Tomorrow belongs to us: “The story with Mona was unreal, it didn’t look like…

After having explored the register of comedy, Victor Brunet is back as the big bad of “Tomorrow belongs to us”. Farouk Bermouga returns for us to the evolution of his character and his “unreal” plot with Mona.

A few days ago, tomorrow belongs to us celebrated its fifth anniversary on TF1. An anniversary celebrated recently duringa big convention that allowed fans to meet the actors of the series. And which coincides, in terms of intrigue, with the return to the front of the stage of a Victor Brunet in top form, who finds the wicked and Machiavellian side that viewers love so much.

“I think we’re going to find the evil Victor, yes. We left on that”entrust to our microphone Farouk Bermougathe interpreter of Brunet, when asked about the future of his character, who is currently the main suspect in the case of the sabotages of the Delcourt farmhouse, which led Robin Bellanger to prison.

Released from prison last year, Victor Brunet subsequently distinguished himself a lot in the register of comedy, whether in contact with the Morenos or Mona, embodied by Catherine Benguigui. And if Farouk Bermouga seems to have had fun turning this one-sided love affair with Georges’ mother (Mayel Elhajaoui), he admits to having had the feeling that it was not in the DNA of his character.

“For me, the story with Mona was a bit out of character”continues the interpreter of Brunet in Tomorrow belongs to us. “It was something a little unreal, which didn’t look like Victor. And I think it has to come back to the fundamental values ​​of the character, and the dramaturgy of the soap”.

“We had JR in dallasVictor Newman in The Fires of Love. People want to see Victor like this. And, at the same time, in counterbalance, Victor has this unfailing love for his son, he would give his life for him. Like me, I would give my life for my daughter”.

Fans who adored the improbable rapprochement between Mona and Victor will therefore be disappointed to learn that a love story between the two characters is not at all on the agenda. “I don’t think so (laughs). You don’t always have to assume fantasies. Even if Oscar Wilde said that you had to give in to them (laughs)”confides with humor Farouk Bermouga.

“It was funny, and it amused me to shoot it, but dramaturgically speaking I found that it didn’t correspond to Victor. So I don’t think we’re going to come back to Victor-Mona, sorry”.

Tomorrow belongs to us The story with Mona was unreal

The series soon shaken by a kidnapping?

However, will the next episodes of Tomorrow Belong to Us see the birth of a love story between Victor and Sophie Novak (Carole Bianic), the unscrupulous lawyer currently helping him escape justice? The future will tell.

“I would have liked to tell you more about what will happen to my character, but I am not too aware of the next plots”explains Farouk Bermouga. “I just know there’s a kidnapping story. But I don’t know more. I like to find out on Monday what I’m going to have to play in the coming week, or the next two weeks”.

Present in the TF1 soap opera since 2018, the interpreter of the formidable Victor Brunet says he is in any case delighted with the evolution of his character. Especially since initially he was only supposed to stay a few months in Sète.

“I’ve been playing in Tomorrow belongs to us for almost four and a half years. At the start, I was there for two months (laughs). Humanly, it turned my life upside down a bit. I had stopped the job a bit, I I had restaurants. Even if I continued to give lessons, at Cours Florent, at the Enfants Terribles. And at the beginning I had planned to go on a six-month trip when the production called me. So I said yes for two or three months. And now it’s been more than four years”.

“I saw Victor evolve”, concludes Farouk Bermouga, who will soon be found in the credits of the mini-series The Best of Us on France 3. “I believe I have put a mark on the character. It has become a mark, Victor Brunet. It is my pride. And now I let myself go with what is offered to me”.

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