Tomorrow belongs to us: “Virginie is ready to do anything to exonerate Martin” according to Audrey Looten

While Martin is suspected of Danielli’s murder, Virginie is ready to do anything to exonerate him. Audrey Looten, her interpreter, answered our questions about this plot which promises to punctuate the next episodes of “Tomorrow belongs to us”.

Tomorrow belongs to us: "virginie is ready to do anything to exonerate martin" according to audrey looten
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Allociné: The past of Jules and Virginie resurfaces in this new plot around the death of Danielli. Were you happy that the writers explored the Corkas family a little more?

Audrey Looten : Definitely. We are quite proud with Xavier Widhoff, the interpreter of Jules, because it is our entry in Tomorrow belongs to us. It was nice to come back to their past a bit. It brings them back to them, it’s their life, their past.

Convinced of the innocence of Martin (Franck Monsigny), Virginie seems ready to do anything to get him out of the deadlock in which he finds himself. How far could she go to prove the innocence of the man she loves?

Virginie is a character who truly acts out of love. This was already the case with her ex-husband. I do not know if it is a cursed character but it repeats a little the same things except that there it is convinced of the innocence of Martin. Even though there are a lot of gray areas with this blackout, she is ready for anything, even to get back to the situation she was in with her ex-husband. She is ready to challenge the police, to risk her life, her reputation or her career.

Precisely, Virginie has already had to suffer the consequences of a run with Mickaël (Laurent Maurel). Do you think that his past could have consequences in his choices to help Martin?

I think she is afraid to relive what she experienced in her past life. Martin brought her stability and she doesn’t want to go back to what she knew before. But she is convinced of Martin’s innocence so she will do anything to prove that he is innocent. She doesn’t repeat exactly the same thing. Her ex-husband was guilty of his robberies while there, Virginie is convinced of Martin’s innocence and she will do anything to prove it. Knowing that he is innocent allows her not to bring her completely back to what she experienced before.

The couple Martin and Virginie are put to the test. Will they be able to overcome this new ordeal?

Whatever happens, they will come out bigger. It is their couple but especially their family to all three that takes the top. There really is something that brought them together and brought them together. They went through pretty complicated things with Jules and his non-acceptance of Martin. Through these trials and everything they are going through at the moment, it brings them together enormously. We really create links beyond what they have experienced. Martin takes a very important place in Jules’s eyes and Jules is going to do things for him that he might not have done before. In any case, it will really strengthen all three of them.

As Virginie is being followed by the police, she has no choice but to implicate her son. Doesn’t Virginie feel guilty about involving her son in this whole story?

Yes, of course. She thinks it’s not for him to do as she asks him. Virginie is a fairly strong character, she has always managed on her own, but there she seeks her son. The decision is difficult for her. It is really a family that sticks together and does everything to get by. She has no choice but she asks him things that are not too risky either. And then she sees that Jules is ready to help Martin and it touches her a lot.

In her quest for truth, Virginie seems to be alone against everyone. Will she end up finding support from other characters in the series?

Virginie will find herself in a dead end and will ask Chloe (Ingrid Chauvin) for help. When she feels that things are really blocked for her and Jules, it is really towards her that Virginie will turn.

Finally, is the money hidden in New Zealand by Mickaël the real motive for this set-up or is Martin targeted for other reasons?

This is the whole point of this whole intrigue. We will find out the real issues later.

What is interesting about Virginie is that, despite being a lawyer by profession, she never hesitates to circumvent the law when it comes to those she loves. Wouldn’t that end up playing tricks on him?

She is an empathetic lawyer who acts a lot with her feelings. That can obviously play tricks on him in his job. I think he’s a bit of a borderline character. She is right in her choices but besides that, she is capable of breaking laws, rules when there is a real reason. She does not hesitate to do it for love, but she also does it when she defends some of her clients. When touched by people, she can go further than where she should go. She no longer thinks for herself, she defends others. His reputation is really above it.

Since her debut in the series, we can say that Virginia has not had it easy and that she has lived many dramatic moments. What do you hope for the future of your character?

Still lots of things and lots of adventures. I have been incredibly lucky since I came on the show to experience all of these adventures. I hope she will still experience lots of things, full of emotions, whether in her life as a lawyer or in her life in Sète. I am greedy that this character does not rest. In any case, the Martin and Virginia couple, thanks to this intrigue, will really refocus and create a more united couple. If they both had lots of adventures, that would be great.

Do you have other projects outside of Tomorrow belongs to us that you can tell us about?

I have theater projects that have been flattened a bit because of this crisis. I have also just shot in a short film which competes in the Nikon Film Festival.

Interview by telephone on February 5, 2021.

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