Tomorrow belongs to us: “There will be tensions between Charlie and François” reveals…

Recently met at the La Rochelle Festival, Clémence Lassalas returns for us to the evolution of Charlie in “Tomorrow belongs to us”, on the arrival of Adam, and on what awaits the François-Charlie couple in the next episodes.

AlloCiné: What is your assessment of all these years on tomorrow belongs to us and the evolution of Charlie?

Clemence Lassalas : I think that Charlie has evolved a lot and that Clémence has evolved a lot too. That’s what’s great about this series. I evolved at the same time as Charlie. She went from girl to woman, and I think it’s kind of the same for me personally. It is a real evolution.

For a long time, Charlie resented the whole world a bit. Are you happy that she got out of that and became more mature?

I’m happy, yes and no. I don’t know why, there’s something in me that likes to play the bad guy (laughs). I’ve always preferred the bad guys to the good guys. Afterwards, indeed, it’s good because too much nervousness and anger, it doesn’t make too much sense at some point. The teen crisis must pass. But, honestly, the plague side I love it!

One of the reasons Charlie has calmed down is because she has found a new family with the Morenos. Was it a nice surprise for you?

I was super happy. Already because it’s nice to shoot with new actors who are super nice and more. And above all because it gave rise to a lot of comic scenes. There’s a whole part of comedy that I love in which Charlie thinks they’re rednecks. And I think the disconnect the writers created with that was hilarious. In the texts, everything was perfect!

Are you sad that the authors made Luke leave (Martin Daquin), your character’s brother?

I’m a little sad, whether it’s for Luke or even the Moreno kids. With Martin, who played Luke, I got along really well. It’s true that sometimes I miss having a brother or someone in the family. If you think about it, Charlie really doesn’t have anyone.

She had a connection with Bart (Hector Langevin) initially but it’s a bit complicated between them today…

He killed Charlie’s father so… (laughs).

Do you think that one day they can be reconciled?

They’ve already started having that stuff. It was last year when Charlie was at war with Sofia (Emma Smet) and that she had asked a favor of Bart. Recently, there was the arc on the fire of Agnès Varda. It still ends on a note where they manage to talk to each other. Afterwards, I honestly think that a real reconciliation will not be possible.

The screenwriters gave you a nice gift last year with the arrival ofEmmanuel Moire. Was it a surprise for you to find out that Charlie was going to have a relationship with a man older than her?

It was a surprise, especially since I was very afraid of the cliché. And then, I wasn’t totally comfortable with what it could send back. And actually, it was written in a very pretty way. It’s not unhealthy at all. To me, that makes sense now. I don’t ask myself any more questions, it’s just two people who love each other.

Tomorrow belongs to us There will be tensions between Charlie

It immediately bonded between Emmanuel Moire and you?

We love each other! In fact, we are a bit like a dog and a cat. Soon, you will discover that Charlie and François will start to make a little war. It’s a bit like that in life. Well especially me. I tease him a lot (laughs). Now it’s fine, he accepts and he also gets into me a little. But frankly we love each other.

It is the arrival of Adam (Alain Le Bars) who will create tension between Charlie and François?

Adam will not necessarily create tension within the couple. On the contrary, I would even say that it will allow Charlie to be more mature and to accept this role of mother-in-law. It will heal the ties she may have with François.

The fact that Adam and Charlie are in the same high school, we imagine that things will happen…

Things are going to happen. Especially since, when Charlie gives advice, she necessarily always has a little idea behind her head.

Is it going well with Alain Le Bars on the set?

He is super nice. He’s a guy who is super professional, sweet and kind. He is great !

1664383524 514 Tomorrow belongs to us There will be tensions between Charlie

What can you tell us about what awaits Charlie in the next episodes?

The Moreno are going to have a new house and it is precisely there that there will be small tensions between Charlie and François. A little quibble. There’s going to be a great housewarming but I won’t tell you more about it.

Recently Charlie was assaulted by Valentin. Will she feel remorse for not having seen that the young beach attendant, whom she had hired at the hut this summer, was not a good person?

Yes, she will feel guilty. I think she feels guilty because she was a victim of it but other people too. Charlie doesn’t like to be naive so obviously she’s going to feel remorse. It’s actually a combination of things. Between that and the mugger in the clown mask, I think she has a lot on her conscience.

Do you have any wishes for Charlie’s future?

I wish Charlie got even meaner but I don’t think that’s the intention of the writers. Afterwards, I understand that people want to see that despite all the hardships and his bad temper, Charlie can evolve into a good person. But personally, sneaking around, I’d love to.

Are there any actors on the show that you would like to work with more?

There are people with whom I don’t necessarily tour a lot. Everyone who is in the hospital, for example. I would love to shoot with Kamel Belghazi. It would be really nice to go back to the hospital because I’m not often on this set.

You are very good friends with Camille Genau in life. Would you like to share more scenes together?

Camille has really become my best friend, a bit of an ally. We have the same outlook on life. He really is my great friend. And of course I would love to work with her. But since we’re very close, I think I’d be impressed or have a hard time filming with her (laughs).

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