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Last week in “Tomorrow belongs to us”, Jules Corkas left Sète to take an entrance examination in a school in Lyon. The fans believed in a final departure of Xavier Widhoff, his interpreter. But it is not.

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In the end, it’s just a goodbye. Last Friday in Tomorrow belongs to us, Jules, played by Xavier Widhoff, momentarily left Sète for Lyon, where he was preparing to take an important selection test for a month with a view to entering a prestigious computer science school.

A few weeks before passing the baccalaureate, the teenager let his mother understand that he could integrate this training this summer, in the wake of the admission results, and then proposed to Charlie (Clémence Lassalas), his girlfriend, to come and settle in Lyon with him at the start of the school year if he passes the school entrance exam.

It did not take more for the fans to worry about the future of Xavier Widhoff within the cast of Tomorrow belongs to us.

Especially since after the broadcast of the episode featuring the departure of Jules, Xavier Widhoff wrote on Instagram: “Two years with these incredible teams”, and had the right to many reactions from his playing partners such as Franck Monsigny (“That was our last day of shooting together!”) or Audrey Looten, who plays Virginie Corkas, Jules’ mother (“It’s only a goodbye my darling. What happiness I had and what luck! To have you as a son of fiction, I could not ask for better”).

Messages that sound like farewells, but which are ultimately not since the production of Tomorrow belongs to us confirmed to us that Xavier Widhoff did not leave the series definitively, contrary to what we can read everywhere for a few days .

Like many actors in the series before him (from Maud Baecker to Solène Hébert, via Samy Gharbi), Jules’s interpreter simply took a break in order to devote himself to personal projects (he went to Benin in particular as part of a humanitarian action). But it does not leave Tomorrow belongs to us for good and should therefore reappear on the air soon.

Certainly by this summer, so that we can find out if Jules had the baccalaureate and what future the writers of the daily TF1 series have in store for him.

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