Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1000 of Thursday, August 26, 2021 [SPOILERS]

Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1000 of thursday, august 26, 2021 [spoilers]

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … The hostage-taking ends, and new love stories are born. At the same time, Timothée has his tablet stolen, and Clément, Mathilde’s crush, is already in a relationship.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday August 26 in Tomorrow belongs to us …

The hostage-taking ends, Chloe and Alex kiss

Now that Ophelia and Anthony have recovered their father’s gold bars, the hostages are worried. They wonder what the hostage takers are going to do with them. Xavier thinks they are going to free them and run away. But Sylvain is more pessimistic and thinks they are going to kill them. He lashes out at Charlie and blames him for betraying them. But the young woman swears that she has not changed sides. She admits to having been afraid and thought that the situation would degenerate. Sylvain understands that Charlie is still in love with Anthony and that she surely tried to protect him.

As Ophelia and Anthony divide the ingots into two bags, Anthony does not look very confident. He reminds his sister that he doesn’t have his cool and makes her promise to do what’s planned from the start if things ever go wrong. Ophélie then asks the hostages to stand up, in line against the wall. Then she orders them to undress.

At the hospital, Victoire is surprised to see that Amanda has come to work. The nurse confesses that she cannot bear to stay at home. Everything reminds him of Ulysses. She needs to have a busy mind. But seeing a photo of Ulysses in her locker, Amanda cracks and bursts into tears. Victoire tries to comfort her by hugging her.

Ophélie calls Martin and tells him that they are going to free the hostages and surrender, without conditions. The metal curtain of the Spoon suddenly rises and the doors to the bar open. Martin gives the order to his men not to shoot. The hostages and the hostage takers leave the Spoon, but it is impossible for the police to tell them apart: they are all dressed in the same blue jumpsuits and are all masked. Martin orders them to lower their masks and raise their hands, but no one reacts.

At Ophelia’s signal, the hostages and the Messys release smoke bombs. The police can’t see anything. When the smoke begins to clear, Karim and Martin unmask the individuals in front of them one by one and realize that three people are missing: Ophélie, Anthony, and Charlie, who took the opportunity to flee. . Martin has the perimeter cordoned off.

While trying to escape the police, Ophélie trips and injures her ankle. Anthony tries to help her and Charlie joins them, she wants to go with them. The police arrive and manage to arrest Ophélie, while Charlie takes Anthony with them before fleeing.

Relieved, the hostages find their loved ones. Chloe takes Maxime in her arms. Marianne announces to Tristan that Ulysses did not survive. Tristan is in shock. Chloe asks Xavier if he knew, and the DA confirms he was. Chloe seems to resent him for lying.

A little later, Alex joins Chloe, who has gone to isolate herself in the port. Chloe thinks of Ulysses, Alex tries to comfort her by telling her that they could not have done anything, they were not prepared for that. The ex-spouses confide that, without the other, they would never have been able to face this ordeal. Alex confesses to Chloe that his composure amazed him.

Even though they’ve just been through some horrible things, Alex and Chloe admit that it has been good for them to spend time together. Alex runs his hand through Chloe’s hair, and the two exes end up kissing.

Clément is already in a relationship with Garance

Mathilde, who was supposed to help Bart and Louise unpack the boxes, gives them a false leap to join Clément, the boy she loves, at the beach. Once there, Mathilde finds Clément who offers her index 50 sunscreen, to prevent her from getting new sunstroke, and a straw hat.

Clément ordered two cocktails, one of which was alcohol-free for Mathilde. But the teenager lets her prince charming know that she is 15 years old, that she is no longer a kid, and that she would have drunk an alcoholic cocktail. A confession that seems rather to please Clément.

Mathilde then gives a massage to Clément, and the latter lets her know that she is doing very well. He promises the teenager that next time it will be his turn to massage her, then puts his shirt back on and explains to Mathilde that he has to go. A friend is waiting for him.

Lizzie, who was lying on a deckchair just a few meters away, joined Mathilde. Louise’s daughter confesses that she dreads the moment when she will wake up. She doesn’t understand why a boy like Clement, older and very handsome, is interested in her. Fortunately, they are due to meet again soon.

After their meeting, Clément finds Garance in the hospital. They are kissing. Clément therefore plays a double game with Mathilde, he is already in a relationship.

Timothy has his tablet stolen

Manon, who hasn’t heard from Timothy since their boat trip with Dorian and Nathan, goes to her friend’s house to make sure he’s okay. Timothy assures us that he doesn’t blame him and that she is not responsible for the fiasco of that day at sea. It is Nathan that he is angry with. But Timothy also blames himself for not having been prepared enough to face this day. Manon offers him to go to the hut by bike, and Timothée accepts, on condition that he takes a second tube of sunscreen with him.

Once at the straw hut, Timothée complains to Hadrian about the club sandwich cut. He shows her the sandwiches he made while working here on his tablet, and Hadrien promises to apply next time.

A little later, Nathan arrives and interrupts Timothée and Manon in the middle of a discussion. He annoys Timothy once more, and Manon asks him to leave. Nathan does. Timothy then realizes that his tablet has disappeared, and Hadrien suspects Nathan to have something to do with it.

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