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Sandrine will she manage to unmask Franck before it is too late? While this question currently holds suspense among fans of “Tomorrow is ours”, Juliette Tresanini tells us more about the continuation of this suspenseful plot.

AlloCiné: Last April, you told us you wanted Sandrine to be a little more immersed in the “investigation” aspect of the series. Obviously you have been heard by the authors of Tomorrow belongs to us because for the past few weeks Sandrine has been doing everything to unveil the true face of Franck, her brother-in-law, whom she accuses of being a murderer …

Juliette Tresanini : Ah yes, there I am served (laughs). I am really very lucky. Every time the writers write for my character I am spoiled so I really thank them. And what’s great about this plot is that it’s really Sandrine alone against everyone. It’s very exhilarating to play. This incomprehension, the fact of taking doors, walls constantly, with all the people she loves. We discover a fighter, a real warrior. She has an ally in all of this, Anna. But apart from Anna, Sandrine at the moment is really Nikita (laughs).

Franck goes further and further over the episodes. He went so far as to assault Arthur. What can you say about how the plot will develop next? Will Sandrine’s relatives start to take her warnings seriously?

I don’t want to reveal too much about the rest of the plot. But what I really like about this arch is that we assume it’s Franck. It’s not like in the other plots where we look for the culprit. There we saw him carry this body at the same time as Sandrine. Sandrine is the eye of the beholder. So what’s really great is wondering when the people around her are going to start to realize that she’s right and that she’s telling the truth. How far is Franck going to have to go for people to open their eyes? This is what is very different from the previous 41 plots. We know the culprit, we are with the victim who is Sandrine. And I think it’s a situation where you identify so much with my character that you experience things with her, with her emotions. And that’s why I particularly love this plot, beyond the fact that it concerns my character and that I love it (laughs). It’s really constructed differently, scriptwriting speaking.

Should we expect that Sandrine’s descent into hell will continue in the next episodes?

Ah yes, I can confirm that! This is only the beginning of the nightmare for Sandrine. I got into all my troubles (laughs). Things will intensify further. And I think it will create more and more frustration. But in a good way. Viewers are really going to end up saying to themselves “But it’s not possible that nobody will open their eyes!”. Because it will all end up getting bigger and bigger. And the only one who accepts to believe her is really Anna.

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It’s the first time you’ve shared so many scenes with Maud Baecker, right?

We still had some nice intrigues before. We were together in big events, like a bus accident or a fire. When the farmhouse burned down, we were really both, we were afraid for our respective sons who were stuck inside. It was a beautiful duo. But it is true that these arches were a little more choral. So it was a nice surprise to have so many scenes together, just the two of them, for sure.

On Instagram, you have been seen wearing dark glasses on the set of this arch on several occasions. Does this have a link with the sequence of events? Sandrine will she lose her sight?

It’s so funny that you told me about that (laughs)! No, actually, to be honest, I lost my glasses during the filming of this plot. And the dark glasses that you could see, my sunglasses, these are my other glasses, period. And since I was spinning a lot, my eyes hurt, so I had to relieve myself with my other glasses. But that’s not related to the plot. Having said that, we laughed about it a lot on set because people were telling me “But Juliette, what are you doing with those sunglasses? Have you been drinking?” (laughs). And I had to explain to everyone what was happening to me and they ended up nicknamed me Isabelle Adjani (laughs). It was a bit of the joke of the shoot because in the middle of winter it surprised everyone to see me wearing sunglasses.

Do you think that the relationship between Sandrine and Anne-Marie will be able to survive whatever is happening at the moment and eventually calm down?

What I can say is that Sandrine is going to be more and more worried about her mother. And she will fight so hard for her mother that, if Anne-Marie ever realizes that Sandrine is right, she is bound to be touched. And she will say to herself “I was a bad mother and despite everything my daughter is ready to sacrifice herself for me”. It is a very beautiful proof of love. Sandrine shows a lot of courage and a lot of love for her mother during this intrigue. She realizes that she just loves him. Despite everything that may have happened between them in the past. And I think it will change their relationship. It will surely calm things down. Anyway, it couldn’t be worse between them (laughs). And we love each other so much in life with Véronique Jannot that it’s a pleasure to hate her character on screen so much.

Do you know if Véronique Jannot will stay in the series more permanently?

