Tomorrow belongs to us: “Victoire will have strange visions” … Mayel’s revelations …

While Victoire, seriously ill, will have to undergo a heart transplant in “Tomorrow belongs to us”, Mayel Elhajaoui confides on the future of the Georges-Victoire couple and returns for us on the evolution of his character and his desire for comedy .

Tomorrow belongs to us: "victoire will have strange visions"... Mayel's revelations...
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AlloCiné: Georges is undeniably one of the characters who have evolved the most since the start of Tomorrow belongs to us. Recently, he rose in rank in the police force by taking the head of the PTS. Are you happy with this development?

Mayel Elhajaoui : Sure. Either way, I have always been well served by the authors. I must admit that when I was told that Georges was going to lead the PTS, I did not know how this professional development was going to be approached. But, as the producers say, it is ultimately a natural promotion, which is modeled on a reality of life.

After three and a half years, a good, proven police officer can be promoted. They did things in a certain coherence with reality, it is extremely pleasant.

And then this evolution allows me to play with new partners, like Raphaele Volkoff, with whom I had worked little before, and Adrien Rob, who joined the series in the role of Damien. It creates a new mechanism, new affinities to be found. It puts me back in a process of research, listening, ping-pong with others.

It’s different from the daily work with the other actors who have been working in the police station for years, where you sometimes have the impression of being on track because it works perfectly. It’s a very interesting process for an actor: we listen to the other, we discover him, we see how he works, and we end up finding new benchmarks.

After the back-to-school intrigue centered on high school, Georges finds himself at the heart of a new very dramatic arch dedicated to Victoire. What can you say about this new plot?

Victoire falls ill, it’s a real shock, it falls on them without warning. It will precipitate the return of Sandrine, who will return from Guadeloupe, because Victoire is going through something serious. It is therefore natural, Sandrine must be there to support her.

And what I can say is that the Georges-Victoire couple will go through something quite new and quite strong. Victoire will have strange visions. She’s going to feel a kind of guilt, she’s going to feel things. And Georges, in a pragmatic way, will try to reassure her. It is quite well done. And it’s a plot that has a lot of surprises in store for you.

Victoire and Georges are among the key couples of Tomorrow Belongs to Us. Should we be worried about their romantic future, given what they will go through in the upcoming episodes?

Of course, it’s a couple that works very well. But there are going to be some surprises. We always try to surprise in Tomorrow belongs to us. There are going to be strong emotional things that will create things within the couple, and that will have consequences beyond their relationship.

Would you like a wedding or a baby to be on the agenda for Victoire and Georges soon?

Why not, yes. Once again, this would be an evolution which, like the promotion of Georges to the PTS, would fit into something logical for a couple who have lived together for several years. And I think the public wants that. So we’ll see.

This could bring more lightness to the couple, who went through a lot of trials and rather dramatic intrigue. Especially since your partner with Solène Hébert works very well in the field of comedy too…

I would very much like to do more comedy with Solène Hébert because I find that she is underexploited in that register. Everyone sees her as a very beautiful actress, but she is also super funny. We laugh a lot on the set.

Tomorrow belongs to us: "victoire will have strange visions"... Mayel's revelations...
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Can we also hope to see more scenes between Georges and Mona, his mother, played by Catherine Benguigui?

It is a pleasure to work with Catherine. And, yes, it is planned. Marc Kressmann, the show’s new collection director, found that I was under-exploited in comedy, so he’s going to fix that. And the fans are asking for it. And then for me, comedy is a continuity because I will soon be going on stage to make people laugh. It’s ambitious but I’ll get there (laughs).

And I have a love for comedy that is rooted in me, through my family, my origins. So to go more towards that in Tomorrow belongs to us is obviously something that I want. Whether with Solène Hébert or with Catherine Benguigui.

How did you experience all the recent changes and the many departures that have taken place in the series, including that of Juliette Tresanini?

These are things that happen and that we undergo, because these are parameters that we do not control. And the reality of life makes viewers crave a bit of a change, even if they sometimes complain. The new comedians who arrive are supposed to bring a freshness, a novelty which must be able to make want to an audience which did not look at us, or did not look at us any more, to be interested in the series. It is important after four years.

But, of course, it always makes us sad to see comrades taking breaks, leaving, or being forced to quit. In all these cases, it is not very easy for us. But we know that this profession is made of that too. And then we know that we will meet again, that they can come back. Everything is possible.

Are there any actors with whom you would like to share more scenes?

I’m very lucky with the police station because I have great playing partners, whether Camille Genau, Julie Debazac, Samy Gharbi, Franck Monsigny, Raphaele Volkoff, or Adrien Rob. But I would love to shoot a little more with Ingrid Chauvin, who is incredibly funny.

And among the new faces of the series, actors like Charlotte Gaccio and Emmanuel Moire inevitably make us want to discover them. Charlotte has a real sense of comedy. And, Emmanuel, I’m a huge fan of musicals, so I’m glad he joined the show. But Tomorrow belongs to us is a big family and I really want to tour with everyone.

Tomorrow belongs to us: "victoire will have strange visions"... Mayel's revelations...
Screenshot / TF1

You mentioned earlier Marc Kressmann, who took over from Eric Fuhrer a few months ago as collection director of the series. Did you have the feeling that it was necessary to bring a little freshness to the writing level?

Honestly, I don’t have the necessary hindsight to judge this. But if I speak selfishly of Georges, he has always been well served. And it continues to be. And I think Eric and Marc have the same goal: to bring the series as high as possible. And I take my hat off to them because writing a daily soap opera is very, very complicated.

What are your projects outside of the series? Can we hope to see you soon on stage with your one-man show?

There might be a movie at the end of the year. But for the moment I remain in recurrence on the series, it is my priority. And then I’m going to go on stage, yes. I’ll start with a little showcase in Paris in October. Then I’m going to do a few comedy and stand-up sets to get the show started. For a show start in early 2022, I hope.

I can’t wait because I get a lot of messages from fans who know I’m going on stage and can’t wait to get the dates. It’s a lot of pressure, a lot of fear, but I have a natural, visceral urge to put myself in danger and get out of that comfort.

I’ve never done this job to say to myself “I’m safe, I shoot, I make a good living, and people recognize me”. I need to put myself in danger and go make people laugh, even if it means exposing myself to criticism of course. But that’s the game. I need to do it. And if it hadn’t been for the Covid, I would have done Avignon last year. Things have changed since, inevitably, but the urge remains the same.

Interview during the La Rochelle TV Fiction Festival.

The trailer for the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us:

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