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The main victim of the crash that rocked “Tomorrow belongs to us”, Sara is currently in a coma. Its interpreter, Camille Genau, comes back for us on the set of this disaster ark and tells us a few secrets about the sequel.

AlloCiné: Sara is at the heart of this new disaster ark of tomorrow belongs to us entitled “Crash”, since it is she who is in the plane which crashes on the beach of Sète. This plot, is it a nice gift that the production gave you?

Camille Genau: Of course, it’s great, I’m super lucky to have such things to play. And what’s great is that this ark will bring back old stories. This crash is related to a lot of things that happened in previous years and for which we didn’t really have answers. It’s great to be able to exploit these stories to the end. This plot will last over time and will encroach on another arch. You’ll see, it’s pretty crazy, I can’t say too much more.

And then it’s an incredible opportunity because we’re shooting outdoors, with huge resources. I was able to shoot on green screen for the first time, for aerial sequences, I had never done that before. It was awesome. We had a lot of great things to play, with super motivated teams. I’m starting to get to know the plane well (laughs). It’s really a great gift that the production of Tomorrow belongs to us gives me.

Especially since this is the first time you’ve really been involved in one of the disaster arcs in the series…

It’s true, because I wasn’t in the bus plot in 2018. There was the police station shooting, linked to Roxane at the time of her arrival in the series, but it was shorter. Afterwards, I still participated in a lot of big arrest sequences with the RAID, the GIGN. I loved shooting that. It’s a real chance to participate in such intrigues when you’re an actor. I’m not sure I’ll have the opportunity to play so many different situations on another project.

I really have nothing to complain about. Especially since at the moment there is all the intrigue around the future maternity of Sara and Roxane which is, again, a nice gift from the authors. Tomorrow belongs to us, it’s a great playground. And I’ve been extremely well served with the character of Sara, from the start.

And then what is also great with this crash is that it is a choral plot. Like on the Cluedo arch recently, for the needs of which there were 25 actors in the same setting, it’s so rare. There is always this somewhat “family” side when we all shoot together. And we find that a bit on the crash too. Many characters are involved.

Did you use a stunt double for some of the crash sequences and the rescue scenes that occur in the next episode?

We are lucky to have a stunt team that has been following us almost since the beginning of the series. There, on certain scenes, it is indeed not me in the plane. It’s a waterfall liner. But there are others where it’s me. It’s great to be able to shoot this kind of sequences, I really have a blast. I go from the police station, where there is a lot of text, very informative dialogues, to a very rich and intense external plot, which really comes out of my character’s daily life.

We really explore the personal side, because this plane crash is the consequence of a slightly poisoned Christmas present since Roxane offers Sara an initiation to piloting course. So it’s very interesting to be able to exploit a more intimate aspect of Sara, outside the police station, and in such an exceptional way, with stunts, a plane crash, emergency situations, and dramatic consequences for a lot of characters, including mine.


You also shot part of the plane sequences in the studio, on a green screen, right?

Exactly, we shot in the studio in Vendargues all the acting scenes that take place inside the plane, when Sara is in flight. It was fun, I was able to meet colleagues from Un Si Grand Soleil for two days. It’s great to allow teams to move to other studios and shoot in other conditions.

The crash itself was shot over a week. We imagine that these are very intense days of filming…

It’s intense yes, physical too. But it’s funny because, in general, we work by arches. We are made to understand that for two months we will not see much daylight and that it will be better afterwards. But for a year I have the impression of turning an arch that lasts constantly (laughs). I don’t really see the difference anymore.

It’s a rhythm that we pick up as we go along. So, at times, we are tired, of course. But today I no longer really see the difference between the arches. Everything is linked for Sara, I shoot a lot. But it’s great. This is also what we look for when we do this job.


Are you happy with the evolution of the Sara-Roxane couple?

Sure. It’s quite an evolution (laughs). When this relationship was set up, it was not necessarily made to last. So the fact that they are still together three or four years later, and in addition in good spirits, is great. Plus Raphaële Volkoff is a great partner, we get along really well. We are very happy with what we have to play.

With Raphaële we shot some pretty tough stuff over the years, he’s one of the people I’ve shot the most on DNA with. We have created a real bond and we find ourselves on many points. Like with Hector Langevin, who is one of my best friends in life.

And for what happens after, I can tell you that it is supposed to go well with the baby, I reassure you (laughs). It’s going to change a lot of things with Bart, and for us too as actors, because shooting with a baby on the set, it’s going to be something (laughs). One more experience.

The plot of the chest of drawers, which has also involved Bart, Sara and Roxane for a few weeks, will it continue?

Yes, it will continue and there will be significant repercussions, especially for Bart. Pretty nice repercussions (laughs). But then again, I don’t want to spoil the viewers’ enjoyment. I leave it to them to figure that out.

Finally, all that is missing from your happiness today on Tomorrow belongs to us is more scenes with Clemence Lassalasthe interpreter of Charlie, with whom you are very good friends in life, right?

That is true. We would love to. But what I like is that in general the scenes we have together are quite funny because Charlie doesn’t like cops, so we kind of get into it, it’s very funny.

Clémence is one of my great encounters from Tomorrow belongs to us, she has become a real friend, we went on vacation together recently. I also think that the authors pulled their hair out a bit to find common arrangements for both of us for three weeks (laughs). But it was awesome.

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