Tomorrow belongs to us: this character that everyone had forgotten will return to…

In the next episodes of “Tomorrow belongs to us”, Sofia (Emma Smet) will finally reveal her secret to her parents: she is back in a relationship with Romain (Charles Créhange), a former character who had made the life of the Dauniers a hell.

Warning, this article contains spoilers on the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

There are feedbacks that fans of tomorrow belongs to us eagerly awaited, like Sofia’s (Emma Smet), recently returned from London, or that of Anne-Marie Lazzari (Veronique Jannot), which will return this summer as part of a great plot centered on Victory and Samuel.

And there are others that no one saw coming. Like this character who will reappear in the TF1 soap opera in a few days… and that everyone had forgotten!

In a new excerpt from Tomorrow belongs to us unveiled in preview by the channel, Sofia joins her secret lover at the bus station. Indeed, the young woman separated from Hadrian (Anthony Colette) several months ago and found love again shortly after… in the arms of Romain Maréchal (Charles Crehange), with whom she had lived a very complicated brief idyll last year !

Introduced in April 2021 in the series, Romain was called Quentin at the time. Sofia had saved him from drowning, after an alleged suicide attempt, and had quickly brought him into her life and that of her family.

But what she did not know was that Romain was the accomplice of a couple – Hélène and Pascal Beaulieu – who were trying to take possession of the Daunier apartment in order to carry out a terrible revenge against the prosecutor Meffre (Charles LeLaure), whom the Beaulieus held responsible for the death of their son.

Although betrayed by Romain, Sofia had visibly remained attached to the young man for whom she had fallen in love, and had visited him in prison. Before cutting ties with him and falling in love, a few months later, with Hadrian.

But the episode which will be broadcast on Friday on TF1 will tell us that Sofia reconnected with Romain while he was still in prison and that they ended up meeting in London, once the young offender’s sentence had been served.

Tomorrow belongs to us this character that everyone had forgotten

Romain is therefore the big secret that the character of Emma Smet has been hiding from her parents since her return to Sète. And the reunion between the Dauniers and the one who had squatted in their apartment obviously promises to be explosive.

“I’m so glad you’re here”, launches Sofia to her boyfriend who has just arrived from London in the extract posted online by TF1. But Romain, although delighted to find her, seems a little less enthusiastic. “It makes me super weird to come back here to Sète. It reminds me of a time in my life when I hurt everyone. To you, to your family, until I ended up in jail”.

But for Sofia, that’s all in the past. “You are no longer the same person. And then you are free!”. The two lovebirds are also not lacking in projects for the future since, still according to this extract from Tomorrow belongs to us, they plan to leave France to make a new start, both of them.

“I can’t wait to start our new life in Spain”admits Romain, who seems more in love than ever with Sofia. “I just hope your family will accept it”. Sofia has not yet spoken to her parents about it. And, knowing William and Aurore, everything suggests that they will not welcome the news very well.

So how are they going to react when they come face to face with the man who made their life hell a little over a year ago? And will Sofia really leave Sète to live in Spain? Anyway, that would explain Emma Smet’s recent statementswho teased an upcoming departure from the series and a “future” for his character that we would discover on air in a few weeks.

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