Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1013 of Tuesday, September 14, 2021 -…

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While the police are on the trail of a new suspect, Manon makes an announcement to her parents. For his part, Jack declares his feelings to Hadrien.

Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1013 of tuesday, september 14, 2021 -...
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Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday September 14 in Tomorrow belongs to us …


At the police station, Jérémie Ferrier is heard by the police in the presence of his lawyer Virginie. Although the police found drugs in his backpack, the young man swears it is not his. According to him, it would belong to its landlord, a certain Steven. However, Martin finds it hard to believe him and informs him that he will be referred for drug trafficking.

Meanwhile, Lætitia and Jahia prepare for Clément’s funeral. Lætitia then takes the opportunity to apologize for scaring her the day before and then assures us that she had no intention of committing suicide. For her part, Garance bursts into tears as she listens to Clément’s mother’s message and realizes how angry she is that the boy she loved has died.

In the afternoon, the funeral takes place at the town’s marine cemetery. Distraught, Lætitia struggles to say goodbye to her son. As usual, Lina and Maël do not hesitate to film everything, which does not please Mathilde who grabs their phone to throw it to the ground. In the distance, Sara and Martin observe the scene. According to the commander, Clément must have annoyed the wrong person and he thinks that the murderer may be hiding among his relatives.

Later, Manon meditates on Clément’s grave and Garance, who did not have the strength to come to the ceremony, joins her. The two young women then have an open-hearted discussion about their feelings for the deceased and then swear never to forget what was good in him.

At the station, Roxane went through the files hidden in Jérémie Ferrier’s computer and found a list with the phone numbers of his regular customers. After some research, she managed to identify Bart’s. Without waiting, she goes to the Spoon with Martin to question the Vallorta son about Clément’s murder.


In the morning, Aurore and William offer an electric scooter to their daughter to facilitate her trips to the university. While the couple is delighted to see her begin literary studies, Manon announces that she is stopping her studies to start a sabbatical year.

Surprised, William retorts that it is out of the question for her to spend a year messing around. No matter how much she explains her wish to travel around the world, her parents categorically refuse, especially since they believe that it is much too dangerous for a girl of her age. Only, Manon reminds them that she is of legal age and that they cannot forbid her to do so.

Soon after, William meets Dorian. Certain that his nephew is hiding behind his daughter’s new whim, the doctor asks for his help to tell Manon that this idea is a mistake. Unfortunately, Dorian finds his cousin’s project great and refuses.

Subsequently, Aurore and William would like her to change her mind and ask Sofia to convince Manon to give up. But this is another failure.


At La Paillote, Hadrien learns in Sofia that he has been offered the opportunity to run a luxury holiday village in Goa, India. A project which would nevertheless oblige him to leave Sète for three to six months. If he has not yet made his decision, Alma’s son is still very excited about this new professional challenge, to the chagrin of Sofia who has no desire to see him go. While he says he is ready to give up for her, Sofia excludes him for fear that he will end up reproaching her. As the atmosphere begins to become tense, Hadrian begs her to talk about it again calmly but Sofia says that she said what she had on her heart before leaving.

Later, when Jack comes for a drink at La Paillote, Hadrien tells him about the offer he has been made and specifies that being in a relationship, he cannot decide alone. For Jack, the question would not arise because if he was in love, he would not hesitate for a second to follow the person he loves to the other side of the world. However, Hadrian knows he was awkward with Sofia and joins her at her home in the hope of making peace. In vain. Sofia is still pissed off and doesn’t want to listen to her.

For his part, Jack is in a bad mood at the idea that Hadrian leaves the country for a few without being sure to see him again. To reassure him, Lizzie signals that it is not by lamenting his fate that this will change things and rather encourages him to take advantage of him before his departure. On the advice of his sister, the teenager therefore contacts Hadrien. Annoyed that his girlfriend had sent him for a walk, the latter offers to join him at the beach where he had planned a picnic with Sofia.

There, Jack listens to Hadrien feeling sorry for himself and takes advantage of this moment to take his courage in both hands by confessing his feelings to him. Unfortunately, Hadrien fell asleep without hearing the beautiful declaration of the son Roussel. The next moment, Jack snuggled up against Hadrian.

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