I think she would like to. We would all like it, of course. She really likes this character of Anne-Marie. And she loves it all the more this second time I think. Because, on the first Lazzari plot, Anne-Marie was really detestable, she had values ​​very far from those of Véronique. And there, all of a sudden, with her mea culpa, her awareness, and this love story with Franck, she is much more in the light. So I think she would love to continue performing it. But, once again, it is the authors who decide our fate. So we’ll see.

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The repeated accusations made by Sandrine towards Franck are starting to have real consequences on her relationship with Morgane. Should we be worried about the future of their relationship?

I hope not (laughs). We love this couple so much! But what’s great is that everything that’s happening to them at the moment offers a less sweet register to Morgane, and it’s great for Marie Catrix, who has a very wide range of play. It gives him the opportunity to get into black anger, to get out of his hinges. And that’s normal because Franck is her brother, she loves him, he helped her during her transition. So she refuses to believe her brother is capable of the worst, she does not want to open her eyes, and she goes up the towers. It’s great, as an actress, to go that far. And we will see later that Marie is also formidable in the drama.

I’ve always said that the important thing for me was to play together, to explore things. It doesn’t matter if what happens takes the form of a breakup, a baby, or a marriage. The important thing is that I can continue to play with Marie. The scenes where we argue, they are as enjoyable for us to play as the scenes where we kiss. We are just as happy to play with negative feelings as positive. The worst thing that could happen to us is boredom. But thanks to the authors of the series, we are still extremely well served. And there, this intrigue, it is really an intrigue of hatred between Franck and me. And we loved playing it with Franck Sémonin, who was a great partner on this ark. We have gone very far in hatred. It’s really “Franck against Sandrine: who of us two?”. And there for the moment he is winning because everyone is on his side. So, will Sandrine manage to reverse the trend? Suspense …

After this intrigue on the Lazzari-Guého, what can we expect for your character? A return to intrigues more rooted in the world of high school?

Yes, I think we will continue to see her a lot in high school because, obviously, as headmaster she is the pillar of this setting rich in teenage stories. But I hope she will have other personal plots as well. I would like a male friendship, because Sandrine is mostly friends with women. I would very much like Sandrine to have a new male friend. And then maybe more comedy too. I believe that the authors had told us that, since with Ingrid Chauvin it was going very well, they were going to write us scenes a little lighter between Chloe and Sandrine. It may come a little more with the beautiful days. But often I say “I would like a marriage between Sandrine and Morgane”, and in the end I am offered something that has nothing to do, and I am still delighted. And that’s what I love about this series. On most of my other projects, I play and write, while here on DNA I’m letting go and I have no control over what will happen to my character. I let myself be surprised and it’s quite relaxing, and quite exhilarating.

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Frédéric Diefenthal having joined Here Everything Begins, Antoine’s post still seems vacant at the school. Can we hope to see a new assistant principal soon?

No idea, but I would love to. Even if it will be very difficult to replace Frédéric. Because our duo worked really well. But that would be great, yes. A little new blood in high school. Even someone Sandrine would hate, it could be very interesting to play. That said, the authors have already explored this a little with the CPE because the relationship between Lise and Sandrine is not always in good shape. But I find that the more teachers there are in high school, the more it enriches the decor and the intrigues, so it can only be positive. And that’s bound to happen eventually if the show is to last 10 years or more (laughs). We are already at 42 plots, it’s completely crazy. We are incredibly lucky. The viewers are always there and it is thanks to them that this great adventure continues.

Do you have any other upcoming projects you can talk about?

I continue to develop my Youtube channel, I shoot a lot of short films. And I even plan to offer one of the first feature films on Youtube. I am currently writing with Laurent Firode. We had made a short film called “The other side of the cupboard”, which was seen by 100,000 people or so. My community particularly liked it, everyone was asking us to make a feature film, so we started writing a feature film adapted from this short. We thought it would be for my channel, but if we find other funding it could also be for the cinema or for Netflix, why not. Everything is possible.

And on television, I will soon be seen in Lucas has disappeared on M6. A very touching TV movie with Laëtitia Milot and Assaad Bouab. And I also landed a role in an upcoming TF1 TV movie with Mathieu Madenian, who was postponed because of the Covid but who should normally start filming in April.

Interview on January 6, 2021 by phone.

The short film “From the other side of the cupboard” with Juliette Tresanini:

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