Tomorrow belongs to us: Victor soon between life and death? [SPOILERS]

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Jennifer radier

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In the next episodes of Tomorrow Belongs to Us, Victor will put his plan to get out of prison into action. Unfortunately, things won’t go as planned and Timothy’s father may well find himself between life and death.

Tomorrow belongs to us: victor soon between life and death? [spoilers]

Warning, this article contains many spoilers for the next episodes of Tomorrow is ours. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on.

Desperate to get out of prison to be with his son, Victor (Farouk Bermouga) has concocted a Machiavellian plan: to simulate a heart attack using a powerful drug, methylene. However, nothing will turn out as planned for Sète’s most tenacious businessman in future episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us.

According to an extract available in preview on MYTF1, Lou (Rani Bheemuck) has finally resolved to obtain the methylene and even agrees to inject it into Victor. A few seconds later, the latter begins to feel bad then suddenly loses consciousness. Panicked, the lawyer hastens to call for help. Noting that her patient has no more pulse, Marianne (Luce Mouchel) understands that he is having a cardiac arrest and tries to resuscitate him.

Death announced for the most ruthless man of Sète? Fans rest assured, it will take much more than that before Victor makes Timothée (Grégoire Champion) an orphan of a father.

According to the synopses published by the channel, he will even be quickly pulled out of the woods. If he was going to win his parole so easily, Timothy’s father will be disappointed when he finds out about the problems that lie ahead. Indeed, Marianne and Martin (Franck Monsigny) will have doubts about this mysterious heart attack and are determined to put it to the test. But Victor has more than one trick up his sleeve and intends to stay one step ahead. Moreover, as usual, it will not take long for him to find ” a plan to undermine Marianne’s suspicions “.

How will Victor manage to get out of this impasse and what will be his new strategy so that his son can stay in Sète by his side? Answer soon in Tomorrow belongs to us.

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