Tomorrow belongs to us: the son of Alma (Camille de Pazzis) will land in the series

Well known to fans of “Dance with the stars”, Anthony Colette will soon join the cast of “Tomorrow belongs to us” in the role of Hadrian, the son of Alma Guérin, played for a few months now by Camille de Pazzis (” Profiling “).

Tomorrow belongs to us: the son of alma (camille de pazzis) will land in the series
Telsete / TF1

After Denitsa Ikonomova, who had made a brief appearance in Tomorrow belongs to us in 2018 on the occasion of the wedding of Chloé (Ingrid Chauvin) and Alex (Alexandre Brasseur), another face well known to the faithful of Dance with the stars is preparing to join the cast of TF1’s daily soap opera. According to Leisure TV, Anthony Colette, who is part of the troupe of professional dancers of the flagship show of the One, will join the Sète film sets of the series tomorrow to play Hadrien, the son of Alma Guérin, the English teacher interpreted by Camille de Pazzis, who has been in a relationship with Samuel (Axel Kiener) for a few months.

According to the information of our colleagues, Hadrien, who abandoned his engineering studies after a month just after the baccalaureate, spent a whole year traveling around the world. A sabbatical year which notably led him to Africa. But the young man decides to cut short his trip and disembarks in Sète to find his mother, to whom he is very close. How will Alma react when he sees his son tumble through his life without warning? And what about Samuel’s reaction, who is certainly not inclined to take on the role of stepfather?

Tomorrow belongs to us: the son of alma (camille de pazzis) will land in the series

Gwendoline Le Goff / Panoramic / Bestimage

It is still unclear how the plot of this new character, already briefly mentioned by Alma on screen, will develop, but everything suggests that, like all the newcomers in Tomorrow belongs to us, Hadrien is surely hiding a secret or murky motivations that could explain his arrival in Sète. But we will have to wait for his first appearance on the screen, scheduled for the end of April, to find out more. Anthony Colette is not in his first steps as an actor since the 26-year-old dancer has already participated as a guest in two other TF1 series: Alice Nevers, who is retiring after 18 seasons, and Léo Matteï, in which he will give the reply to Jean-Luc Reichmann for an episode which should be scheduled very soon.

After the recent arrivals of Catherine Benguigui (Mona Caron), Charles Lelaure (Xavier Meffre), and Nicole Calfan in the role of Lydie Chardeau, Samuel’s mother, the big family Tomorrow belongs to us is definitely growing. And fans of the soap opera will also be entitled to much awaited returns in the days to come since Lorie Pester will finally resume her character of Lucie Salducci from next week, while Elisa Sergent will make her big comeback tonight as Valérie Myriel. , Antoine’s wife (Frédéric Diefenthal) who disappeared at sea almost a year and a half ago.

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