Tomorrow belongs to us: “we are going to discover another side of Morgane in prison” according to Marie Catrix

After confessing to the murder of her brother, Morgane is now behind bars and has to deal with transphobia in the prison environment. Marie Catrix, tells us more about Morgane’s future in “Tomorrow belongs to us”.

Tomorrow belongs to us: "we are going to discover another side of morgane in prison" according to marie catrix
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Allociné: It’s a particularly strong family narrative arc that has just ended in Tomorrow belongs to us. Were you surprised when you read the script and more particularly with regard to the turn of events for Morgane?

Marie Catrix : Yes completely. I was pleasantly surprised when I learned that a member of Morgane’s family was going to land in the series and that there was going to be a new plot with Véronique Jannot. I thought it was great. We had the information in small quantities but when I learned that Morgana was killing her brother, it was indeed a big surprise. Morgane’s evolution and the conflicts she meets in her relationship were very interesting to play. So far Morgane and Sandrine (Juliette Tresanini) have always been a tight-knit couple who support each other. It was the first time that a real conflict occurred between them with the arrival of Franck (Franck Sémonin). It was really cool for us as actresses because we showed other aspects of this couple. I knew I was going to end up in jail. We arrive in this new arch which was also very enjoyable to turn. Even though there was a lot of crying, it was also a lot of fun [rires].

Morgane mourns the loving brother she once knew while refusing to mourn the monster he was. How does she deal with this emotional dilemma?

It was interesting and very complex to play. Like everything in life, only time calms things down. It will remain a very strong moment for Morgane because she has always idealized her brother, it was her pillar. His whole world is falling apart. It is true that we lightly touched the fact that Franck was the only one to have supported her in his family. After what happens with his parents? We don’t know each other but everything is possible in writing. In any case, Morgana will always live with the idea that the man she loved was not as beautiful a person as she thought. It will remain one of his flaws just like his transition. We do not forget anything in fact, the body does not forget anything either.

Another blow for Morgane. Already very moved by everything that has just happened, she arrives in prison with fear in her stomach. What can you tell us about the rest of this plot and what awaits Morgane in the next episodes?

She is scared when she arrives in prison because she does not know who she will fall on. As a transgender woman, Morgane will unfortunately suffer transphobic attacks. We will see her in something different because she is not going to let it go. Morgan has been crushed a lot in her life and today she is fed up with it all. We will discover another facet of her in prison in which she continues her fight.

Precisely, his stay in prison promises to be complicated because of his transidentity. It is ultimately another way for the writers of the series to approach transphobia, but this time in the female prison universe. Is it important for you to address societal themes so strongly on screen?

Yes completely. Societal issues are always interesting to defend. I had this first meeting with Lexie, which appeared in my life and I am very happy to be able to defend these people because it is not easy. It’s still complicated in mentalities. Although Lexie’s parents are supportive of her, it is difficult for most people to accept. If I can participate in the opening of minds, whether on transphobia or homosexuality, it is with great pleasure. I am happy to be able to defend this subject. Tomorrow Belongs to Us really deals with many social issues. Even if it is small touches, it is important.

Tomorrow belongs to us: "we are going to discover another side of morgane in prison" according to marie catrix

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Now that Morgane is incarcerated, what can we expect for the future of his relationship with Sandrine?

In the last episodes, we see Morgane very supported by those around her. It is true that this distance imposed by Morgane’s imprisonment is complicated. For the moment, there has been no judgment so we do not know how long Morgane will stay in prison and if she will be able to leave even on parole. In their relationship, Morgane and Sandrine were physically separated but with the desire to meet again. Everything can be exploitable. This ordeal could weld them again even stronger. With Juliette, we would like to be able to evolve in the right direction with a marriage and why not the arrival of a baby. It’s something we would like to tackle because we enjoy playing together. It would be a little sad if everything stopped but it’s like everything, it’s life and it’s the authors who choose. But for the moment they are still together.

Gabriel is very affected by everything that has happened and is very worried about his mother who is in prison. How will he handle the situation and can we think that this ordeal will bring them even closer?

Gabriel (Martin Mille) will be of great support for Morgane in prison. Sandrine and Gabriel are really going to be the two people who will be there for her. Just like her fellow inmate Justine (Laura Mathieu) whom she finds very gentle, benevolent and who will be of great support to her.

Despite a tragic end, the Ark with Franck will have enabled Anne-Marie to finally accept Morgana for the woman she is. What future can we hope for their relationship and will Anne-Marie visit Morgane in prison?

Of course, this plot brought them together a lot. She understands all of Morgan’s pain and has come to know her. This whole story softened Anne-Marie a lot and made her be much more open. As she hires Virginie to defend her, one could imagine Anne-Marie visiting Morgane in the visiting room to show her support.

After all these ordeals, we hope that Morgane will quickly get out of prison. What meaning will she give to her life?

I don’t know yet but given the fight she will lead in prison, one could imagine her continuing another fight more committed outside. Whether at the societal level or in the defense of transgender women. It could be something like that. Morgane didn’t choose to be a nurse and take care of others by chance. She is combative in the intrigue which arrives. She’s a fighting woman whom I see as a warrior in everything she goes through.

Do you have any other upcoming projects you can talk about?

For now no, I asked for a little break. I wanted to take time to work on other things. We will see if other projects open to me. There are a lot of TF1 projects that I would like to do in parallel. I found the series The Promise to be formidable and captivating, as well as The Bazaar of Charity. There I look I promise you. We also see some actors of Tomorrow Belongs to Us, such as Clément Rémiens and Stéphane Grossi, appear in other fictions. I think TF1 makes some great programs so we’ll see.

Interview by telephone on February 2, 2021.

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