Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1009 of Wednesday, September 8, 2021 …

Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1009 of wednesday, september 8, 2021...

In the next episode of “Tomorrow is ours” … As the police dismiss a suspect, Bart and Louise become the owners of the Spoon. Noor wants to leave the farmhouse.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday September 8 in Tomorrow belongs to us …


Without news since the day before, Audrey tries desperately to join Jordan. In vain. Certain that her brother will eventually come home, Lizzie tries to reassure her mother but nothing helps, Audrey is worried to death.

For his part, Jordan wanders the streets of the city and ends up being arrested by the police. At the same time, Raphaëlle comes out of an apartment visit with Xavier when she sees Martin tackle Jordan on the hood of the car. Furious to see the policeman act so virulently, she introduces herself as the teenager’s lawyer.

At the station, Jordan claims his innocence. Indeed, he indicates that he was skipping classes and was at home at the time Clément died. Although he has repeatedly hung up with his comrade, Jordan swears he would have been unable to kill him.

Raphaëlle then signals to Commander Constant that the fact that her client did not carry the victim in his heart is not a sufficient reason to accuse him of murder. While the lawyer orders his immediate release for lack of evidence, Martin refuses, specifying that he has enough elements to request police custody and a DNA sample.

Meanwhile, Mathilde confesses to Lizzie that it was she who denounced Jordan to the police. A hard blow for the Roussel girl. Angry, she assures that her brother is innocent before leaving.

At the same time, Georges checked Jordan’s criminal record, who has a small record containing a theft complaint and several handrails. In short, nothing very serious for the head of the PTS. However, the police decided to maintain his custody because it is their only serious lead for the moment.

Several kilometers away, Lætitia settles in with Irène. Still devastated by the death of her son, the mother of the deceased is looking for answers. After much thought, it is obvious to her that her son was murdered by Jordan. She goes to the police station where she meets Audrey. Immediately, Irene accuses Jordan of having killed her son but Audrey does not let it go.

A few steps away, Georges informs Martin that the results of the DNA analysis establish that the epithelial cells found under the victim’s fingernails do not belong to Roussel’s son. In addition, the demarcation of his telephone proves that he was at home at the time of the facts. Jordan is therefore cleared.

At the end of the day, Mathilde takes care of a wound on her arm. Noticing scratches, Louise asks her about the person in charge of these brands.


It’s official, Bart and Louise are now the new owners of the Spoon. Wishing to open the restaurant in two days, the couple then started looking for a chef.

After meeting several candidates, they meet Vanessa Lehman. The young woman, who needs a change of scenery, left her post in a starred restaurant to work in a more modest structure and thus have more leeway in her creations. As they find her very motivated, Bart and Louise ask her to prove herself in the kitchen.

When Flore and Alex come for a tasting, the bistro-gastro recipes offered by Vanessa are not unanimous. A situation that does not please the chef at all, who does not hesitate to call Flore a bourgeois. Even though Bart reframes her firmly, she refuses to apologize for having talent and then returns to the kitchen.

Vanessa being by far the best cook they have met two days before opening, Bart and Louise have no choice but to hire her. Besides, Louise thinks she knows how to handle it.

Later, Vanessa offers a new recipe to Alex and Flore. They may judge her to be very good, but the boss continues despite everything with her derogatory remarks to Bart’s chagrin. Louise, who is convinced that her new employee is simply upset, assures that it will eventually pass.


Alex learns from his daughter’s mouth about the drama that hit Agnès Varda high school a few days earlier. Worried, he promises to go see Chloe later in the day to check on her.

For her part, Judith is elsewhere and has a smile on her face. While Alex wonders about his daughter’s good mood, he quickly gets an answer when Noa arrives at the mas. Shortly after, the young couple take advantage of the oyster farmer to visit Chloe for a moment of intimacy.

For her part, Noor returns to the farmhouse and comes across Noa completely naked in the living room who makes her understand that she will have to get used to it. Once alone with her friend, Judith confirms that she is in a relationship with Noa and then confides in her new love affair.

Subsequently, Noor crosses paths with Gabriel at La Paillote. While the latter plans to leave his student room because he cannot stand the noise of the nearby salsa bar, Noor is considering leaving the farmhouse because she does not want to hold the candle now that Judith is in a relationship.

Given the situation, Gabriel therefore has an idea that might work out both of them.

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