fought with her. By joining them, Irene makes her daughter understand that it is not by disrupting the lessons with provocations that she will be heard. If Chloe thanks her colleague for her support, Irene however criticizes her for not having warned her earlier of her daughter’s summons.

Either way, Angie doesn’t intend to shut up. In the courtyard, she declares in front of all the students that she is tired of not being in the programs. As society has changed, she declares that minorities deserve to be recognized, studied and celebrated. As diversity has become the norm, Angie excludes old boomers from making them invisible and encourages her comrades to follow her. A speech that does not please Jordan who does not hesitate to let it know. To defend her sister, Jahia intervenes and when Roussel’s son insults her, she slaps him violently. While the two teenagers are ready to come to blows, François intervenes and separates them.

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