Tomorrow belongs to us: the summer plot centered on Victoire and Samuel, the couple…

Met at the Monte-Carlo Festival, Aude Thévenin, the producer of “Tomorrow belongs to us”, gave us some revelations about the summer arch dedicated to Samuel and Victoire, about the rapprochement between Manon and Nordine, and about the return to school .

Allociné: The “Emprise” ark, centered on Raphaëlle, Camille, Audrey, and Stanislas, is soon coming to an end. And watching the latest episodes of tomorrow belongs to us broadcast on the air, we have the impression of moving more and more towards something that is close to the series Big Little Lies. Was it an inspiration for the authors?

Aude Thevenin (producer): Yes, there was a bit of that indeed. There was also an inspiration from an American series called dirty john with Eric Bana, at the level of the relationship between Raphaëlle and Stanislas. At one point, we had thought of a slightly wider arch that was inspired by Big Little Lies. But what is certain is that we wanted to bring our female heroines closer together.

Will the end of this plot surprise us?

Yes, we are heading towards a surprising ending. We will know what happened to Stanislas, how and because of whom.

Are other societal themes planned for the future plots of Tomorrow belongs to us?

There have been quite a few this year. In the arches that are coming, we are more into classic thrillers. But we will have a societal theme at the start of the school year on harassment. Basically, it will be the story of a boy who kidnaps girls, strips them naked, and puts naked pictures of them on the internet.

Summer Ark is coming soon. What can you tell us about this?

It will be around the characters of Victoire (Solene Hebert) and Samuel (Axel Kiener). Samuel is going to inherit a stud farm and this inheritance will cause him a lot of problems.

We have seen Samuel and Victoire a lot with Floriane’s baby in recent weeks. Will this story continue?

No, it stops. It was just a comedy plot.

So it’s not going to make them want babies?

Not particularly, no (laughs).

Tomorrow belongs to us: the summer plot centered on victoire and samuel, the couple...

At the same time, viewers discovered the new Delcourt farmhouse. Is this place destined to become a new central setting for Tomorrow belongs to us?

Yes, it’s a new recurring setting. It is the new mas of the most emblematic family of the series. And a lot is going to happen there.

Robin Bellanger (Dominique Guillo) recently made a comeback to the show, in order to lend Alex a helping hand. Have you been wanting to bring him back for a while?

Yes. He is an actor that we like and who plays very well. He returns with a score quite different from those we have seen before. We had to get someone from Alex’s family back.

A rather unexpected rapprochement between Robin and Bénédicte already seems to have taken place…

Yes, there is a rapprochement taking place (laughs). But in Tomorrow belongs to us, there is always thriller. Everything intertwines. Nothing is done by chance.

Still on the side of summer intrigue, Sylvain Moreno (Arnaud Henriet) is the new owner of the hut. What can you say about what this plot has in store for us?

We will follow this all summer. Afterwards, we will have our usual characters at the straw hut. Charlie is going to hold the straw hut and there’s going to be a kind of contest between her and Sylvain. The Morenos are less wealthy since Victor stole three million from them and got their house back. But they are still a little rich. They made a lot of money.

Now that he’s got his money back, will we find Victor (Farouk Bermouga) in a villain role?

We leave the comedy. He will resume all his villain stripes but with flaws. Already, he is a very good father. He has a very good relationship with Timothée. And we’re going to give him a little romantic flaw but I won’t tell you more.

Tomorrow belongs to us: the summer plot centered on victoire and samuel, the couple...

There is also a new duo that we love, it’s Manon (Louvia Bachelor) and Nordine (Youcef Agal). Can you confirm that we are heading towards a love story?

It’s heading for the better (laughs). It’s romantic comedy so there’s going to be a lot of obstacles between them. But it’s true that it’s a duo that works very well.

The baccalaureate results are approaching. Do you already know what you are going to do with Nathan, Dorian and Mona at the start of the school year?

Sure. We already know who will fail their baccalaureate (laughs).

We were talking about babies with Samuel and Victoire, but there are other intrigues with babies that are coming up with Anna-Karim and Sara-Roxane-Bart. We know adoption takes time. We also know that in soaps you have to go fast. Is it something that will go faster in Tomorrow belongs to us?

No not necessarily. Finally, yes a little more because we are not going to keep the real temporality of the adoption which can last for years. But they’re not going to adopt in two months either. For Roxane (Raphaele Volkoff), we will respect the nine-month pregnancy anyway (laughs).

Tomorrow belongs to us: the summer plot centered on victoire and samuel, the couple...

Is the choice to make Bart the father of Sara and Roxane’s child linked to the departure ofAlexandra Naoum ? Besides, was his departure planned for a long time?

Alexandra is someone we love very much. She is an actress with whom it is very pleasant to work. But since Louise’s children left, the couple she formed with Bart had become a bit cushy. Suddenly, they were both serving coffees at the Spoon. It was less interesting. We had ideas but they were a bit dark for the time slot.

What inspired us with this idea was the character of the cook, Vanessa, because Victory Dauxerre is excellent. She embodies a somewhat borderline thing that has nourished the authors. And indeed, poor Alexandra was somewhat sacrificed on the altar of the editorial.

Will new characters arrive in the coming weeks?

There will be, but it’s a little early to talk about it. But not at all like it was the case last year. Last year, we made a big entry of characters. There, the characters that will arrive will rather serve the existing arenas and our existing teams.

You have a new collection director, Nicolas Brossettewhich succeeds Marc Kressman. Nicolas Brossette knows the series well, right?

Nicolas has been on the show since the start. He was director on arches 1. This is called arcs polar. He wrote a lot of arches. He actually took over from Marc who wanted to stop. It’s going very well and we’re very happy. He is someone who knows the format, who has a lot of energy and who is very enthusiastic

In November and December, the FIFA World Cup in Qatar will be broadcast on TF1, with matches often broadcast in the afternoon a priori. Does this mean that Tomorrow belongs to us will stop for a few weeks?

For the moment, it is not known exactly how this will turn out. It is complicated. I believe that TF1 does not have the exact match schedule. It will really depend on the number of matches at that time.

Interviewed during the Monte-Carlo Television Festival.

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