Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1032 of Monday, October 11, 2021 …

Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1032 of monday, october 11, 2021...

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While Roxane is in danger, Angie campaigns against inequalities in high school. The housewarming party of Noor and Gabriel turns into a fiasco.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday, October 11 in Tomorrow belongs to us …


At breakfast, Victoire frantically draws very dark drawings. While Georges tries to understand what is happening to him, the young woman reproaches him for having spied on her but above all for tracking down her every move. Georges, who reminds her that he is not his enemy, would like to be able to turn the page but Victoire does not seem ready to take a step in his direction. When she asks if he has ever considered putting her on medication, he makes her believe that not before starting that this new heart has changed her but not for the good.

Victoire then goes to the Spoon where Dimitri is waiting for her. Swearing that he never hurt Emilie, he would like to know what is going on. As he vehemently insists on getting answers, Roxane intervenes and asks him to leave her alone.

Shortly after, Roxane, who managed to obtain Emilie Chaptale’s medical file, said that according to blood tests, the deceased suffered from a vitamin D deficiency. A clue suggesting that she was not getting enough out. in sunlight. Victoire then tells her that she had a new vision of her donor in which she was held prisoner.

As the place of the accident of the young woman is indicated in the file, the two young women go immediately there in the hope of obtaining answers. Through her visions, Victoire understands that Emilie was fleeing from her captor before being struck by the car. Unfortunately, she can’t identify the face of the kidnapper.

The place where Emilie was captive may not be far from the scene of the accident, Roxane and Victoire decide to continue on their way. Warned by her companion, Sara joins them but they find nothing around. A few yards away, a man covered in a black hood spies on them.

When Sara reports that Emilie had filed a complaint for violence some time before her disappearance, Victoire retorts that she is convinced that Dimitri attacked her. To be clear, Roxane and Sara question Dimitri who explains that he had an explosive relationship with Émilie. One day the couple had an argument and after she slapped him, he returned it to her. Although he should never have done such a thing, he nevertheless certifies that he did not harm his ex-girlfriend. Insofar as the police officers try to make him confess, Dimitri, who knows that no official investigation has ever been opened, summons them to leave him alone.

During dinner, Sandrine offers her daughter to follow her to Guadeloupe for her convalescence, but Victoire declines. Even though no one understands her, she needs Emilie to find some rest.

At nightfall, a man follows Roxane in the street and kidnaps her in front of Lizzie.


In French class, François has his students study a poem on seduction. A course that does not interest Angie at all, who would like to study more contemporary authors like Toni Morrison or Maya Angelou, black women who have strong claims.

If his teacher promises to think about it in order to integrate them into the program for the following year, Angie nevertheless reproaches him for working for an education system that does not care about diversities and then accuses him of being the accomplice of ‘a racist pedagogy. Words that François obviously does not like. Hearing them, Jordan begs his comrade to stop taking himself for the center of the world but Jahia stands up for her little sister. As the tone rises, François intervenes and promises Angie that this discussion is not over.

Subsequently, François reports this discussion to Chloe. As the program does not represent diversity enough, he regrets not having put more emphasis on committed authors. Fearing that the situation would degenerate, François would like to avoid a clan war in his classes.

For his part, Jordan complains to his brother and sister about the behavior of the Lopez Diallo sisters. For him, vegans, feminists and homosexuals complain while standard straight whites must be silent even if they struggle. Moreover, he is convinced that Angie and Jahia have never experienced anything difficult compared to them. Lizzie tries well to point out to him that it has nothing to do but Jordan refuses to see them play the martyrs. Once her older brother is gone, Lizzie assures Jack that their brother didn’t mean a word of it but the teenager wasn’t so sure.

In the evening, Jahia encourages her sister to go through social networks to make her demands heard, which Irene also encourages her to do.


Gabriel and Noor decide to organize their housewarming party. As the young woman decreed to do it the same evening, the two roommates immediately get to work. However, Noor and Gabriel have a different idea of ​​how to receive. While Gabriel is busy covering the furniture to avoid the slightest soiling, Noor has ordered pizzas while choosing her outfit for the evening.

During the evening, the atmosphere is good at the roommate but Gabriel spends his time cleaning. Noor then forces him to take advantage by promising to put the alcohol in the fridge. Unfortunately, Noor forgets what annoys his roommate. As they blame each other, Charlie turns down the music so everyone can hear their argument.

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