Tomorrow belongs to us: “The relationship between Gabriel and Charlie becomes toxic” according to Martin Mille

Tomorrow belongs to us The relationship between Gabriel and Charlie

As the truth of his affair with Charlie is about to emerge, Gabriel might have an important choice to make. Martin Mille tells us a little more about what awaits Gabriel in the next episodes of “Tomorrow belongs to us”.

Allociné: You took over from Arthur Legrand in the role of Gabriel Guého. What is your assessment of your first year in Tomorrow belongs to us?

Martin Mille: I had time to adapt to my character. I really took it in hand. It is true that it opened up a lot of opportunities for me and that I made a lot of meetings thanks to the series. In my very first interview, I wondered if I was going to be able to take on a role like this so easily. I think the test is successful so far. I am happy.

The high school students of Paul-Valéry are currently reviewing the bac exams in a villa rented for the occasion. How did the filming of this plot go outside of the usual sets of Tomorrow belongs to us?

It was a great surprise from the production to offer us new sets and stories that completely change us from those we are used to in high school. Everyone was super happy because we didn’t expect a decor like this. They haven’t done things by halves. We were super happy to shoot there where it felt like we were on vacation. It was great.

Gabriel will soon learn that Charlie (Clémence Lassalas) may be pregnant. What will be his reaction?

He will react like any other person to whom it could happen. He’s going to be very stressed.

This potential pregnancy will undoubtedly be a game-changer for your character. Will he continue to cover Charlie or will he choose to reveal the truth to Jules (Xavier Widhoff)?

The only thing I can tell you is that we end up in a house with a lot of young people. Is it Gabriel going to speak? We don’t really know how it’s going to turn out, but we know that the young people talk a lot among themselves.

We imagine that Jules will eventually learn the truth anyway. How will their relationship evolve over the next few episodes and do you think they can one day regain their bond?

If he learns it, it is clear that knowing our characters, it is not likely to go very well between them. Maybe in a future plot and letting water flow under the bridges, it is possible. Basically, Jules and Gabriel are very good friends. I think everyone would be happy, even the production, to see them mates like before. It’s true that it’s been several months that our characters have been in a strained relationship with this love triangle, maybe calming it all down could do some good.

Gabriel is still very much in love with Charlie. What can be hoped for for the future of their relationship and is there any chance that the two teenagers will end up together?

We don’t talk about those things with the production. Even we as actors don’t really know in advance what will happen to our characters. From my personal perspective, Gabriel is madly in love with Charlie and would wholeheartedly end up with her. But it’s a relationship that is becoming toxic for everyone. It would also be nice to move on to a new chapter and more joy and good humor.

Since his mother has been in prison, Gabriel has found an attentive ear with Sandrine (Juliette Tresanini). Will she play an important role in helping him overcome the issues he is having with Charlie ?

Yes quite. We saw it in the episodes that were recently aired. Since he doesn’t really have any benchmarks at the moment, Sandrine has become his main anchor.

Since Morgane has been in prison, we no longer see you sharing scenes with Marie Catrix. Can we hope to see you together on screen soon?

I hope so with all my heart. She was the one who put me at ease when I arrived on the set a year ago.

Gabriel is in his final year and should get his baccalaureate at the end of the year. Do you know what the writers have in store for your character’s future?

Not at all. I couldn’t tell you if Gabriel will be a policeman or a bartender. But I really ask myself the question too.

Exactly, what would you like for the future of your character?

As the baccalaureate will soon arrive, I hope that Gabriel will be able to emancipate himself a little by simply becoming more autonomous and more adult. And to be able to take an interest in perhaps more adult intrigues too.