Tomorrow belongs to us: the truth about Emma’s disappearance finally revealed? …

While everything seems to accuse Benjamin (Alexandra Varga) in “Tomorrow belongs to us”, is the young Emma Garnier actually in great danger because of her parents? In any case, this is what an extract revealed in advance by TF1 suggests.

What really happened to Emma Garnier (Luna Lou), the missing teenager in Tomorrow belongs to us?

While the TF1 soap opera has just said goodbye to Maxime Delcourt (Clément Rémiens) during a sequence rich in emotions, it is obviously the fate of the high school student, and the role played by Benjamin Ventura (Alexandre Varga) in all this story, which is currently agitating fans. But also Victoire (Solène Hébert), who asks herself a lot of questions about the man she loves.

In the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us, already available on Salto, Victoire will discover that Benjamin has taken Emma home after her attack and will suspect him of having hurt her.

After all, Benjamin swears he just took care of her to save her from having a miscarriage and then brought her back to her parents. But Georges (Mayel Elhajaoui), contacted by Victoire, will assure his ex that the Garniers still have no news of their daughter.

Convinced that her companion is actually a monster, Victoire will have no choice but to report Benjamin to the police. This will lead to the warning of Doctor Ventura, whom everything seems to accuse since a large quantity of blood was found at his home on the sheets.

However, Benjamin does not budge: he did nothing to Emma, ​​and he is not the father of the baby either. Emma being, according to him, pregnant with her boyfriend Colin, who lives in the Netherlands.

So where did Emma go? Was she killed by Benjamin? Or is she, on the contrary, held prisoner by her parents?

Tomorrow belongs to us: the truth about emma's disappearance finally revealed? ...

In a new excerpt from Tomorrow belongs to us unveiled in advance by TF1Benjamin, still in custody at the police station, explains his theory to Victoire: he thinks that Emma is kidnapped by her parents, who are certainly trying to get her an abortion.

“I swear to you that I dropped her off at her house and she came back to this house”confesses a desperate Benjamin to Victoire, who visibly struggles to believe him. “I think they make believe that she is still missing when she is at home. (…) I dropped her off at her house, I stayed a long time on purpose, and her parents were there, I “I’m sure. There was the car in front of the house, a light in the kitchen. I think I even saw the silhouette of his mother before she closed the door”.

Victoire has a hard time accepting this version of the facts, but Benjamin reveals to her that Emma was afraid of her parents. “Tell me one thing: why did she run away? Why, even after her attack, did she come to my house to take refuge rather than return home? It’s because she’s afraid of them , because they asphyxiate her, they prevent her from living. (…) This pregnancy is an opportunity for her to finally decide on her life”.

Visibly much more concerned about Emma’s future than his own fate, Benjamin then asks Victoire to investigate and go to the Garniers to find out for herself if the young teenager is indeed being forcibly retained at home by her parents.

“Go to them. Go to Emma’s parents. Not for me, but for Emma. She needs that injection of blood thinners or she’s going to have a miscarriage, you know? Or maybe even worse.”. Will Victoire be able to make the right choice? Will she be able to save Emma? Or should we expect a tragic conclusion in the next episodes? Answer soon in Tomorrow belongs to us on TF1.

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